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Is Sly Stallone this years Lauren Bacall?

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Baby Clyde
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    Jun 13th, 2011

    I knew Stalloe wouldnt win, I predicted him here, but was the only person to predict Rylance at my Oscar party.  Better to dazzle my friends than to be right at Goldderby. 

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    Nov 4th, 2010

    Well, that happened. Blah. I can’t say I’m surprised. The Oscars always find a way to piss me off. This loss in particular, the only freaking category I’ve been invested in for months, hit me harder than any previous disappointment. As a huge Rocky fan (favorite film franchise) I pegged Creed as my most anticipated movie of 2015. I made an early summer prediction that Sylvester Stallone was one to watch out for and even slotted him as a potential winner. People laughed at the possibility and thought I was crazy for anticipating the movie. Cool. I ignored them and waited for the early reactions and reviews. They were very promising and my excitement jumped to the highest level. Creed not only delivered and succeeded my expectations, but the fact that it received critical acclaim was everything. Oscar chatter soon followed and I couldn’t wait for the chaotic awards season to begin.

    Stallone started strong with the NBR win and continued to rack up more critical love throughout December. Missed SAG. Bummer. Globe nom check. Globe win awesome. Epic standing ovation?! Wow. I’ve replayed that video on youtube at least thirty times. Oscar nom day reared its scary head and a possible snub was in the air. A mix of Rocky theme music and that video became my playlist for those long days in between. The morning we all circle on our calender arrived and I was begging for Stallone’s name to called (along with more love for Creed but alas). It did. The single greatest awards moment I’ve witnessed since 24’s major Emmy wins in 2006. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.


    The Stallone haters came out of the woodwork and started to poke at his performance, his career, and his chances. I rolled my eyes and decided to stay mostly silent. Didn’t want to jinx it you know. My superstitious side took over. Yeah, that’s pretty stupid and well silly. Whatever. I don’t care. I focused my attention on other things. So many interests, Dylan and Riley! 😉

    Who’s going to win Supporting Actor? Christian Bale? Tom Hardy? Mark Ruffalo? Mark Rylance? Stallone became the favorite and a good majority of pundits and key posters slotted him as a lock. Yay. Awesome. I played the cautious card and stuck with that feeling until the very bitter end.

    “And the Oscar goes to . . . Mark Rylance”

    What a ****ing tease. Rip my heart out. I would’ve played that moment all night long. Oh well. You can’t always get what you want. At least Rylance was my second favorite of that unpredictable category. He gave a good speech too. Add a second acting win to Steven Spielberg’s (my favorite director) legacy as well.

    So, that’s that. No iconic moment. Let’s see what the future brings for Stallone. I’m excited for Scarpa and Creed 2. Maybe he’ll win for one of those. You never know. If not perhaps an honorary Oscar is around the corner.

    Stallone haters, have your fun . . .

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