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Robert Bruce
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    Feb 19th, 2012

    O.K., just finished watching all five Emmy reels and I must say all five of these younger actresses deliver strong performances. My rankings are by fractions, and honestly I can be happy with four of these five winning (just don’t want Hunter King to threepeat, which I am predicting will unfortunately happen)… I am rooting for Brooklyn Rae Silzer the most, but…

    1. Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma, GH) (13:20) November 16 and Dec. 10

    Emma deals with a potential kidnapper in the park; Emma learns that Patrick and Sam will not marry and calls Robin. Lots of emotional tears; my heart breaks for her. Ably assisted by Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullough, Kelly Monaco and Jane Elliot. Her reel is equal to the older actresses, as it really is a five way tie – these reels are SO good!

    2. True O’Brien (Paige, Days) (9:23) May 20 and May 21

    Paige confronts and slaps Eve for sleeping with JJ; Paige confronts JJ at her surprise birthday party. I miss Paige/True. She really delivered in these scenes. I was surprised by how much power and control she had. Really quite strong. Ably assisted by Kassie DePaiva, Casey Moss (why on earth wasn’t he Emmy nominated?), and Melissa Reeves.

    3. Reign Edwards (Nicole, B&B) (9:15) July 9 and July 10

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed part 1 of her reel; I thought she had stronger material to submit. The large part of her reel is a confrontation scene where she is arguing with her parents (Julius and Vivienne) about Maya. She is extremely strong and thoughtful. The last 90 seconds of her reel is a scene between her and Rick with her venting about her parents. That felt tacked on and unneccesary. (My opinion: she ought to have contrasted this with an earlier scene from an episode when she has a heart to heart talk with Maya; I don’t think the episodes have to be consecutive. it wold have given a better story arc, since she wasn’t at first on maya’s side but got there in time).

    4. Ashlyn Pearce (Aly, B&B) (11:30) July 23

    Aly goes nuts and tries to run Steffy over with her car – Steffy and Aly confront each other on the road. She has (weird) flashbacks to various things, mostly her hatred of Rick, Maya and Steffy. She is reenacting the night Steffy’s mother (Taylor) ran over Aly’s mother (Darla). The scene is very melodramatic. The flashbacks were very distracting to me; editing was very odd. Her acting is very strong though and she could possibly win – any of these actresses could win as they all delivered the goods.

    5. Hunter King (Summer, Y&R) (8:11) March 5 and March 6

    This was her best scene from 2015: confronting Abby and others at Austin’s funeral. her best work. Is it enough for a threepeat? I don’t know. I hope not. But she is very strong here. Tears but they are earned. She does however play the “victim”. (btw, I miss jessica Collins as Avery, who is very good in her portion of this).

    It will be interesting to see what others think of these reels. I know there is a bias against child actors, but I do love Spencer and Emma! I must say: the younger actresses have much better reels than the younger actors.

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    Sep 25th, 2011

    We need better organization! There are three topics about Younger Actress lol.

    Anyway, these reels are categorically stronger than Younger Actor. I don’t feel this way often: I’d be fine with any of these actresses winning (incl. Hunter King).

    1. Reign Edwards – her reel is softer than the others. And she chose a reel where she’s at her most likable. I came in thinking she would be heads and tails better than the others. Now, I don’t think that. I’d still vote her. She will not win…but I’d vote for her. 
    2. Ashlyn Pearce
    3. True O’Brien
    4. Hunter King
    5. Brooklyn Rae Silzer (she’s certainly a better actor, and has a better reel, than Bechtel) 

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    Sep 26th, 2011

    Reign Edwards as Nicole Avant (B&B)

    Fine, but not particularly memorable, just alright.
    And she’s overshadowed by her onscreen father.

    Hunter King as Summer Newman (Y&R)

    Good, one-note, a lot of crying but not annoying. She’s gonna win, her outburst over the casket sealed the deal.

    True O’Brien as Paige Larson (DOOL)

    More crying, she’s hysterical and confronts her mother and her boyfriend for sleeping together. She’s fine but I’ve seen better. A little vanilla.
    With material like this, it should have been a killer reel but it underwhelms because of her acting.

    Ashlyn Pearce as Aly Forester (B&B)

    Creepy, this girl is good. Great performance. She’s a really good actress and the material is totally unique from all the other reels in the category.

    Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Emma Drake (GH)

    This little girl made me cry, very strong emotional reel. It might be a little
    too much crying. But she’s great throughout.

    I think Hunter King will repeat but I’d love to see Pearce or Silzer win in her place.

    1. Hunter King

    2. Ashlyn Pearce

    3. Brooklyn Rae Silzer

    4. True O’Brien

    5. Reign Edwards

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    Tony Ruiz
    Nov 5th, 2010

    For me this was a slam dunk…

    1. True O’Brien

    This really is a perfect reel.  Yes, it’s soapy.  But O’Brien manages to still show a lot of range, showing both anger and disappointment at the same time.  She hits a lot of notes in this reel, and I found myself wanting to see a lot more of her.

    2. Reign Edwards

    What I loved most about this reel is that I felt like I was watching a real person have a real conversation.  Edwards displayed confidence in her convictions, anger at her parents bigotry, and sadness as she realized that her parents would never be as accepting as she hoped.  Edwards shows a lot of strength in this performance, and I would love to see her win.

    3. Ashlyn Pearce

    Soaps love their crazy chicks, and this is one crazy chick.  Pearce really sells the insanity and desparation in this character, and she will benefit from all of the flashbacks that show her more controlled.  But the reel was a little too one-note for me, and I found myself drawn to the actress who plays Steffy, who gives a more dynamic performance.

    4. Hunter King

    Thematically, this reel is similar to True O’Brien’s, but King is way too one-note and screechy in this performance.  She excellent as the jilted widow, but I found myself wincing at times and wanting to see a little more range in the performance.

    5. Brooklyn Rae Silzer

    Not as unbearable as the other kid from GH, but almost.  Sorry, but there is too much screaming and fake crying.  As someone who has raised two kids, the crying felt forced, and left me cold.

    I’m all for O’Brien, though any of the top 3 wouldn’t surprise me. 

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    Sep 25th, 2011

    Hunter King is the new Chandler Massey. She’s going to win this year. She won last year with the worst tape of the bunch. This year, she has *her* strongest reel yet.

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    May 24th, 2011

    These reels were good, SOOO much better than the younger actor category. It was hard choosing who I want to win that damn emmy…

    1) Reign Edwards. She gives a controlled laid back performance. It’s no showbaoting. I mean no screaming, crying, or over the top soapy antics. But I liked this performance. It felt real and natural. 

    2) True O’Brien – She commands the room, slaps the crap out of both Eve and JJ. You feel her pain and anger with her mom sleeping with her boyfriend. She was better than I thought. 

    3) Hunter King. – The beginning and the end of this reel are her strongest. She confronts everyone in the room.  Gives a powerful performance. I love the screaming she does at the end. HOWEVER the middle of the reel is just bland and blahh..( but i felt her whole reel last year was boring and she still won)

    4) Brooklyn Rae Silzer  – She was good. Works well with Jason Thompson.  She is good at emoting and making us feel her pain..Good job.

    5)  Ashlyn Pearce – She was cool as this crazy character, but it was too soapy for me. Plus the damn flashbacks were confusing and made no sense to me. Bad editing. The fight scene was poorly directed. If you gonna hit someone with a tire iron, don’t have the other actor standing 10 feet away. AND  Jacqueline MacInnes Wood stole the reel with her acting and her um face. she’s under 30 and have had TOO much plastic surgery..Chill out before you end up looking like Hunter Tylo!

    I’m Rooting for either Reign or True to win, but any of these five ladies could win I wouldn’t be that upset. I mean I know everyone don’t want Hunter to win for a third time, and I’m not a fan of her, BUT she turned in a good reel so I won’t be shocked if she won on May 1st. 

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    Aug 19th, 2012

    I was pleasantly surprised at what a strong category this
    turned out to be.  I really could see any
    one of these young ladies winning, as I think they all submitted really strong
    tapes.  Honestly, it will really come
    down to personal preference, as they all had good acting moments and
    performances, but they were all considerably different, so it will just come
    down to what the judges are looking for.

    1. Brooklyn Rae Silzer:  I was really surprised to be ranking her
      number one after I watched all of the reels. 
      What it came down for me here was that her reel was the one that
      emotionally affected me the most.  I
      actually found myself genuinely sobbing several times throughout the episodes,
      especially in her second episode with Patrick and Sam.  I thought all of her tears and anger felt
      genuine and didn’t at all feel forced to me. 
      I think she’s a legitimate threat, which is cool to say, since we haven’t
      really had that from a young performer since Camryn Grimes. 

    2. Ashlyn Pearce:  I agree with others that this story might
      come across a little campy and over the top. 
      However, I thought her acting was so good that it cut through all that
      for me.  She perfectly portrayed a young woman
      losing her grip on reality.  I also
      really liked the addition of the flashbacks, as you got to see a progression of
      when she first came to town, to her slowly becoming more and more crazy. 

    3. True O’Brien:  I was shocked at how much I enjoyed
      this.  I never thought she was very good
      during her run on DAYS, but I thought she really delivered in these
      scenes.  She came out swinging right from
      the beginning in her scenes with Kassie just ripping into her, and completely held
      her own against a daytime vet.  And then
      at the birthday party, she completely owned that room and had a great presence
      in the scenes.  My only negative was that
      it was a little one note, as it was essentially one emotion throughout, but
      great nonetheless. 

    4. Reign Edwards:  Some really great subtle and emotional acting
      from Reign here and I really enjoyed it. 
      She really held her own with 2 Hollywood veterans and owned that scene
      when she could have easily been overshadowed by Obba.  I only ranked her lower because it was more
      subtle and less showy, which the judges don’t usually go for, but if they want
      just real, heartfelt acting and not “soapy” acting, this would probably be the
      best choice! 

    5. Hunter King:  I actually remember this being a really
      strong performance when it first aired, and while she had good moments, it just
      didn’t do anything for me personally.  It
      was a little too shouty and over the top, and didn’t really show any range or
      different dynamics.  She was yelling the whole
      time, and while I get that the scenario calls for that, there could have been
      other ways to portray it.  And for all
      the things the character was going through (her husband dying and finding out
      he was cheating on her), I just didn’t feel anything from it like I did from the

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    Jun 19th, 2011

    All five reels are solid, and I would not rule out any of them. That said, our job is to rank! So, with that in mind…

    Ashlyn Pearce did a great job as Ally, and the reel is compelling. The one minus for me is that she was overshadowed slightly by JMW’s outstanding performance.

    Reign Edwards gave a lovely, natural performance that was somewhat of a relief after watching the histrionics of the other four. If the panel favors subtlety (which is not usually the case), this could win.

    True O’Brien’s reel was amazing. She played some complex and challenging material. I found her totally convincing. Tell me again why the writers killed her off?

    As much as I love Brooklyn Rae Silzer, this reel lacked substance in comparison to the others. She is a good actress, and that is evident from the reel, but I don’t think this will win.

    Hunter King is good with emotion and crying, but this was a bit much. She is shrieking as the reel opens and continues to do so for the better part of it. The ending is strong, so I would not completely rule it out. 

    My Ranking Predictions:

    1. True O’Brien, Days of Our Lives

    2. Reign Edwards, The Bold & the Beautiful

    3. Ashlyn Pearce, The Bold & the Beautiful

    4. Hunter King, The Young & the Restless

    5. Brooklyn Rae Silzer, General Hospital 

    GoMe91, Freeman and I posted a thread for Younger Actress predictions at almost the exact same time (which is so like us). So I deleted mine. The other Younger Actress thread is for preferences, which for me is completely different than predictions.

    Opera Junky, our predictions are sympatico in this category.

    Freeman, we are sympatico except for our analysis of Brooklyn’s reel.

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    Oct 2nd, 2011

    I am sensing a deja vu in this category, i remember back in 2008, when Rachel Melvin deserved the emmy win that year for younger actress, and Jennifer landon, swooped in and did a 3peat, and i like true o’brien and i would love to see her win, however, Rachel Melvin’s reel for that year was extremely similar to True’s this year, and was actually better than True’s, and she lost to a threepeat, so i sadly think the same thing will happen again. 🙁

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    Sep 27th, 2011

    1. True O’Brien – her reel was similar to Hunter King’s but better. At first I was iffy about how her reel was edited. Like the part where she knocked the cake out of JJ’s hands. In the reel, you don’t see that part, but you see the cake on the floor. That was weird to me, but looking back, it was a bit over the top, so I can see why she edited it out. She just played the part really well and I was shocked. I hope she stops a Hunter King three-peat.

    2. Reign Edwards – I loved this reel. Even if it came off preachy, it was more heartfelt compared to all of the other reels. This is something that should stand out to some voters who are over the histronics here. I wouldn’t mind a win from her at all.

    3. Ashlyn Pearce – This reel was a bit over-the-top, but it felt a bit…different. Aly clearly had a few screws loose, but this reel shows what bullying can really do to a person. I like the different flashbacks here. When watching these scenes back when they aired, I didn’t think Pearce was that great of an actress, but looking at these clips, it’s actually played well in context, tbh.

    4. Hunter King – I actually think he reel is her best one yet. Ironically, though, this is all she ever plays. She plays whiny and screechy really well, but not that well to deserve a third Emmy. The Landon, Finnigan and Massey lovefest got to be too much, but those people could ACT and play many different facets. King is just not that great or memorable. Her storylines are legitimately forgettable. Even voters had to take a break from Jonathan Jackson for a little while. And for her to have more Younger Actress Emmys than someone like Heather Tom, Melissa Hayden, Kimberly McCullough and Sarah Brown – the girls who dominated the ’90s with their powerful acting – would be a complete joke to me. I hope the voters stop that from happening.

    5. Brooklyn Rae Silzer – I think this kid is a really good actor, but I wasn’t too wowed by her clip. Her reel wasn’t really that strong, and I don’t think she has it in her to beat Camryn Grimes record. 

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    On the whole, I really enjoyed the young ladies’ reels!  Like others have said, I can legitimately see
    any of them winning and, aside from being annoyed that Hunter King might
    somehow get three consecutive Emmys, it wouldn’t bother me.  Still, I definitely think some are better
    than others.


    1. Brooklyn Rae Silzer, GH – I was really impressed with how
    moved I was during the reel, especially in the first episode.  I remembered crying when the second episode
    aired, so I knew I’d feel emotional about that. 
    That second episode really required that emotional tantrum that Emma
    has, but the emotion in the first episode was a total bonus.  That could have been so much flatter, but BRS
    made it heartfelt.  She elevated that
    more than any of the other actresses did for their material.  And while the reel is a lot of crying and
    hysterics in the second half, there are other notes here.  There’s a contrast between the terror Emma
    feels when the stranger tries to kidnap her and the pain of losing another
    mother figure and missing her own mom, and I also love the hint of mischief
    when Emma says she faked a stomach ache to get out of her sleepover.  Overall, I’d say this reel has the most


    2. True O’Brien, DAYS – O’Brien does a great job of adding
    variety into her performance in this reel so Paige isn’t just a weepy mess, and
    she does a great job with it.  The
    writing of the reel is also really strong, giving the actress a lot of
    different places to go, and giving the confrontations a real progression so O’Brien
    isn’t just acting in a circle.  She goes
    through being angry, sad, hurt, betrayed, and disbelieving, and each emotion
    from her is a reaction to what her scene partners are doing.


    3. Hunter King, Y&R – I found the beginning of this reel
    really strong and was pulled back in by the end, but overall I wasn’t as
    impressed as I was with the first two. 
    This is actually my least favorite of the five reels, but I don’t think
    it’s least likely to win or least deserving. 
    King is good at the crying and the shouting, but the emotion doesn’t
    really go anywhere and so much of the writing is cliché.  King has successfully submitted very weepy
    reels in the past, but how many times can you win with an inferior reel doing
    the same thing?  I was moved a lot more
    by Silzer’s crying that King’s, and much more interested in watching O’Brien’s
    betrayed woman than King’s.  The most
    tears does not equal the best acting.


    4. Reign Edwards, B&B – I loved Edwards’ natural and easy
    performance here.  It’s a great reel, but
    I think it’ll get overshadowed by the volume of the other four.  I watched the reels in alphabetical order by
    last name, which worked against Edwards because instead of her reel being a
    breath of fresh air after a lot of heavy emotion, it felt more like a
    warmup.  Still, she did a great job with
    this material and played it perfectly, holding her own against Obba Babatunde’s
    more forceful performance of Julian’s vile reactions and comments.


    5. Ashlyn Pearce, B&B – I thought Pearce did a great job
    of selling Aly’s unhinged, pushed-too-far, puritanical brand of instability,
    and the flashbacks provided both context and contrast for the main action of
    the reel.  In the end, though, it all just
    feels a little too extreme, too campy, too crazy, without enough of anything
    relatable.  She seems like the least
    likely winner to me.

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    Sep 30th, 2011

    Wow, this one is tough to predict.  But it looks like Hunter King will win again — her reel is great.  I can see Brooklyn Rae Silzer or True O’Brien taking it also.  All really good reels.  Wow, the Jason Thompson–Brooklyn Raw Silzer chemistry was truly amazing, the reel gave me a lot of nostalgia.  I actually respect Reign Edwards’s choice to put in material that is not too flashy but effective.  But I don’t think it will get her a win.  And as for Ashlyn Pearce, nope, I agree with the above post that she does not seem relatable and the material is a bit over the top.  Jacqueline Maciness Wood steals it from her, she’s a great actress.  Watching these scenes again made me angry one more time at the writing for Aly.  I hate how they made Thorne and Darla’s daughter a psycho and also got rid of a core family member… and all that crap about “decency” etc. nahhhh, I did not like this story at all.


    PREDICTED WINNER: Hunter King.  Runner-Up: Brooklyn Rae Silzer
    SHOULD WIN (according to reel): True O’Brien or Brooklyn Rae Silzer
    SHOULD WIN (on entire year’s body of work): Brooklyn Rae Silzer.  Runner-Up: Reign Edwards. 

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    Jun 19th, 2011

    I compiled a group vote for the nine of us who ranked the reels. As in golf, the lowest score wins.

    1. True O’Brien (19 points)

    2. Reign Edwards (24 points)

    3. Ashlyn Pearce (29 points)

    4. Brooklyn Rae Siltzer (30 points)

    5. Hunter King (33 points)

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