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Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Reel Submissions!

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  • FreemanGriffin
    Feb 19th, 2012

    The Bold and the Beautiful (July 1 and July 3)
    Days Of Our Lives (May 30 and November 8)
    One Life To Live (April 29 and August 12)
    The Young and the Restless (October 11 and October 13)

    My completely subjective rankings:

    1. Days Of Our Lives – May 30th utilized almost the entire cast and was truly a perfect episode of daytime drama – great writing, direction, acting, editing, camerawork, sets, lighting, etc… One of my frequent notes on this epi: everybody shines! Marlena’s confrontation of a distraught Kristen, Will holding Arianna for the first time, Nick telling Gabi about being raped in prison, Nicole lying to Eric about her feelings for him, John and Brady discussing Kristen, Hope coming to haul Kristen to the police station, Sami & Lucas discussing their brave son – balanced, amazing, and Emmy worthy!

    The second episode was the big reveal that Kristen raped Eric. The church scenes were among the best scenes ever on any soap. I want to single out Greg Vaughan’s performance with almost no dialogue as the true standout of the episode – his pain, hurt, humiliation, sadness – he so deserved an Emmy award for his work in 2013!

    I was less bothered by the other scenes this viewing. I was so invested in the church scenes the first time around.

    Gawd, what a great cast Days has!!!!! (: Superb soap!!! A+!

    2. One Life To Live

    Very wise move on their part: episode 1 and episode 38 (I thouth episode 39 was a bit better but that’s a minor quibble). Almost the entire cast is utilized and there are so many standout performances, but Robin Strasser’s Dorian from ep. 1 and Jerry verDorn’s Clint from ep. 38 (the only way he wasn’t nominated is that he didn’t submit – he was phenomenal!). So much happens in that first 27 minutes (ep. 1) – all the old alliances, feuds, comedy, drama!

    I miss this show terribly!

    3. The Young and the Restless

    I found both episodes curiously underpopulated: 2/3 of the cast is entirely missing! Also, both episodes are unrelievedly gloomy and depressing!

    Why didn’t Billy miller submit the October 11th episode for his reel? It was his best acting ever!

    Minority opinion: Elizabeth Hendrickson gives a terrible performance. She’s even outacted by Amelia Heinle. (in the second episode).

    The first episode was much stronger than the second one. I started to get impatient and wanted the second epi to hurry up and end…

    Very dark camerawork, some mixed editing results, some confusion in the writing (esp. ep. 2)…

    4. The Bold and the Beautiful

    The “B” story focusing on Caroline and Maya in each episode was horrible, terrible, a waste of time, boring, and stupid. There, I feel better!

    The first episode, in wich Katie learns from Taylor that not only did Brooke have sex with her husband Bill, but she also had his stillborn baby, and the second epi in which Katie confronts Bill and Brooke… too much yelling and screaming for me in ep. 1. HT’s Katie has her moments in ep. 2 but it’s a very mixed performance imo. Hunter Tylo’s Taylor was my favorite in this reel. Wow, I disliked Eric in both episodes big time! What a jerk!

    I will say this for B&B: it’s the best looking fo the four shows – camerawork, editing, lighting, sets, costumes.

    I thought the writing was often terrible, the direction was mixed, and the acting was very good to middling.

    I find all the business scenes so laughable on this show!

    So, I will be rooting for Days, but I find this category always hard to predict. Who are the voters and what biases do they have?

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