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If you could only choose ONE nominee per daytime show

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  • FreemanGriffin
    Feb 19th, 2012

    O.K., the rules are: you can only choose ONE actor or actress per category from each show; you decide which category they belong in; and let us know why you think that particular actor or actress deserves recognition!

    Best Actress in a Daytime Drama Series
    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Karla Mosley as Maya – she deserves recognition for the transgender story. She ought to submit for Emmy considertation the back-to-back epis when she disclosed to Rick. Runner-up: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy.

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kassie DePaiva as Eve Larson. I debated if she’s lead or supporting but I felt the power of her work throughout the first 9 months of 2015 swayed me to put her in the lead actress category. The JJ story and then Paige’s death had one brilliant Emmy-worthy performance after another. Hard to choose which was her best possible submission. Runners-up: Deidre Hall, Jen Lilley, Kristian Alfonso, and Kate Mansi

    GENERAL HOSPITAL: Maura West as Ava Jerome – I know not everybody likes Ava, but her acting performances have mostly been outstanding – the Ava is dying storyline had powerful performances, Denise started out great but then petered out, and I esp. love it when Ava manipulates other characters.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jessica Collins as Avery Clark. I felt she was a lead performer. Her powerful confrontations of Joe were her best work during her tenure on the show. This was a character I didn’t much like and she saved her best for last. She ought to submit her fiery confrontation of Joe a month or so before she left Genoa City. Runner-up: Sharon Case.

    AND THE EMMY GOES TO…: Kassie DePaiva for Days Of Our Lives!

    Best Actor in a Daytime Drama Series:
    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Jacob Young as Rick Forrester – his work early in the year when Rick learned that Maya is transgendered was the best acting of his career. I would submit the same two episodes that I have suggested for Maya. Great teamwork! Runner-up: Darin Brooks.

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Freddie Smith as Sonny Kiriakis. He did especially great work when Sonny was stabbed and learned that Will had cheated on him. Just terrific. And his last episode after Will’s funeral ws special too. Runner-up: Billy Flynn.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tyler Christopher as Nicholas Cassadine. I pick him esp. for the storyline when Spencer was burned in the fire. Terrific work! I no longer like or care for Nicholas due to what the writers have done with this character, but the actor is outstanding. Runner-up: Chad Duell.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Justin Hartley as Adam Newman. He’s ne’er do well who I nevertheless root for! My favorite epi for him was when he was drunk at the engagement party.

    AND THE EMMY GOES TO…: Freddie Smith for Days Of Our LIves!

    Best Supporting Actress in a Daytime Drama Series:
    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Rena Sofer as Quinn. She hasn’t had a whole lot to do, and I have to go way back to the beginning of the year when Quinn was being evil to other characters – she’s best when she’s rotten!

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Judi Evans as Adrienne Kiriakis. Such great scenes throughout 2015! Powerful  Emmy-worthy performances. I esp. loved the epi when she was romancing Lucas and then rushed to the hospital when they learned that Sonny had been stabbed. Runners-up: Lauren Koslow, Suzanne Rogers, Peggy McCay, and Eileen Davidson.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL: Finola Hughes as Anna Devane. Great work when Duke died, and then her guilt after killing Carrrrlos! Runners-up: Teresa Castillo, Jane Elliot, Nancy Lee Grahn, Vinessa Antoine, Rebecca Herbst, Lisa LoCicero.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Lauralee Bell as Christine Williams. This is a real surprise but she has grown so much as an actress. And she had terrific material early in the year when Paul & Christine’s baby died. Runner-up: Melody Thomas Scott.

    AND THE EMMY GOES TO….: Judi Evans for Days Of Our Lives!

    Best Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series:
    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: I am tempted to say no award given, but I will give a citation to Don Diamont as Bill Spencer – he hasn’t had much to do this year but he is always solid.

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bryan Datillo as Lucas Roberts. Esp. for the epi when Lucas learns Will has been killed, which electrified me. But he’s been great all year! This one was hard because I also love all of the runners-up: John Aniston, Christopher Sean, Drake Hogestyn (huge surprise!), Eric Martsolf.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ryan Carnes as Lucas and Parry Shen as Brad. I give these two the tie for my favorite hardly-ever-seen couple on GH!

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Doug Davidson as Paul Williams. I would place him in supporting, and cite is work in the same episodes that I did for Lauralee Bell.

    AND THE EMMY GOES TO…: Bryan Datillo for Days Of Our Lives!

    Outstanding Younger Actress:
    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Reign Edwards as Nicole. A newcomer who has already developed terrific acting skills! Runner-up: Ashlyn Pearce

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES: True O’Brien as Paige. She was quite good when she learned of JJ’s betrayal of her with Eve. Runner-up: Camila Banus (esp. for her epi when Gabi finds Will’s dead body.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL: Brooklyn Rae Sigler as Emma Drake. She always does great work with JT, with Finola, Kelly and Nicholas (Spencer). I love Haley Pullos but Molly hasn’t had enough to do this year, and Kristen Alderson delivered in her last scenes, esp. her final epi where she worked opposite Roger Howarth’s Franco and said goodbye to him. Sweet.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Camryn Grimes as Mariah. She is always so solid and interesting! Runner-up: Hunter King, who has the Emmy-reel for a potential threepeat: Austin’s funeral (unfortunately)….

    AND THE EMMY GOES TO….: Camryn Grimes for The Young and the Restless!

    Outstanding Younger Actor:
    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Pierson Fode. He is a newcomer who has already been delivering really good performances.

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Casey Moss as JJ. Dealing with grief, dealing with cheating, really good work! Hopefully he will pick up his first Emmy nomination now that Chandler & Freddie aren’t in the category.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL: scene stealer Nicholas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine. I think he may be my favorite child actor on soaps ever! I esp. hope he submits this year for Emmy consideration and submits the Nurses Ball epi where Britt visits him and then the ghost of his mother visits him to help him with his fears over his burned face. Superb! I love this kid!

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: no performer merits a citation.

    AND THE EMMY GOES TO… Nicholas Bechtel for General Hospital!

    So, who are your choices???

    Jun 6th, 2011

    What a fun idea!  

    Lead Actress:
    Karla Mosley, B&B
    Kassie DePaiva, DOOL
    Laura Wright, GH
    Amelia Heinle, Y&R
    It took me a while to warm up to KM, but full credit to her that Maya’s story has had such an impact on B&B, which is a show known for ditching brave stories halfway, even if they are working.  Also, I chose LW and AH over MW and JC/MCE respectively becuase the former two had more airtime and are so consistently good.
    WINNER:  Kassie DePaiva, DOOL, even though I think she’ll submit Supporting, if at all. 

    Lead Actor
    Jacob Young, B&B
    Billy Flynn, DOOL
    Jason Thompson, GH
    Justin Hartley, Y&R
    For me, this is between BF and JH.  They are both such refreshing additions to their respective casts.
    WINNER: Billy Flynn, DOOL (by a hair) 

    Supporting Actress
    Rena Sofer, B&B 
    Jen Lilley, DOOL
    Michelle Stafford, GH
    Kelly Sullivan, Y&R
    I expect GH and Y&R to dominate this category next year because Sofer doesn’t submit (I think she said that officially somewhere) and the women of DOOL are so underappreciated.  I picked Stafford over Hughes because the scenes where Nina confronts Madeline were her one opportunity to shine, and boy did she ever.  With that said, Kelly Sullivan is airing a new potential Emmy reel everyday at this point and I can’t imagine her not finding something competitive.
    WINNER: Kelly Sullivan, Y&R

    Supporting Actor
    No one, B&B
    Eric Martsolf, DOOL
    Ryan Carnes, GH
    Joshua Morrow, Y&R
    I forgot about RC until Freeman mentioned him, but both he and EM are such natural performers.  I imagine we will see the mostly repeat nominations here next year (Doug Davidson, Dominic Zamprogna, and maybe Steve Burton), but I think Morrow should get the Emmy he missed out on for Cassie’s death.  
    WINNER: Joshua Morrow, Y&R

    Younger Actress
    Ashlyn Pearce, B&B
    True O’Brien, DOOL
    Brooklyn Rae Sigler, GH
    Camryn Grimes, Y&R
    Pearce and O’Brien grew so much over the year, and BRS has been a bright spot on GH since the beginning, but Grimes has the skills of a seasoned vet at this point.  I can’t think off-hand of what she would submit though.
    WINNER: Camryn Grimes, Y&R

    Younger Actor  
    Casey Moss and Nicholas Bechtel are the only options here IMO.  I’d be happy to call it a tie, but for the sake of calling a winner….
    WINNER: Casey Moss, DOOL

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    Sep 15th, 2011

    These are like Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards. Harmless fun.

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