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Some suggestions for Guest/Limited Performer Goldies consideration

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    Feb 19th, 2012

    Here are a few suggestions for consideration; please add names you think ought to be considered.

    B&B: Sean Kanan (Deacon), Ashley Jones (Bridget), and Kim Matula (Hope)

    Days: Matthew Ashford (Jack), Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura), Tamara Braun (Ava), Patrika Darbo (Nancy), Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne), Peggy McCay (Caroline), Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), and Paul Telfer (Zander)

    GH: Nicholas Bechtel (Spencer), Molly Burnett (Maxie), Leslie Charleson (Monica), Trent Dawson (Huxley), Kathleen Gati (Dr. Olbrecht), Rick Hearst (Ric), Carolyn Hennesy (Diane), Lynn Herring (Lucy), Wally Kurth (Ned), Robin Mattson (Heather), Kimberly McCullough (Robin), Ingo Radamacher (Jax), Tristan Rogers (Robert), Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma), Nick Stabile (Nicholas), Kristina Wagner (Felicia), John J York (Mac), and Jaclyn Zeman (Bobbie)

    Y&R: Lauralee Bell (Christine), Elizabeth Bogush (Dr. Anderson), Jensen Buchanan (Elise), Max Ehrich (Fen), Stacey Haiduk (Patty), Sofia Pernas (Marissa), and Chrishell Stause (Bethany)

    If any of these names seem to you that they belong in Supporting due to too many appearances bring it up! Any missing names from this list?

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    You had a pretty thorough list going in another thread that I’m going to past here for reference. Some of these might not seem appropriate now for one reason or another, and some I don’t even know who they are, but here we have it. Also, and I asked this in the other thread as well, what’s the feeling on actors who could be in guest/limited OR younger?

    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Alley Mills (Pam)
    Dick Christie (Charlie Webber)
    Andrew Collins (Jarrett)
    Theodora Greece (Alison)
    Jacqueline Hahn (Dr. Caspary)
    Winsor Harmon (Thorne)
    Sean Kanan (Deacon)
    Kristina Lloyd (Dayzee)
    Dan Martin (Lt. Baker)
    Chris McKenna (Dr. Hayden)
    Zach Rance (Zach)
    Laurence Saint-Victor (Carter)
    Rodney Saulsberry (Anthony)
    Scott Turner Schofield (Nick)
    Taja V Simpson (Adele)
    Aaron D Spears (Justin)
    Sandra Vergara (Theresa)
    Stephanie Wang
    Andres Zano (Rafael)
    Ashley Jones (Bridget)
    Kim Matula (Hope)

    Days Of Our Lives
    Peggy McCay (Caroline)
    Real Andrews (Hal)
    Julian Barnes (Harold)
    Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura)
    Bryan Datillo (Lucas)
    George Del Hoyo (Orpheus)
    Ximena Duque (Blanca)
    Judi Evans (Adrienne)
    Siena Goines (Simone)
    Alla Korot (Janet)
    Wally Jurth (Justin)
    Marc Laurson (Petrov)
    Ron Leath (Henderson)
    Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne)
    James Read (Clyde)
    Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie)
    Bill Hayes (Doug)
    Paul Telfer (Xander)
    Conor Weil( Mark)
    Matthew Ashford (Jack)
    Tamara Braun (Ava)
    Patrika Darbo (Nancy)
    Spencer Neville (Derek)

    General Hospital
    Bree Williamson (Claudette)
    Jessica Ahlberg (Darby)
    Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)
    Nicholas Bechtel (Spencer)
    Molly Burnett (Maxie)
    Constance Towers (Helena)
    Shari Belafonte (Mayor)
    Leslie Charleson (Monica)
    Trent Dawson (Huxley)
    John DeLuca (Aaron)
    Risa Darkon (Amy)
    Sonya Eddy (Epiphany)
    Kathleen Gati (Olbrecht)
    Rick Hearst (Ric)
    Carolyn Hennesy (Diane)
    Ashley Jones (Parker)
    Wally Kurth (Ned)
    Robin Mattson (Heather)
    Kimberly McCullough (Robin)
    Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma)
    Nick Stabile (Nikolas)
    Ingo Radamacher (Jacks)
    Tristan Rogers (Robert)
    Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix)
    James Patrick Stuart (Valentin)
    Kristna Wagner (Felicia)
    John J York (Mac)
    William Allen Young (David)
    Jaclyn Zeman (Bobbie)
    Sean Blakemore (Shawn)
    Ian Buchanan (Duke)
    Hugo Napier
    Kin Shriner (Scotty)

    The Young and the Restless
    Robert Adamson (Noah)
    Catherine Bach (Anita)
    Lauralee Bell (Christine)
    Jensen Buchanan (Elise)
    Ryan Caltagirone (Winston)
    Judith Chapman
    Angell Conwell (Leslie)
    Jerry Douglas (John)
    Max Ehrich (Fen)
    Robert Gant (David)
    Alice Greczyn (Emma)
    Stacy Haiduk (Patty)
    Beth Maitland (Traci)
    Devon Martinez (Shawn)
    Nichelle Nichols (Lucinda)
    Nadine Nicole (Gwen)
    Sofia Pernas (Marissa)
    Ted Shackelford
    Chrishell Stause (Bethany)

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