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  • BADPhD
    Oct 11th, 2011

    Hello everyone.  I am not new to GoldDerby 2.0 (formerly AwardsTracker, formerly GolDerby 1.0), but I am new to posting in the forums.  Quite honestly, I am new to posting anything in a forum in general.  

    I am posting today because I have been lamenting the lack of activity in the GoldDerby 2.0 Daytime Emmys forum since the transfer from AwardsTracker back to GoldDerby.  I’ve been feeling this way for awhile, even going so far as finally establishing a profile on the site a couple of weeks ago, but, as you can see, I am only now posting a topic in the forums.  

    I have quietly roamed the hallowed halls of (primarily) the Daytime Emmys and Grammy Forums of GoldDerby 2.0/AwardsTracker/GoldDerby 1.0 for several years now–coming to the site several times a day to read the various posts in the various topics in the various forums by various people who have literally become celebrities in my eyes because the posted so frequently and were so insightful/hilarious/deliciously catty/etc.

    From what I can tell, quite a few of the wonderfully insightful people last seen on AwardsTracker have returned back to GoldDerby 2.0 (I’m going ot stop with the 2.0)–and I am very thankful for that.  Unfortunately, it does not seem as if very many people are left to post topics and responses in the Daytime Emmy–which deeply saddens me.

    I have been watching soap operas since the early 80s.  I started watching when my parents dropped me off to my grandmother’s house on their way to work.  Quite honestly, I can not say that I remember much from the early 80s soap operas because I’m not sure I was “watching” them as much as I was sitting in the room with my grandmother looking at the TV because that was the only TV in her house.  I have vague memories of things like (1) Cord’s mother on OLTL trying to poison Viki but, I think, she was poisoned instead, (2) Terry Lester as Jack Abbott on Y&R, and (3)  Julianne Moore on ATWT.  (I can remember pretending to be sick in the late 80s to stay home to watch something that was happening on ATWT–although I do not remember well enough right now to tell you what I was so desperate to see.)

    I didn’t really begin to own watching soap operas until I was a junior in high school in the mid 90’s–around the time that Erica Kane famously flamed out as the “Woman of the Year”, Viki (OLTL) had a 5000th alter, Marlena’s possession, Robin fell in love with Stone and acquired HIV, and almost anything on GL (in hindsight–this was my personal golden era of soap opera viewing…I guess this would be from 1994 to about 1998).  (Although I have to say that I can remember pretending to be sick in the late 80s to stay home to watch something that was happening on ATWT–although I do not remember well enough right now to tell you what I was so desperate to see.)

    Once I started to own soap operas, I realized that I was the only person in my life who had an obsession with watching them.  It got to the point where I was buying Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly from the newsstand every week as a junior in high school with my allowance (and I was a poor kid from Louisiana!) and I would schedule my classes so I could watch Y&R, ATWT, & GL live while recording GH, OLTL, AMC on VHS.  Eventually, I added Loving to the mix with the introduction of the Corinth Serial Killer preparing the way for the transition to The City (I still think Christine Tudor as Gwyneth Alden was robbed of an emmy that year!).  I strayed away from my original point at the start of this paragraph…no one in my life loved soap operas more than I loved them.  I was so famous for my love of soap operas that people would ask my what happened, what was going to happen, who was related to whom, etc.  I was my own little Mimi Torchin.

    Even though I hadn’t been watching soap operas for decades, I new enough to absorb the history of the characters on my screen.  The thing I have loved most about soap operas is the ability to watch a character evolve over an extended period of time(–this is one of the reasons I am so happy with DAYS right now, but I will write about that in the DAYS thread at some point.)  During undergrad, I was a theatre major–the only acting job I ever wanted (which still holds true to this day), is to be on a soap opera.  I would be so overjoyed to be on a soap opera that I would probably work for free.  I love(d) them that much.

    As everyone knows, the soap operas have been ravaged over the last decade (some might argue since that damn OJ).  While I have struggled to remain faithful to any one soap opera since my golden era of soap opera viewing, I have kept tabs on all of the shows.  Soap opera viewing as must see TV has waxed and waned for me since I first started owning watching in the mid-90s.  Whereas, during the mid-90s, I would schedule my classes around them and then spend several hours every night watching the episodes, I reached a point (probably around 2000 when I graduated from college and started teaching) when things started to change a bit.  I was now working during the day so I had to settle on recording one show per time slot (no DVR back then).  If I remember correctly, I think at the time I settled on AMC and OLTL and then switched to ATWT and GL.  Depending on the way the writing team would blow (and I mean that in MULTIPLE WAYS), one of those four shows would be switched with another show.  

    Okay, I’m going to have to take a break here because this post started out as one thing and became something COMPLETELY different!  You probably don’t even want to hear some random guy’s history of soap opera viewing.  LOL  I’ll get to my point a little quicker…this means, unfortunately, that I have to give you a little bit more of my backstory, though…

    Basically, no one in my life loved soap operas more than I did.  Because of this, I never really had anybody to call and say…”Did you see GL killed off Maureen Bauer!!!!!”  Actually, now that I think of it, I wouldn’t have said it that way–saying it that way feels much more contemporary, like when these show running hacks take a chainsaw to the history and foundation of soap operas–BUT THAT IS ANOTHER TOPIC.  I probably would have said something like, “Oh my God, Maureen is dead!”  No one I knew could appreciate that statement.  No one I knew would have understand five years later if I had said, “GL has not been the same to me since Maureen died.”  However, in reading the GoldDerby forums over the years, I found people who could appreciate those sentiments.  

    I am kicking myself right now because I didn’t engage more actively in those forum discussions.  (But, I had a helluva time reading them.)  I miss all the like-minded people commenting and commiserating on the ups/downs and pros/cons of the soaps. 

    There has been so much bad blood since the cancellation of AW that continued with the April Fools’ Day massacre of ATWT/GL.  Now AMC is gone (for now–THAT’s ANOTHER POST, TOO).  OLTL will depart soon.  And it only appears to be a matter of time for GH–ANOTHER POST, because there are elements that work in the Garin Wolf era.

    Watching soap operas over the last few years has felt like being in a horror movie and the soap operas were the oversexed teens staying in the cabin by the lake during the summer for the weekend.

    I try to remain optimstic, though.  And, there are things to love about soap operas, despite the hits they have taken.  First of all, we still have a few shows left.  That fact alone makes me want to support them as much as I can (although, there is very little that encourages me to support the mess that is Y&R right now, and I have never really been a fan of B&B–ANOTHER POST).  I am currently recording OLTL, GH, & DAYS.  

    DAYS is a relatively recent addition to my lineup.  The show became so crazy and unwatchable for me years ago, and I had to let it go.  I started watching again when Ken Corday mentioned that he was resetting the show on 9/26.  I thought it was a good idea ot get reacquainted with the show before the reset.  There were things that I liked prior to the reset, but there was a lot that I would fast forward through (the frequency with which I fast forward is the third most obvious sign of my feelings about my soap operas–the second sign is which soap opera I choose to watch first–the first sign is if I have to watch the soap opera the same night it airs.)  For me, DAYS got rid of a lot of its dead weight.  I should clarify that I would not normally consider Vivian and Carly dead weight, but given the way that they were used–I was happy to see them go–I wouldn’t mind if they came back at some point though.  I’m going to stop talking about DAYS now because the thoughts I have should probably be posted in the DAYS thread.  Let me just say that, DAYS is the soap opera that is currently and consistently sustaining my hope in soap operas (OLTL was doing that for me until about two or three weeks ago–once the Todd/Victor reveal ended and the show was hijacked by the Kentucky hospital/strip joint crew!).  Because of what DAYS has inspired in me, I wanted to share that with others.  I wanted to post my thoughts and feelings and have people cosign or say “I don’t know what show you’re watching, but that’s not the DAYS I’m watching” and then cattily disagree with my take.  Thankfully, there seem to be a few insightful posters in the forums, but I’d love to see more.

    It pains me to come to Daytime Emmys forum and see that there are only two threads that have activity that occurred within the last eight hours.  The rest of the threads haven’t had a post in days or weeks!  Woe is me!  Of all the soap opera forums on the Internet that I have seen, GoldDerby/AwardsTracker is the one that has always stood out as the best possible option.

    If you’re still reading this post, thank you for your patience with my flight of ideas.  In summary, I guess I wrote this ridiculously rambling post to say/ask the following:

    1. If you used to post in the forums at AwardsTracker and haven’t posted at GoldDerby 2.0, please come back.
    2. If you are a frequent guest to the forum like I was for years, take a moment to register and start posting.
    3. If you are currently posting at GoldDerby 2.0, thank God for you and please keep doing it.
    Jun 6th, 2011

    I totally FLOVE this thread and hello to SudsLover!


    Too bad you weren’t in the convo back in the old threads. Sorta a golden age over there.


    As for daytime these days, like so many here were are the ones that are left over either from finding it on our owns when there were so many or the normal route getting hooked through family.


    As for me, it comes down to time and I will be frank if its stupid I won’t watch. And I am only down to DAYS when I am home during the day to watch some of it live.


    I was all against AMC/OLTL finding life again on the net, b/c I think some things should come to an end and that it would be nothing but the same old, but different players and I was angry at how things got to a state that there’s a soap cancellation each year. But as more news comes out, the good and the bad, I am now totally for it thriving and proving the naysayers who have tuned out of soaps that they are still viable (bad cliches and all) and having the people who were supposed to make them successful on network to look silly.


    Again welcome SudsLover to this small, but tight community.

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