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  • soapsarecool
    Sep 30th, 2011

    See my pics below!

    Only four shows left, and sadly for
    purely time-related issues I have been watching less this year than others.
     But here it goes…


    Most Ruined Heroine: Katie (B&B)

    It’s hard to imagine that Heather
    Tom, who played Victoria as such a strong, take-no-prisoners woman, is now
    saddled playing the doormat that has become Katie Logan, faking heart attacks
    to try to win back a guy who has treated her like shit and then a few months
    later shacking up with Ridge.  Seriously
    Heather Tom’s Victoria Newman is one of my all-time favorite soap characters,
    so it pains me to see her playing a woman without a backbone.

    Runner-Up: Sharon (Y&R)

    This has been the fault of several
    writing regimes who made Sharon so irredeemable.  I have to give credit to
    Sharon Case who really does her best and leaves me with a little bit of rooting
    value, but after sleeping herself through the entire Newman and Abbott families
    and then manipulating Summer’s paternity results, no amount of bipolar disorder
    can justify this.  I really wish the show would bring back mom Doris to
    talk some sense into her.  It hurts really badly because Sharon used to be
    one of my favorite characters.


    Most Annoying Character: Levi (GH)

    Is it necessary to say anything?  Uuuughhh…  it was PAINFUL to see him onscreen.

    Runner-Up: Clyde (Days of our Lives)


    Most Annoying Family: Jordan/Ben/Clyde on DOOL

    Oh GOOOOD how many more scenes of
    Jordan confronting Clyde in the park?!?!  Shows should have realized by
    now that introducing an entire new family and spending way too much screentime
    on them is a terrible idea. 


    Most Surprising Chemistry: Daniel and Kristen (DOOL)

    Who would have thought that Eileen
    Davidson’s return to Days would be via Daniel, and it turned out to be genius,
    as they were HOT.


    Most Cringe-Worthy Scene: Mariah trying to seduce Nick on Y&R

    Cassie was Nick’s darling little girl
    and after years of seeing them as one of the cutest father and daughter on
    daytime, it was traumatizing to watch Camryn Grimes coming on to Joshua

    Runner-Up: Sonny and Ava having sex on
    AJ’s grave (GH)


    Most Cringe-Worth Story: Neil/Hilary/Devon (Y&R)

    It pains me to say it but Kristoff
    St. John, who is an excellent actor, has been saddled with incredibly crappy
    stories ever since Dru’s death.  But this one takes the cake.  There’s
    no way Devon would ever behave like such an asshole to his adoptive father, and
    to make it worse for a woman he has no chemistry with.  Yuck yuck yuck!


    Worst Villain(s): The League of
    Doom on GH (Helena, Faison, Fluke, Stavros, etc etc)

    It seems at points during the year
    that more than half of the cast was either evil or psychotic.  What bothers me is that many of these
    villains are good by themselves and played by really great actors, but the
    overdose of them and all the fake deaths and masks was just too much.  ENOUGH!

    Runner-Up: Liam (DOOL)

    Seriously Days, THIS is how you use
    Mark Collier? What the hell?!


    Best New Couple: TIE Hope and Aiden (DOOL) and Maxie and Nathan (GH)

    The chemistry between Kirsten Storms
    and Ryan Paevey is incredible, and the writers have done a good job of writing
    very cute scenes throughout the year (the highlight being when they were
    handcuffed together) that made this pair build rooting value.  At a time when couples are suddenly
    falling madly in love and marrying after a couple of weeks (hello Jack and
    Kelly on Y&R), GH did a great job at building Maxie and Nathan slowly, as
    did DOOL in building up Hope and Aiden, especially by doing honor to
    Hope’s history with Bo.  Kristian
    Alfonso expertly played Hope’s torn emotions, and I especially loved the scenes
    when she told Caroline, Victor and Maggie about her desire to move on.

    Best Couple: Lulu and Dante (GH)

    An anomaly on soaps (especially GH):
    a genuinely romantic couple who stand by each other and are not lying or
    cheating, and yet continue to be entertaining.  (Kinda like Y&R’s Michael and Lauren were for years on Y&R
    before that stupid story with Carmine.)


    Worst Couple: Dylan and Avery (Y&R)

    I find both characters terribly
    annoying, and together… snore…

    Runner-Up: JJ and Paige (DOOL)

    Days has tried so hard to make it
    happen, but it’s not just.  Though
    the story in my opinion is OK-written, and the actors are good, they
    regrettably have no chemistry.


    Best Child Performers: Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer, GH) and Lauren Boles (DOOL)

    These kids are HILARIOUS!  Props
    to the writers of both shows for creating a “kids-scene” on each
    show, with Spencer, Cameron, Emma and Josslyn driving story, and Ciara, Theo,
    Chase, Johnny, Allie and Sydney as well in Salem.  But Bechtel and Boles
    are the standouts.  Can we have a cross-over?!


    Best Newcomer: Billy Flynn (Chad, DOOL)

    Perfectly cast and integrated
    seamlessly into the show.  Without Peter and EJ, we needed another devious
    DiMera man and I think the show struck gold with Flynn.

    Runner-Up: Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy, B&B)


    Best Scene-Stealer: Kathleen Gati
    (Dr. Obrecht, GH)

    Comic relief in spades but she’s also
    able to play her love for Victor and for her daughter and son in surprisingly
    moving ways.  Also, she’s the only
    one of GH’s cartoon villains that I can stomach.  (And I still think it is one of the most ludicrous things on
    the show that she is Chief of Staff at the Hospital).

    Runner-Up: Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne,

    Another hospital employee who
    ludicrously hangs on to her job hahaha, but boy do we love the queen of snark.


    Most Botched Return: Robin (GH)


    Best Goodbye: (Sami, DOOL)

    Seemed like every single scene – with
    Caroline, with Rafe, with Lucas, with Nicole… — was perfectly written and
    executed.  A worthy swan song for a
    great character and performer.


    Hottest Sex Scenes: JJ and Eve (DOOL)

    I know a lot of people have responded
    negatively to JJ and Eve having sex. 
    I’m on the fence because at times I wish they had built it up to make it
    more believable, but at the same time I feel like Kassie De Paiva and Casey
    Moss are doing a great job acting it, especially Eve’s little scenes of regret
    and self-loathing.  But one thing
    is for sure, those scenes were HOT. 
    And I can’t wait for poor Jennifer to find out!  (Though PLEASE no pregnancy… PLEASE!)

    Runner-Up: Stitch and Ashley in the
    shower (Y&R)

    I don’t really like Stitch as a
    character but even so this scene was scorching.


    Best Guest Star: Donna Mills
    (Madeline, GH)

    Mesmerizing, and great chemistry with
    Michelle Stafford and with Kathleen Gati.


    Best Frenemies: Kate and Sami (DOOL)

    It was genius of the show to bring
    them together to take down Stefano and EJ.  And that goodbye hug was


    Outstanding Supporting Actress: Rena Sofer (Quinn, B&B)

    Everyone’s favorite oversexed, psychotic
    mama, played to perfection by Rena Sofer.

    Runner-Up: Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DOOL)

    It was supremely stupid (but
    ultimately very Nicole) to destroy the evidence exonerating Eric.  Nicole keeps screwing up over and over
    but we still love her, because Zucker can play sarcasm and snarkiness and
    romance and vulnerability so well.  And the scene when Sami allowed her to
    tuck Sydney into bed was one of the most poignant scenes of the year.

    Runner-Up: Camryn Grimes
    (Mariah, Y&R)

    I watched Camryn grow up on my screen
    as the most adorable soap kid I can remember, so at first I was horrified that
    they were bringing her back as Cassie’s lookalike.  All the more credit that I now really buy Mariah as a
    character, with complex feelings towards her newfound mom, and really making me
    buy her as a fully fleshed-out new and different character.


    Outstanding Supporting Actor: Chad Duell (Michael, GH)

    Absolutely rocked the scenes when he
    found out his dad killed his other dad.  Chad Duell plays Michael with
    dignity and realism and relateability. 
      One thing though,
    it’s about time the show brought back Michael’s sister Kristina.

    Runner-Up: John Aniston (Victor, DOOL) 

    Seriously every time Victor comes
    into a scene on Days I brace myself from some excellent zingers; due credit to
    the writers but also to Aniston for infusing Victor with a tenderness
    underneath the gruff.  His relationship with nephew Sonny is wonderful.

    Runner-Up: Ray Wise (Ian, Y&R)

    I really wasn’t a fan of the story or
    the character, but Ray Wise played Ian in a deliciously evil way.


    Outstanding Lead Actress: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, Y&R)

    Daytime’s best drunk, one of its best
    criers, and one of the most fully-rounded leading ladies, always played
    masterfully by MTS, who inexplicably only has one Emmy nomination under her
    belt.  Her confrontations with Victor are always so incredibly powerful,
    and I also enjoyed her relationship with Maureen.

    Runner-Up: Alison Sweeney (Sami, DOOL)

    There I am complaining about Melody
    Thomas Scott’s one Daytime Emmy nomination, and Alison Sweeney, one of
    daytime’s most popular star, has NEVER been nominated.  I hope this
    changes this year, as Sami said goodbye to Salem with a kick-ass revenge story
    and Sweeney conveyed Sami’s anger, hurt and then her path to forginess and
    love, only to turn to mourning.  We miss you so much!

    Runner-Up: Finola Hughes (Anna, GH) 

    In the middle of all the craziness
    that happens in Port Charles, you can always count on Finola Hughes’s classy
    portayal of Anna to ground you back to reality.  Her scenes with Olbrecht
    are hilarious, her chemistry with Duke is great, and in a show where most
    female characters are either psychos, idiots or doormats, Finola Hughes shines.


    Outstanding Lead Actor: Joshua Morrow (Nicholas, Y&R)

    I have always thought Josh Morrow is
    vastly underrated and often eclipsed by his showier co-stars, but he really
    rocked it this year throughout the ups and downs of Summer’s paternity
    storyline and falling back in and back out of love with Sharon.  I also enjoyed the special episode where
    we confronted all his past relationships.

    Runner-Up: Jason Thompson (Patrick, GH)

    Dependable, romantic, heroic, funny,
    and the scenes leading up to and after Gabriel’s death were excellent.

    Runners-Up: Maurice Benard, Tony Geary
    and Roger Howarth (Sonny, Luke/Fluke and Franco)

    I don’t like their characters, in
    fact I strongly dislike them, and sometimes it seems like they are phoning it
    in because it’s always the same shades, but then there are times when they just
    shine like few others can.  Also,
    hate to say it but it was a very poor year in terms of leading actor
    performances (remember the days when perpetual –and deserved- nominees David
    Canary, Eric Braeden, Peter Bergman, Justin Deas and Robert Woods were
    routinely given stories worthy of their amazing talents?).


    Other Wonderful Things:

    The Young and the Restless: Christine
    getting jealous over Nikki’s relationship with Paul, Shemar Moore (Malcolm)
    visits Genoa City, Michael and Lauren, Victoria naming her baby Katie in memory
    of Katherine.

    Days of our Lives: Theo’s
    relationship with EJ and Chad, the introduction of Paul and the unexpected past
    with Sonny, Caroline’s speech at Will and Sonny’s wedding, Maggie and Jennifer
    presenting Sonny with his Horton Christmas ornament.  Every time Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) is on screen, especially
    her scenes with JJ and when she was recounting Jack’s rape.

    The Bold and the Beautiful: The most
    stylish, best-looking show, Pam and Charlie (and then enter John Forrester!),
    the Wyatt/Hope/Liam triangle is written very poorly at times but I love all
    three actors.

    General Hospital: Britt and
    Spencer, Molly as played by Haley Pulos, seeing Maura West and Michelle
    Stafford together (even though I don’t much like either character), the Nurses
    Ball, Dante and Morgan talking Michael out of shooting Sonny, Wally Kurth as
    Ned Quartermaine, Lisa LoCicero as Olivia.


    New Year’s Wishes


    B&B: Things are generally well on
    B&B but Hope’s absence will leave a major hole story-wise.  So my wish is that they find a good
    recast.  Also, I have always wanted
    CJ (Sally Spectra’s son) to come back and make war on Forrester Creations.


    Y&R: That they don’t mess up
    Adam’s return like they did Phyllis’s. 
    That Hilary, Dylan and Avery leave town, and that Chloe, Gina, Olivia
    and Drucilla (only if it’s Victoria Rowell) come back.


    DOOL: For Bo and Peter Reckell to
    return!!!  Also, I hope Jordan
    takes Clyde with her when she leaves town and that Shane and Kimberly visit
    more often considering the storylines involving Theresa and Eve.


    GH: My biggest wish is that Sonny
    spends the whole of 2015 in jail where he belongs.  There is absolutely no way the writers can spring him from
    jail after what he did.  Instead of
    General Hospital the show now seems like General Penitentiary with half the
    cast in jail.  Oh, and PLEASE that
    once this stupid mind control story is over, that Jason comes back as Jason
    Quartermaine and not Jason Morgan. 
    Finally, that Ava’s baby turns out not to be either Morgan’s or Sonny’s
    but AJ’s, giving Monica a grandchild and creating some amazing story potential.


    Most Disappointing Show: The Young and the

    I think we all have “our” soap, that soap that we feel a
    bigger soft spot for than all others, and “my” soap has always been Y&R,
    having grown up on the excellent writing and production during the time of
    William J. Bell.  And over the past
    few years I have seen Bill Bell’s legacy continue to be ruined with truly
    terrible writing that has ruined many legacy characters.  The cult story (despite great
    performances from MTS and Ray Wise, see above) was terrible, as was the
    Neil/Hilary/Devon debacle, and the “big” story that was going to propelled by
    Katherine’s death was a quest for a necklace in a chandlier?!?!  For way too long Victor has been
    written as a complete asshole, Sharon as a crazy ho, and Neil as an idiot.  The loss of Billy Miller was a huge
    blow (and sorry but Burgess Meredith, where did Billy’s sense of humor go?),
    and I think they have done a poor job of re-introducing Phyllis in the form of
    Gina Tognoni.  And I find the
    characters of Avery, Dylan and Chelsea so absolutely boring and lifeless and
    somehow the showrunners give them way too much screentime.  I just love this show so much and
    really wish it would have its former glory back.


    Favorite Show: Days of our Lives

    I spent way more time and mental energy than I should in
    thinking about whether Days was the “best” show or just my own personal
    favorite show.  I also thought a
    lot about the fact that GH is oftentimes very compelling, with a great cast and
    fast-paced, can’t-miss-a-minute stories. 
    Here’s the thing: as a longtime soap viewer I don’t watch soaps to be
    wowed with roller-coaster plots and cliffhangers, I watch soaps to keep tabs on
    characters who I feel are really my friends and family.  And what this means is that I will take
    a quiet, history-laden conversation between veteran characters any day over
    shootings and kidnappings and car accidents.  And Days really delivers for me in this sense, with standout
    scenes seemingly every week where characters who share complicated pasts have
    interactions that feel genuine and human. 
    Marlena and Kate discussing Will, Victor and Sonny, Maggie and Brady,
    Caroline and her grandkids, Lucas and Adrienne, Victor and Jennifer, etc etc.  Salem just really feels like a town where
    people have actual human interactions! 
    While other families have decimated their core families (GH with the
    Quartermaines), Days has a robust set of Hortons, Bradys and Kiriakises that
    intermingle and interact and never lose sight of their histories. 

    I agree that following the departure of Kristen, EJ and
    Sami, the show missed a golden opportunity to refocus attention on some of the
    other veterans (namely Marlena and John) or bring back old favorites, and
    instead suddenly introduced Serena and Paul and continue to spend too much
    energy on Jordan/Clyde Ben. 
    However, I actually really like Paul and Serena and I feel like they
    have been introduced properly and have a lot of story potential.  I especially like the return of Melanie
    and the introduction of Serena in terms of how they fit into the
    bursting-with-potential Melanie-Theresa-Serena-Nicole-Daniel-Brady-Eric orbit
    (and wait til Kristen gets back!).

    I think it was Michael Logan who called GH under
    Carlivati-Valentini “soap on crack.” 
    Especially November, what a month! 
    I appreciate their desire to pay homage to the show’s history and them
    bringing back the Nurses Ball and things like that.  But then again, what’s the point of bringing Lucy to our
    screens to make her act like an annoying twit?  Did the Bobbie-Scotty-Lucy feel genuine to anyone out
    there?  You can’t just throw in a
    couple of episodes and feel like you’re doing justice to these characters.  What ever happened to Felicia’s
    campaign for major?  And that
    endless parade of villains… oh God, ENOUGH. 

    But the show is still hugely entertaining, and that
    excellent cast keeps you coming back.

    So I guess GH is like a large sundae with all the toppings
    and Days is like grandma’s apple pie, and I guess I would rather take Grandma’s
    apple pie (or rather, Alice Horton’s donuts).

    Jun 6th, 2011

    What a great summary of the year!

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    Feb 19th, 2012

    Terrific choices! (: Here are some of mine in the same “categories”!

    Most Ruined Heroine: Anna Devane, GH – she imprisons Faison and never checks on him – huh??

    Most Annoying Character: Sonny Corinthos, GH; RU: Levi Dunkelman, GH – Sonny makes me grab for my remote to hit “MUTE”, while he rants and raves and justifies and blathers, blech! The writing for Levi was just plain evil!

    Most Annoying Family: The Forresters, B&B – esp. all of their “business” (sic) meetings, which always come across as silly, insipid, stupid and unprofessional ):

    Most Surprising Chemistry: Kristen and Daniel, Days – I agree with OP on this one!

    Most Cringe-Worthy Scene: Sonny & Carly justifying the murder of A.J. and keepign this secret from Michael – nauseating!

    Most Cringe-Worthy Story: Levi being Maxie’s boyfriend/fiancee – yuck!

    Worst Villain: Sonny Corinthos, GH

    Favorite Villianess: (tie) Kristen DiMera, Days and Ava Jerome, GH

    Best New Couple: Maxie & Nathan, GH – be still my heart!

    Best Couple: Will & Sonny early in 2014, before and after their wedding, Days

    Most Romantic Male: Nathan, GH and Wyatt, B&B

    Best Recast: Billy Flynn as Chad, Days; RU: the nuAdam, Y&R

    Worst Couple: Franco & Carly, GH and Sonny & Carly, GH

    Best Child Performers: Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer, GH and Brooklyn Rae Sigler as Emma, GH

    Best Newcomer: (not sure if she showed up in ’13 or ’14) Vinessa Antoine, GH and Kassie DePaiva, Days

    Best Scene Stealer: Robin Mattson as Heather, GH – esp. the scene with Franco in the visiting room with the BLT! (:

    Best Goodbye: Ric’s farewell letter to Molly, GH (when she thought he was dead)

    Hottest Sex Scenes: Lucas and Brad, GH

    Best Guest Star: Meredith Baxter, Y&R and Donna Mills, GH

    Best Frenemies: Sami & Kate, Days

    Best Supporting Actress: Eileen Davidson as Kristen and Susan, Days

    Best Supporting Actor: Blake Berris as Nick, Days

    Best Lead Actress: Alison Sweeney as Sami, Days

    Best Lead Actor: Jason Thompson as Patrick, GH

    Best Younger Actress: Haley Pullos, GH

    Best Younger Actor: Freddie Smith, Days

    Other wonderful things: Molly wants to have sex and Alexis is unhappy about it; Molly’s grief over Ric’s “death”; Will & Sonny’s wedding (and their great bachelor party!); Quinn tries to kill Liam on B&B; Michael finds out the truth; Ava gives birth and crazy Nina steals it; Christmas Krampus story; Nick talks to Julie in the park before he is murdered; Gabi’s confession; fake “reveal” that E.J. has had an affair with Abigail and Sami’s reactions; Sami crawls in with dead E.J. in the morgue; Maxie is handcuffed to Nathan; Sharon learns that Mariah is her other daughter, twin of Cassie; Nick forces Mariah to tell the truth… a million more great memories from 2014!

    Most Disappointing Show: B&B – repetitive stories, waffling characters, very few rootable characters…

    Favorite Show: Days – consistent and entertaining; GH – wildly uneven, but when it’s on fire…. watch out!

    Most Improved Show: Y&R, in the last 3 months of 2014

    Performer of the Year: Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady, Days

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    Jun 19th, 2011

    Wow! You both did a thoughtful and thorough job of reviewing the past year! Thank you! It was a great read.

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    Matt McClamrock
    May 22nd, 2011

    Interesting choices everyone. 

    Here’s mine…

    Most Tortured Couple:  Patrick and Sabrina, General Hospital

    Best Couple:  Dante and Lulu, General Hospital

    Worst Couple:  Jordan and Chad, Days of Our Lives and Ben and Abigail, Days of Our Lives

    Worst Love Triangle:  Ben/Victoria/Billy/Chelsea, The Young and the Restless

    Best Recast:  Justin Hartley as Adam Newman, The Young and the Restless

    Worst Recast:  Billy Miller as Jason Morgan, General Hospital

    Best New Character:  Nina Clay, General Hospital

    Worst New Character:  Clyde, Days of Our Lives

    Best Death:  E.J. DiMera, Days of Our Lives

    Best Storyline:  Nina’s revenge plots, General Hospital

    Worst Storyline:  Phyllis’ return, The Young and the Restless

    Best Show:  General Hospital

    Most Disappointing Show:  The Young and the Restless

    Best Actor:  James Scott, Days of Our Lives

    Best Actress:  (tie) Michelle Stafford and Maura West, General Hospital

    Best Supporting Actor:  Roger Howarth, General Hospital

    Best Supporting Actress:  Elizabeth Hendrickson, The Young and the Restless

    Best Younger Actor:  Chad Duell, General Hospital

    Best Younger Actress:  Camila Banus, Days of Our LIves 

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    These are great recaps of the past year on soaps!  

    I don’t have anything nearly as thorough to share, but I will say that, despite not being as fantastic as it was in 2013, DAYS was still my favorite show easily.  GH has a real thrill factor going for it, but I care more about characters than I do flashy, breakneck-paced plot developments.  DAYS had some lulls (the leadup to the WilSon wedding in March/April, most of November sweeps for some reason), but also great storylines and thrilling moments with the EJ/Abigail affair, Will and Sonny’s wedding, Nick’s murder, Sami and Kate’s takeover of DiMera, Hope deciding to move on from Bo with Aiden, EJ and Sami’s eventual reunion, Nicole’s attempts to hang onto Eric, the trainwreck that was Theresa and Brady’s relationship, and Kristen’s latest romp through town.  

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