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Prospect Park SUES ABC for $25 MILLION!

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  • eastwest
    Jun 6th, 2011

    It’s all in here and I have to say while both did wrong, I am throwing shade at PP (and to Deadline). Besides the inaccuracies on story deets, no where in here mentions PP disastrous first time. And add to the fact that why was none of their concerns mention dealt w/before (Cole/Hope, Tomas). I see a turn on PP and that is awful given the goodwill these reboots have been recieving.


    Jun 6th, 2011

    That document is reads like something from a soap message board. #cray

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    Jun 19th, 2011

    I am Team ABC on this one. Prospect Park made a lot of big promises in 2011, and then they dropped the ball. They let down a lot of people. They should have the grace to recognize their role in these events. Whether the audience liked the actors on GH is really not the point; they want to work and they found employment when Prospect Park was not an option. Though there is the element of ABC’s cancellation karma coming back to bite them, I am left with a greater sourness toward Prospect Park.

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    I’ve been pretty vocal about my irritation with ABC and how they were
    messing with the OLTL canvas with their storylines over the last year
    plus, which is why I didn’t start watching GH regularly after OLTL left
    the air.  It always seemed wrong to me that GH could kill off characters
    and write extreme changes for other characters from OLTL when the show
    was in development to be brought back online by a company that bought
    the rights.  Now it seems their actions were an outright breach of
    contract.  For me, the lawsuit is completely justified and I’m Team
    Prospect Park. 

    It’s great the actors who were on GH were able
    to get work while they weren’t working on OLTL, but I always thought it
    would have been better for GH to just bring them to Port Charles as new
    or recast characters, as they plan to do now.  That should have been
    their play from the beginning.  It was beyond annoying that ABC canceled
    the show and then sought to capitalize on its popularity anyway by
    bringing its characters to another show.  I hated that.  I know that
    people are frustrated with and upset by Prospect Park’s failure to get
    these shows launched when they did, which I don’t quite understand
    because it seemed to me PP was always making an effort and just weren’t
    able to get done what they needed to in time to launch the shows when
    they thought they could.  Instead, they took time to regroup and bring
    the shows back in a way that looks digified, entertaining, and like it
    has the potential to succeed, instead a half assed effort a year ago
    just to shut people up and start making money.  ABC intentionally
    canceled the shows, which somehow bothers people less.  I find that
    inexplicable.  Even if every bad decision or delay from Prospect Park
    had been some deliberate misstep, what they did still would not be as
    bad as what ABC did.  Don’t even get me started on the network looking
    out for their bottom line and the shows not being as profitable as a
    cheap talk show.  It’s a bank’s job to make money.  It’s a network’s job
    to produce quality programming.  Imagine if that profitablity first
    model was applied to all industries.  I work in environmental
    consulting, and I can only imagine people’s horror if we justified our
    decisions by saying we did the thing that made us the most money.  That
    is not what ABC should have been doing. 

    As to the question of
    why Prospect Park waited this long to file suit, I imagine it would have
    been more difficult to get any traction for a siut claiming that a show
    that didn’t exist was being sabotaged.  What would be the real harm in
    ABC/GH’s actions if PP didn’t have a One Life to Live to be trying to
    protect/preserve?  The lawsuit does seem a little extreme maybe, but ABC
    did everything they’re accused of.  Really, they did more than that. 
    They licensed OLTL to PP and then basically replicated themselves,
    bringing in the writer, EP, director, characters, and very similar
    stories, AND moving it into the show’s old time slot.  Why watch some
    experimental, online version of OLTL when you can watch a version
    calling itself GH but just where and just how you would expect OLTL to

    I will concede that the claim does kind of sound like
    something written on a message board, not a legal action.  In any event,
    though, I hope they can resolve this before the situation further
    impacts either show.

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    Sep 26th, 2011

    This lawsuit just doesn’t make any sense. Prospect Park signed deals with Frank Valentini, Ron Carlivati and Michael Easton during their first attempt to bring the shows online. If ABC tried to sign Easton, Frank and Ron for GH while they still had deals to stay with iOLTL, then I could understand a claim of sabotage.  But that’s not what happened. PP suspended their efforts, which means that any contracts they signed with talent were null and void, leaving all 3 free to sign with ABC. 

    Then, since ABC had licensed the rights to both shows to PP for a year, ABC had to get permission from PP to bring on the 3 OLTL characters they wanted on GH. PP gave ABC permission. Did PP expect that those 3 characters, all of whom were part of very popular pairings on OLTL, would remain celibate in Port Charles? What would be the point of bringing these characters on if they were just missing their other halves in Llanview and moping about how difficult long-distance relationships are? That doesn’t exactly make for riveting television. 

    And a lawsuit over a couple of soap characters being presumed dead? SERIOUSLY! We all know Hope and Cole could easily be alive. And more to the point, Cole and Hope aren’t exactly crucial to the show. 

    And most importantly, ABC only licensed the shows to PP for a year. Their deal actually ran out a few months ago. When PP announced they were resuming their attempts to get these shows online, ABC granted PP an extension so they could make another go of it. Why would ABC do that if they don’t want PP to succeed. ABC has every incentive to see these shows do well online, because the better these shows do and the longer they last, the more money ABC makes off them. 

    This all just sounds like sour grapes because Kristen Alderson and Michael Easton are staying on GH instead of going back to OLTL. 

    I’m trying to stay optimistic and just be excited that I’m getting my show back in a little more than a week, but I’ve been getting more and more disheartened and this lawsuit is just the last straw. 

    Jeff and Rich’s insistence on going young, contemporary and daring just sounds more and more sleazy and seedy with every preview they release.  
    Susan Bedsow Horgan quitting over “personal reasons.”
    Vimal and Rama having an open marriage. 
    Tea cursing out Blair (We’ve complained quite a bit over the years about what our favorite soaps were doing wrong and how they could do better. I don’t remember anyone ever saying the shows needed more cursing)
    Dani’s peanut butter scene.  
    And worst of all, that awful wig they put on Robin Strasser. 

    I’m starting to think Jeff and Rich are just as in tune with what soap fans want as Brian Frons was. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised, but right now I’m expecting a trainwreck. 

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