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Josh Griffith, Anthony Morina, Sony, and Y&R

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  • akh_cat
    Sep 20th, 2021

    I was gonna keep this to myself, but I think it needs to be said at this point. Y&R wasn’t good in 2021. They had their few moments I enjoyed (Chelsea’s stroke, Adam vs Billy, Phyllis vs Tara and Sally, Mariah’s attachment to baby Dominic, and the new Chance), but the rest of the stories were horrible. I know Bill Bell is rolling in his grave. Josh Griffith isn’t a bad writer (his writing on OLTL with Michael Malone was golden and his work on Melrose Place was good even his Y&R stint from 2011-2012 was good but that might have been because Jill Phelps was there who I also give a hard time to but I digress). It’s just that none of the stories are good and none of the vets are really getting storylines. Where are Victor, Ashley, Traci, Nikki, Jack, Sharon, Jill, Paul, Christine, Kevin Chloe, Esther, and Nick’s storylines? Why have Nate, Elena, Moses, and  Faith on if they ain’t got nothing to do. Victoria and Ashland? I don’t get it. Billy’s vendetta against Adam…I don’t get it. I wish they would rewrite this whole Adam killed Delia story and make someone else the culprit. I kinda miss Lola but I didn’t like her with Theo. Theo had potential to be a great character, but they ruined that. I didn’t like that Theo’s dad is Dina’s son and no one knew about it. I kinda miss Dylan too. I wish Steve Burton would come back to Y&R he’s not doing anything. I actually liked him on Y&R vs his role as Jason on GH (he even won a Emmy for Y&R). I truly think Anthony Morina and Josh Griffith should be replaced. Wendy Riche would be a great producer for Y&R. I’d like to see Griffith replaced by a great writer who’s gonna stay true to the show’s history and bring the viewers great compelling storylines. Y&R will never be Bill Bell or Kay Alden’s Y&R again, but it would be good to see Y&R shine again. What I saw from Lynn Marie Latham, Scott Hamner, or  Mal Young but it wasn’t bad  compared to what I see on Y&R today. I liked Shelly Altman and Jean Passanatte, but I understand why they left. 

    What are your views on the state of Y&R? 

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