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  • robbalto
    Jun 19th, 2011

    Now that 2017 is more than half over, I thought it would be a logical time to update our discussion of soaps. The last discussion I posted was around late April, and much has changed since then. Here are my thoughts.

    The Young & the Restless
    During the summer, Sally Sussman’s writing began paying dividends. The story revolving around Cane’s scheming has been the highlight, providing strong material for Daniel Goddard, Amelia Heinle, and Christel Khalil among others. I’m also intrigued by Mariah’s emerging interest in Tessa. The storytelling is character-driven and slow-burning, with turns, twists, and payoffs. I appreciate Sally Sussman and Kay Alden’s efforts to restore the show, and I enjoy watching it on a daily basis.

    Days of our Lives
    Ron Carlivati’s material started airing, and the show’s vibe has changed noticeably. He has put the fun back in the show, most notably by highlighting the comedic talents of actors like Deidre Hall, Judi Evans, and Bryan Datillo. He is gradually wrapping up inherited stories, and while I am not loving them all, I appreciate the quick pace of the show. Overall, Days boasts a good mix of soap elements and appears to be heading in a positive direction.

    The Bold & the Beautiful
    I have enjoyed the show quite a bit for the last 2 1/2 years, but the writing seems to have lost its way as of late. The return of Sheila sounds like an inspired idea, but the story has been over-the-top and implausible thus far. A much more subtle story would have worked better. On a similar note, the story of Caroline’s faux-fatal illness does not resonate. The show is watchable, but lacks the feeling that made it so enjoyable up until recently.

    General Hospital
    Honestly, I do not watch the show any longer, but I keep up with the story via Perkie’s Observations on Daytime Confidential. The show is still fixated mostly on criminals. While I understand that some viewers enjoy the crime-drama model, I find it tired and dated. While Y&R and Days are visibly striving to improve their shows, GH’s efforts seem paltry; the recent moves of bringing back Steve Burton, resigning William deVry, and eliminating Dillon Quartermaine seem to confirm their fatuous delight in following the Guza-Mobster Model.

    My Rank

    1. Y&R

    2. Days

    3. B&B

    4. GH

    I would love to hear what others think!

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