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Predictions in all the major categories

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  • FreemanGriffin
    Feb 19th, 2012

    I was 6 for 9 last year (or 6 for 10, considering the tie win for Billy Miller with Scott Clifton). I have less confidence this year. Teh panelists make strange choices. I am worried that CBS could sweep, which would make me very unhappy ): So here goes:

    Best Drama Series: Days Of Our Lives – I think the show will repeat; two very strong episodes were submitted, panelists hopefully will know that the show was critically lauded throughout 2013, and the reels are full of energy, soapy, well-produced, written, directed and acted.

    Best Actor: Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless – his reel was exceptionally strong, very dramatic, and I think he has a better shot than the others. I also think he benefits from Jason Thompson’s reel, which isn’t strong enough this year.

    Best Actress: Eileen Davidson, Days Of Our Lives – I’m not even a big ED fan, but I loved her acting in 2013. She helped boost Days to what I consider it’s best year ever. She had chemistry with everyone. She submitted a fantastic Emmy reel. She also benefits because she’s also on The Young and the Restless.

    Best Supporting Actor: Bradford Anderson, General Hospital – a strong emotional reel. Watchint the reels again, I kept on going back and forth between him and Eric Martsolf, with a sinking feeling they might give Scott Clifton yet another Emmy (or even Steve Burton). So this one is wide open, but BA sumbitted a really emotional strong episode. I think this is his fifth nomination, which will benefit him too.

    Best Supporting Actres: Jane Elliot, General Hospital – this is the only acceptable outcome for me in this category. She submitted “the whole enchilada” scene, my favorite acting from an actress in 2013 (my favorite acting by an actor was delivered by the not nominated Greg Vaughan, in the two back-to-back reveal scenes – why he didn’t submit the Monday epsiode is a mystery to me). Jane Elliot hasn’t won an Emmy since 1981, and doesn’t submit very often. (The last time she submitted, her Emmy reel were those amazing scenes after Lila’s death – how she didn’t get nominated and win for those scenes remains a mystery to me).

    Best Younger Actor: Chandler Massey, Days Of Our Lives – this race is wide open, any of the five could win, but I think Chandler will “threepeat” – I believe he will be the first male to do so? I know Jennifer Finnigan, Jennifer Landon and Heather Tom have all won 3 years in a row but I think with male actors nobody has done so? Chandler’s reel was incredibly powerful. (Freddie Smith ought to have won this Emmy).

    Best Younger Actress: Kelley Missal, One Life To Live – I think they will honor the online soaps with this award. I do see this as a two-way race between her and Kristen Alderson. I give the edge to Dani’s scenes in the hospital; they were more powerful and heartfelt.

    Best Directing Team: The Young and the Restless – the show has won in this category a record 14 times. I see it winning another one. I would love to see One Life To Live win; B&B won last year.

    Best Writing Team: Days Of Our Lives – Days was superbly written throughout 2013. It so deserves to win in this category.

    Now, for my fears: Y&R winning for Best Series, Best Actor (Doug Davidson – I love DD but boy is he ever in the wrong category!), Steve Burton and one of the “trinity” (Melissa Claire Egan, Amelia Heinle or Elizabeth Hendrickson) in the supporting categories, Max Ehrich and Hunter King in the younger acting categories, and writing; or B&B winning for Best Series, Heather Tom and Scott Clifton winning yet again, and repeating last year’s Emmy wins for directing and writing – yikes! If CBS wins everything I will be miserable! ):

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