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    • BAFTA FILM Awards 2019 Predictions

      I’m pretty sure The Favourite will sweep. I even see Olivia upsetting Glenn is she goes lead (and


      [quote quote=1202656714] I respect ur Spacek stanning, but have u seen Old Man yet? [/quote] I did. I'm not a stanning it's just I always put her into conversations because I know she did a fantastic job in that film and deserve more commend. Peopl

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      Started by:  wolfali

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    • 91st Oscars Best Original Song

      "Flower of the Universe", A Wrinkle in Time "Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)", Love, Simon "

      Os Rodrigues

      [quote quote=1202656367]Does Love Lies by Khalid and Normani from Love, Simon have a chance? It’s a major hit and also has two major new R&B stars on it. [/quote] I think it could get in, but it just seems like an I Don't Wanna Live Forever s

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      Started by:  M

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    • Best Supporting Actress 2019

      It's Olivia COLMAN not Coleman. Let's get the name of this category's next winner correct.


      [quote quote=1202655920]Who the fuck has a problem with word ‘whore’?! Isabelle Huppert was a perfect whore two years ago and should have won for her efforts (also she had the best performance). Loved that about her. This kind of whoring yourself

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      Started by:  Andrew D

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    • First Man

      Gosling is scheduled to be on Kimmel this Friday, June 8th, so we might be getting a teaser (or some


      [quote quote=1202655142]<p>First Flop is losing it’s Imax run early with…wait for it…BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, the movie that people says has no chance at anything, taking its place. LOL I love the schadenfreude. Tell me agian how Malek has no

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      Started by:  lovelylovely

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    • Greatest Female Stars of the Decades
      Luca Giliberti

      Viola Davis is and will always be my answer.


      Jessica Lange described as somewhat unknown before AHS is silly to me. She managed to do twice in the first 18 years of her film career that Close still has yet to achieve once in double that time. [quote quote=1202654603]<p>Jessica Lange has

      Started by:  ENGLAND

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    • Destroyer

      Soooo excited! I’m a huge fan of Kusama’s work, along with Hay and Manfredi (highly recommend Th


      OMG!! Im rooting for GLEN, but this is just too big to ignore. If critics are sure this performance is better than ToDieFor/TheHours/TheOthers/MoulinRouge!/ColdMountain/Dogville/RabbitHole/Lion/TheKilingoftheSacredDeer/BigLittleLies/etc,etc it means

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      Started by:  Honey

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    • Mary, Queen of Scots
      Andrew Carden

      Can't wait for Ronan to someday grab that Oscar! (I say she should've prevailed for Brooklyn.) OSCA


      I still think Ronan looks awful in both the trailers. Robbie and her line delivery look the best part of this movie.

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      Started by:  Ron Loyola

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    • What They Had (2018)
      Andrew Carden

      I have Forster in my top 10 (at #10) but let's face it, Bleeker Street isn't the greatest at playing


      The film has already earned back 62% of its investment before it's release, which is incredible. I can see Independent Spirit nods for this film, and maybe more nods for Forster and Shannon. The Rotten Tomatoes score at the moment is 88% with 17 re

      Started by:  ENGLAND

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    • The Favourite

      This looks to be the main push from Fox Searchlight since it has the latest release date. The Old Ma

      Ivo Stoyanov

      I am dying to see this, I adore Lanthimos, he is genius, one of the best five working directors in the world for me.

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      Started by:  Macca

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    • Original Score Oscars 2019
      Harmon Van deth

      I have a feeling Mary Poppins Returns will be on that shortlist.


      [quote quote=1202654023] Score Nominees from the 2018 Hollywood Music In Media Awards ORIGINAL SCORE – FEATURE FILM Alexandre Desplat – SISTERS BROTHERS Carter Burwell – THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS Hans Zimmer – WIDOWS Justin Hurwitz – F

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      Started by:  phinsjake

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    • Who is Committing Category Fraud this year?

      They put them in both categories for Goldderby awards so that you as a voter can decide, the same wa

      Zooey the Dreamer

      [quote quote=1202653212]<p>Honestly I am waiting for the moment when someone commits ultimate category fraud and submit supporting while having the role similar to Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years (which if I am not mistaken is considered the mos

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      Started by:  Movieguy

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