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    Feb 19th, 2012

    These are the fourteen actresses who submitted for consideration:

    1. BROOKLYN RAE SILZER, General Hospital
    This little girl is amazing! Just loved her emotional scenes throughout 2015!

    2. CAMRYN GRIMES, The Young and the Restless
    She won for 1999; she’s still under 25 until later this year. She is always stellar, just wish they would write for her better material.

    3. TRUE O’BRIEN, Days Of Our Lives
    Paige’s fury over her mother and boyfriend’s sexual affair was a chance for her to shine before she left the show.

    4. REIGN EDWARDS, The Bold and the Beautiful
    A really good addition to the show, she really has shined, esp. with Karla Mosley.

    5. ASHLYN PEARCE, The Bold and the Beautiful
    She has the Emmy reel material, but I never really liked her all that much.

    6. CAMILA BANUS, Days Of Our Lives
    The best individual episode – finding Will’s dead body – but nothing much else from her.

    7. KELLI GOSS, The Young and the Restless
    Loved Courtney, always solid – hope she lands on a new soap!

    8. HUNTER KING, The Young and the Restless
    I so don’t want her to threepeat but the epi with Austin’s funeral was a doozy.

    9. LAUREN BOLES, Days Of Our Lives
    I miss the former Ciara enormously ):

    10. ALYVIA ALYN LIND, The Young and the Restless
    A terrific young actress but she just doesn’t have the material.

    11. ASHLEIGH BREWER, The Bold and the Beautiful
    Just not one of my favorites ): She’s o.k. but not Emmy-worthy.

    12. HALEY ERIN, General Hospital
    I miss Kristen Alderson – she actually had some good scenes at the end of the year but I’ve never warmed to her.

    13. OLIVIA KEEGAN, Days Of Our LIves
    I hardly know her yet…

    14. VIVIAN JOVANNI, Days Of Our Lives
    Really don’t like this actress, maybe she will get better in time ):

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    Jun 6th, 2011

    ^^  Freeman, I am going to agree with you overall here again.  I would switch Boles and Pearce, but otherwise my thoughts are similar.

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    Jun 19th, 2011

    Alyvia Alyn Lind and Olivia Keegan do not have the material to be nominated. Vivian Jovanni needs to grow into her role.

    Ashleigh Brewer, Haley Erin, and Hunter King all suffered at the hands of the writers. King is good at crying, but she has already won twice for that.

    Lauren Boles, Kelli Goss, and Camila Banus were very good, but had limited air time. 

    Ashlyn Pearce gave a noteworthy performer as Ally descended into insanity. Reign Edwards showed steady growth throughout the year playing some very complex material. True O’Brien gave strong performances throughout 2015 and is very underrated. Camryn Grimes is fabulous and makes the most of every scene. Brooklyn Rae Silzer is wonderful and did some lovely work before leaving the show.

    1. Brooklyn Rae Silzer, GH

    2. Camryn Grimes, Y&R

    3. True O’Brien, Days

    4. Reign Edwards, B&B

    5. Ashlyn Pearce, B&B

    6. Camila Banus, Days

    7. Lauren Boles, Days

    8. Kelli Goss, Y&R

    9. Ashleigh Brewer, B&B

    10. Hunter King, Y&R

    11. Haley Erin, GH

    12. Alyvia Alyn Lind, Y&R

    13. Vivian Jovanni, Days

    14. Olivia Rose Keegan, Days


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    Nov 12th, 2010

    These rankings are a little tricky for me, having seen so much more DAYS and GH than Y&R and B&B over 2015, but I’ve got opinions nonetheless, so here we go. The Daytime Emmy rulebook implied that they would try for five nominees in a category as long as there were enough entrants (something like seven or more), unless there’s a tie, so I went with that in mind.

    I’d Rather Not: 
    Hayley Erin 
    Alyvia Alyn Lind 
    Olivia Keegan 
    Vivian Jovanni 
    Ashleigh Brewer 
    Kelli Goss 

    Hunter King 
    Lauren Boles 
    Camryn Grimes 

    My Nominees: 
    Camila Banus 
    Reign Edwards 
    True O’Brien 
    Ashlyn Pearce 
    Brooklyn Rae Silzer 

    In short, the people chosen as my nominees are the ones I remember having good material and doing a good job with it during the year. I’m very fond of both Camryn Grimes and Lauren Boles, but they just don’t stand out as much to me for the past year. 

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    Aug 24th, 2015

    1. BROOKLYN RAE SILZER,  General Hospital – so cute and such a talented actress at such a young age. She has amazing material that she can sumbit (when she almost gets abducted and dealing with the Patrick/Sam breakup).

    2.   ASHLYN PEARCE,  The Bold and the Beautiful (wonderful performance during the crazy Ally storyline)

    3.  TRUE O’BRIEN, Days of our Lives –  she did some great work surrounding the revealing of the JJ/Eve affair

    4. CAMILA BANUS,  Days of our Lives – not alot of material but she was amazing in the scene where she found a lifeless Will. and was robbed last year of the Emmy

    5. VIVIAN JOVANNI,  Days of our Lives – I know this is an unpopular opinion since I see it everywhere on boards, blogs, social media how much they disliked the actress and rather Lauren Boles return. But I love her! I think that girl can cry especially in her scenes when Bo returned from being kidnapped and also when he died. I think shes a really great actress.

    6. REIGN EDWARDS,  The Bold and the Beautiful – another unpopular opinion, most people love her…I am sorry but I am not exactly her biggest fan. I think she is somewhat a good actress and did some good work during the whole Maya storyline. But nothing to me screams EMMY,.

    7. ASHLEIGH BREWER, The Bold and the Beautiful – decent actress, not a fan of her character. But did have some material. 

    8. OLIVIA KEEGAN, Days of our Lives – great actress but unfortuanetly no material.

    9.  CAMRYN GRIMES, The Young and the Restless, same above no material to support her skills.

    10. LAUREN BOLES, Days of our Lives – no material.

    11. ALYVIA ALYN LIND, The Young and the Restless –  no material. 
    12. KELLI GOSS, The Young and the Restless – umm what did she do again? Thats right, NOTHING. 

    13. HUNTER KING, The Young and the Restless, dont get me started on how much I disliked that she won this award back to back. Terrible actress and terrible character. And I bet she will probably win and get nominated AGAIN.

    14. HAYLEY ERIN, General Hospital, what did she do again other than scream? I still dont understand why the director did not stop this (when she discovered Silas’ dead body) but let the madness air on my screen. 

    I hope that my top five makes the nominations list! 🙂 


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    Nov 12th, 2010

    As much as I was, and continue to be, upset with the decision to age Ciara and get rid of Lauren Boles, I’ve definitely become a fan of Vivian Jovanni. I think she’s a really good actress and just needs a little smoothing out, but has been good so far this year.  The scenes surrounding this whole thing with Chase sending Theo those awful texts have been very good for her. 

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