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Miami Vice (2006)

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    Rahmat Abdul Aziz
    May 18th, 2019


    Miami vice tells the story of two policemen who have become partners for quite a long time. They both are sonny crocket and ricardo tubbs. Both of them have long been police officers and feel the profession is very suitable for them so there is no intention to immediately quit the profession. But there is one thing that makes them seem to still lack as police officers.

    That is, they never get a task or a big case given to them. They often only get a mission or small tasks only. Until then the opportunity came when the two of them who were on duty suddenly got an emergency call from the head office. It turned out that the emergency call was because they both got the same mission.

    And this time, the mission they got was not an arbitrary mission. That is, they get the task to be able to uncover a dangerous drug cartel network. The drug network itself has long been a target of the police but has always failed to disclose. even the police’s last attempt turned out to have claimed lives. That is, the police intelligence who got the order to infiltrate the network turned out to be discovered and then killed.

    That was what later made the police then appoint Sonny and Ricco to carry out the mission. Namely they will disguise and try to infiltrate the drug network. Then slowly, they both will extract valuable information from the network. But you could say the mission is a dangerous mission. Because if they get caught then it is certain their lives will float. Boldly taking risks, they both accepted the mission.

    Then they both managed to disguise and slowly infiltrated the dangerous drug network. In the disguise, they were both assigned to be delivery agents. It turns out that being able to get trust from the network is not a young thing. So like it or not they both have to do all the commands given by the network. But it turns out the disguise they both did was too deep so they both began to forget their main mission as a police officer. Miami Vice is a film released in 2006.


    Director: Michael Mann
    Writer: Michael Mann
    Stars: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Li Gong
    Running Time: 2h 14m
    Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

    This film is cool, I swear, it’s really a must watch. Many webs provide streaming drama of Miami Vice (2006), one of which is my web subscription, your Dramamu.

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