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    Jun 2nd, 2011

    I wanted to revamp this thread to discuss the CMBYN guys. They were both nominated at BFCA, then Stuhlbarg was snubbed at the Globes and they were both snubbed at SAG. Which one of them is getting in (or both, or neither) and does it have anything to do with the category placements and/or screentime?

    Neither is getting in unless the film stops flopping.

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    Jul 13th, 2017

    I would argue that Stuhlbarg is most likely getting in:
    A) He gave a great performance and truly supported the lead, as well as his own personal narrative, well enough to be mentioned in the category.
    B) He is an Oscar film vet, yet has never been recognized before.
    C) He appeared in two other coveted films this year alone. I think the Academy appreciates consistency and he’s considered to be the MVP of the season.

    Hammer certainly has a leg up on Stuhlbarg, in terms of total contribution to the film, but may struggle to beat him out in the final rounds. Although he lacks that scene that defines an actor as the exceptional performer of the film, his range of emotions is displayed well and he does portray Oliver with depth and character.

    Considering how Dafoe and Rockwell are essential locks and Jenkins most likely will be joining them, I’m not sure there is enough driving force behind the two to get them both in. I can see Harrelson going double with Rockwell for Three Billboards, but Christopher Plummer could spoil and keep both men out. I don’t see that being the case though.

    Best Guess: Stuhlbarg in, Hammer out (i.e. Harrelson/Plummer squeeze in)

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    Malcolm Dunbar
    Jan 10th, 2017

    I don’t consider Armie going Supporting as category fraud. He supports Chalamet the entire film, and he doesn’t drive a lot of the action in the film. He accentuates Elio’s story, and there are entire parts of the film where Oliver is no where to be found, to the point that it’s a storyline beat in the film. “Where is Oliver?” happens at least two or three times – as the character all but disappears, and he is seen to be as an enigma for at least the first half to two-thirds of the story. In this way I don’t think screen time matters as much as the purpose the character plays in the film’s larger narrative.

    I think the larger problem is that you have a lot of Lead Actresses who don’t do much in their film but play the “wife” and that somehow magically makes them a female lead, when in reality that is not a leading role, they really are just the love interest – which is a smaller role in the main narrative. I also think there needs to be a larger conversation with regard to different categorizations of leading, i.e. “Dramatic Lead”, “Comedic Lead”, “Romantic Lead”, etc.

    Anyway with relation to Armie – I would say he is more an Alicia Vikander than Felicity Jones, in his role.

    I would say Stuhlbarg and Hammer are both on the bubble, and are the ones who are at the greatest risk of being “knocked out” of the category all together if Harrelson, Shannon and/or Plummer pick up steam for their portrayals. Hammer and Sthulbarg are both neck and neck with critic nominations with few differences among them. Hammer has the Globe, but Stuhlbarg is in three acclaimed films this year with Call Me By Your Name, The Post and The Shape Of Water – so he might be nominated over Hammer just because he had a stellar year.

    With regard to their performances – I really don’t like what I have seen from Sthulbarg in both Call Me By Your Name and Shape Of Water – but it’s clear he hit a note with the critics with at least Call Me By Your Name’s final scene. Of the two I like Hammer a bit better, there’s a scene where he is in the hall way before Elio and Oliver sleep together that really pulls on the heart strings when you see how effected he is by the feelings he holds for him.

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