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    • 21st Century Best Director update: what next?

      This is so awesome. I’d love to read a follow up.


      Scorsese is more likely to win his overdue second Oscar in Directing (and maybe Picture) with his next film Killers of The Flower Moon (a Neo-Western) if he manages to shoot it after everything returns to normalcy. Likely to be a 2021 release. It c

      Started by: Cordelia

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    • Books That Should Be Turned Into Movies
      Daniel Montgomery

      I'm kinda surprised "City of Thieves" by David Benioff hasn't been turned into a movie. It's a very


      I would love to see the Gilead, Home and Lila series by Marilynne Robinson turned into a limited series. There’s too much content for a movie and I feel the characters and time span would be best served in a television format. Robinson won the Puli

      Started by: Awardsfan1990

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    • Oscars of the Decade

      Oscars of the Decade Best Picture- A Star Is Born Bohemian Rhapsody Call Me By Your Name Get Out Gr


      BEST PICTURE 1. Her 2. Lady Bird 3. Parasite 4. The Shape of Water 5. La La Land 6. Room 7. Nebraska 8. 1917 9. Joker 10. Manchester by the Sea BEST ACTOR 1. Bruce Dern, Nebraska 2. Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea 3. Joaquin Phoenix, Joker 4.

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      Started by: wolfali

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    • Great movie and rewatchability

      Parasite's second half wasn't as good as the first one on second watch. Still an amazing film though


      Blue Jasmine. I've probably seen it upwards of 20 times. The more times you watch it, the more you can see her delusion, how her husband is acutely aware of her delusion, her fears about aging, her love for Danny... It's a really packed performance.

      Started by: Nameizmann

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    • Best Costume Design 2010-2017
      Andrew D

      Costumes designers guild winners in those same years Contemporary film 2010 Amy Westcott Black S


      2010: I Am Love (Black Swan is my fave from non oscar nominated films) 2011: Hugo 2012: Anna Karenina 2013: 12 Years a Slave 2014: Mr. Turner (The Immigrant is my fave from non oscar nominated films) 2015: Carol 2016: Allied (The Dressmaker is my fav

      Started by: AWDubay

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    • Best Production Design (2010-16)

      2010: Inception should had won, although Alice in Wonderland wasn't a bad choice on this category 20


      2010: True Grit 2011: Hugo 2012: Lincoln 2013: American Hustle 2014: The Grand Budapest Hotel 2015: Mad Max: Fury Road 2016: Hail, Caesar! 2017: The Shape of Water 2018: The Favourite 2019: 1917

      Started by: Jeffrey Kare

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    • Zoe Saldaña & the Underpaid Black Women of Hollywood
      Julia Spencer

      To answer your question who Karen Gillan is, she played on of the favourite companions of Doctor Who


      Controversial opinion: she isn't underpaid but they are terribly overpaid. I have zero sympathy for celebrities whining about their millions. is it 15M or 20M or whatever? Who cares? Most people will never see that much in a lifetime and that's someo

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      Started by: FilmRoyalty

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    • 1981 Best Supporting Actress

      My vote would have been for Eileen Brennan. I was impressed by Diana Scarwald's performance. Diana


      [quote quote=1203446217] It is not as hip and stylized as Something Wild. It is more of a southern style comedy/drama. [/quote] Checked it out and found it quite entertaining, more than Something Wild. Demme made some strange movies overall...

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      Started by: Owl-Always-watching

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