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    • Elon Musk Bought All Twitter

      [quote quote=1204933161]Elon Musk is The New and Full Owner of Twitter. Thoughs? [/quote] Trump retu


      I'm honestly not surprised. This man is a great genius and a great businessman from whom we should take an example. I, too, decided to start my own business and decided to start california llc. In a nutshell, it is a hybrid organization that combines

      Started by: RIDLEY SCOTT

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    • News & Politics Thread (Part 6)

      Judge rules Trump, children must comply with NY AG's subpoena for testimony BY HARPER NEIDIG 02/17/2


      18 children, 3 adults dead in Texas school shooting BY LEXI LONAS, CAROLINE VAKIL, AND MONIQUE BEALS 05/24/22 3:54 PM ET The death toll from a shooting at a Texas elementary school has risen to 18 children and 3 adults, according to a state senator.

      1 2 3

      Started by: Atypical

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    • What Are You Watching? Part 2
      Tyler (or Pre Malone)

      My dad is watching National Geographic right now.


      Beau Travail (1999) Oddly, I could never before get through this rather short film (approximately 90 minutes) because I now realize the movie confounds expectations, specifically I thought the story about tensions between a sergeant and a young recru

      1 2 41 42

      Started by: K-Hole

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    • Video games
      Joe Baker

      I am playing GTA V online, love it so much!


      I like to play video games mainly to relax and recharge on weekends. It could be racing or football, my favorite game is FIFA 10. Great for taking your mind off work.

      Started by: Karen Allan

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    • READERS Thread (Part 2)

      The anniversary of her execution is coming up. To Die For; A Novel of Anne Boleyn; Sandra Byrd In


      2022 PULITZER PRIZE WINNERS FICTION WINNER: The Netanyahus: An Account of a Minor and Ultimately Even Negligible Episode in the History of a Very Famous Family by Joshua Cohen FINALISTS: Monkey Boy by Francisco Goldman Palmares by Gayl Jones DRAM

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      Started by: Atypical

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    • Book Readers of 2022 Oscar Adaptations

      I read Passing and thought Rebecca Hall did a beautiful job. (think she did the adaptation)


      Yeah, I agreed with you. The Power of the Dog by Thomas Savage is also one of my favorite books and I read it last year. I recently completed my course and now I am searching for a college online. I also found http://www.talkingwithtami.com/top-fashi

      Started by: kaziz

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    • Random thoughts part 100

      All zeros and joined today. Intriguing! I know you don't i.


      [quote quote=1204874275]The American pairs team just won worlds. The Japanese team wins silver with two 3rd place finishes. Absolutely amazing for Japan. The Canadian team takes bronze with 5th and 2nd place skates. They’ve been together for less t

      Started by: babypook

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    • Profile image

      No, you are not the only one! Profile pictures are not working for some reason. It has been like tha


      The same thing happened to me, although I managed to put up a fuzzy image. Also I keep getting Benben A's image obscuring half my screen. Can't make stuff like that up. Lots of bells and whistles and birthday cakes and slot machines.

      Started by: The Way of The Wind

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    • Magazine Covers

      2016: Alicia Vikander-Vogue January 2016 (promoting The Danish Girl & Ex-Machina) Gal Gadot-G


      HoYeon Jung on the February 2022 cover of Vogue in support of Squid Game

      Started by: LA26

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