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    • Cannes Film Festival 2022
      Vicki Leekx

      I know Golda isn't happening but would be nice to see Queen Helen the first to win 3 Best Actress


      [quote quote=1204958414]Three Thousand Years of Longing First Reactions (Out of Competition) [/quote] Tossing aside all those other takes for the moment / Variety and THR critics (mysteriously excluded from the initial post here) threw a lot of co

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      Started by: alittle03

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    • Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS

      Tom Hanks is a lock already. ☠️


      Predicted Oscars for this movie: Austin Butler - Elvis (Winner) - Best Actor Olivia DeJonge - Elvis (Nominated) - Best Supporting Actress Tom Hanks - Elvis (Nominated) - Best Supporting Actor Catherine Martin - Elvis (Winner) - Best Production De

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      Started by: DaKardii

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    • Damien Chazelle’s Babylon thread
      Luke Dias

      It's Damien Chazelle, so I'll be intrigued. And it's classic Hollywood again, so the Oscars will be


      Margot staying busy. It's said to be in active development and hasn't been given a greenlight yet, but WB is eyeing a spring 2023 shoot date. It's reportedly going to be set in Europe in the 1960s: https://twitter.com/Borys_Kit/status/1527340611803

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      Started by: chocofudge

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    • Wes Anderson’s next film
      Arman Saxena

      I know, Margot and Tom Hanks in the same movie!!! Anderson really is loved by Hollywood actors.

      Vicki Leekx

      [quote quote=1204566097]Can Wes Anderson stop casting so much A-Listers ? After seeing The French Dispatch, it seems that’s the only thing he relies on now. Well, that and his hollow style. [/quote] Agreed, the formula is stale...not expecting any

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      Started by: chocofudge

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    • 2023 Original song contenders

      Darling, there's 4 slot available for songs. One is already reserved for some random Diane Warren' e


      Gaga and Diane make the most sense as nominees. Diane because she gets nominated for almost anything and Gaga seems the frontrunner, especially after Top Gun got rave reviews and could be a contenders in other categories. Jennifer Lopez/Maluma are n

      Started by: Paola_Andrade

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    • Unpopular Opinions: Part 3

      Kenneth Branagh deserved his Oscar for Belfast.


      [quote quote=1204957558] His texts about women are terrible. He’s not going to go back to Vanessa, he didn’t want to stay with her in the first place. She got too old for him, he basically said so in his texts. [/quote] Like i said, he was very

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      Started by: Manav

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