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Noms/Wins for your favourite Actors?

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  • ScottieG
    Dec 25th, 2021

    What are some of our lists?

    Nicole Kidman
    1996: To Die For (Winner: Susan Sarandon “Dead Man Walking”)
    1997: The Portrait of a Lady (Winner: Frances McDormand “Fargo”)
    2000: Eyes Wide Shut (Winner: Angelina Jolie “Girl Interrupted”)
    2002: The Others
    2003: The Hours (Winner: Julianne Moore “The Hours”)
    2004: Cold Mountain (Winner: Charlize Theron “Monster”)
    2005: Birth (Winner: Annette Bening “Being Julia”)
    2008: Margot at the Wedding (Winner: Marion Cotillard “La Vie En Rose”)
    2011: Rabbit Hole (Winner: Natalie Portman “Black Swan”)
    2013: The Paperboy
    2014: Stoker (Winner: Lupita Nyong’o “12 Years a Slave”)
    2017: Lion (Winner: Michelle Williams “Manchester by the Sea”)
    2018: Killing of a Sacred Deer (Winner: Alison Janney “I, Tonya”)
    2019: Destroyer (Winner: Julia Roberts “Ben is Back”)
    2019: Boy Erased (Winner: Regina King “If Beale Street Could Talk”)
    2022: Being the Ricardos

    16 noms/3 wins

    Jack Nicholson
    1970: Easy Rider (Winner: Gig Young “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”)
    1971: Five Easy Pieces (Winner: Ryan O’Neal “Love Story”)
    1972: Carnal Knowledge (Winner: Malcolm McDowell “A Clockwork Orange”)
    1974: The Last Detail (Winner: Jack Lemmon “Save the Tiger”)
    1975: Chinatown (Winner: Al Pacino “The Godfather Part II”)
    1976: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    1981: The Shining
    1984: Terms of Endearment (Winner: Michael Caine “Educating Rita”)
    1986: Prizzi’s Honor (Winner: Kirk Douglas “Amos”)
    1988: Ironweed (Winner: Michael Douglas “Wall Street”)
    1990: Batman
    1993: A Few Good Men

    15 noms/4 wins

    Annette Bening
    1991: The Grifters (Winner: Whoopi Goldberg “Ghost”)
    1992: Bugsy (Winner: Jodie Foster “Silence of the Lambs”)
    2000: American Beauty
    2005: Being Julia
    2011: The Kids Are All Right (Winner: Natalie Portman “Black Swan”)
    2018: Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool
    2020: The Report

    7 noms/4 wins

    Edward Norton
    1997: Primal Fear (Winner: Paul Scofield “The Crucible”)
    1999: American History X
    2000: Fight Club (Winner: Kevin Spacey “American Beauty”)
    2003: 25th Hour (Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis “Gangs of New York”)
    2006: Kingdom of Heaven (Winner: Jake Gyllenhaal “Brokeback Mountain”)
    2015: Birdman
    2020: Motherless Brooklyn (Winner: Anthony Hopkins “The Father”)

    6 noms/2 wins

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