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Eddy Q
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    Nov 13th, 2015

    Oh yeah, I saw this earlier in the week and just wanted to add my thoughts. So when the trailer first came out, I was very excited. Then, as everybody began to say how great it was and how Emma Stone was like the greatest thing ever and the film went on to win all these awards, I was actually skeptical and lost a little interest. Finally, I saw it. AND I remembered why I was so excited in the first place.

    The story isn’t anything groundbreaking (neither was Whiplash if we’re being honest) and I wasn’t compelled to cry about anything really. To me, they weren’t these destined, star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet together forever and ever (well) but yeah I just felt like they both needed each other at that point in their lives and that’s it. Their dreams were incompatible and I really wanted them both to succeed rather than stay together and forfeit their aspirations.

    The acting was really good, not masterclass Academy Award worthy (not that the Oscars are even worthy of what they’re supposed to be), but very solid and perfect for the characters. On my own personal ballot, I probably wouldn’t nominate them because of the competition (and they were essentially playing versions of themselves in a way/basically their Crazy Stupid Love roles) but that’s not to say they weren’t amazing. I loved them both, really so much. As for the actual Oscars, I fully support their nominations.

    Of course, there should also be mentions for the direction, screenplay, cinematography, songs, and everything else. I’m surprised how much I really did end up loving this movie and have been thinking about it ever since. Somehow, it moved above Arrival (which I loved) on my ranking so yeah, really liked it. Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight would be fascinating Best Picture winners that I wouldn’t mind, but La La Land absolutely deserves the title probably more than any other film this year.

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    Nov 15th, 2013

    I’ve been away from the forums for a while but must report that La La Land is beautiful as everyone says it is. I’ve seen La La Land 3 times now and a 4th time Sunday in IMAX! Because he get’s alot of flack, the one thing that grows upon multiple viewings is Ryan Gosling’s performance. I find more to love from that performance each time. There are some little things Emma does too that expands upon multiple views but I catch alot more from Ryan. I think alot of people that do down play his Globe win and worthiness in the Best Actor race just haven’t been back to really see alot of the interesting things he’s doing here. Honestly I think he’s more worthy than Denzel! I do wish there were more songs like Another Day of Sun and Someone in the Crowd to really go full on musical. The epilogue though gets me everytime. The Planetarium sequence when their silhouettes dance in the stars has got to be one of my favorite shots in a movie of all time. That score too ranks among the greats!

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