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    • 2011 National Board of Review thread
      allabout oscars

      Prediction for the 10 best films by the NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW..WAR HORSETHE ARTISTMONEYBALLTHE HE


      [quote="PaulHJR"][quote="babypook"]Paul has been championing the inclusion of films like Bridesmaids, Super8, and other entertaining, block-bustersfor as long as he's been posting. I'm sure you know what he is referring to.And he has a point. Ratings

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      Started by: PaulHJR

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    • 2011 Oscar Nomination Discussion (November)
      allabout oscars

      This might be a worthy year  for 10 films..now that the rules have supposedly changed..LOLWAR H


      I was thinking, and it might actually be possible for 10 of the biggest categories to all got to different films.Best Picture: War HorseBest Directing: The ArtistBest Actor: The Descendents/J. EdgarBest Actress: The Iron Lady/My Week with Marilyn/Alb

      Started by: Irishmovielover4ever

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      I liked the little stint he had two or three years ago, but last year was rather uncomfortable (pann

      Spenser Davis

      Look, as offensive as some people found his hosting job to be last year, I think the Foreign Press was loving every minute of it. Every moment of "bad press" that Gervais received was good for them. If anything, they've brought him back so that peopl

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      Started by: babypook

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    • SUPER 8 – Discussion Thread

      I really enjoyed Super 8. It's been a week since I've seen it, and it's staying with me.

      Carbon Based Lifeform

      [quote="Tye-Grr"]^That would be lens flair, the only thing that bothered me about the cinematography. [/quote]"I wanted a visual system that felt unique. I know there are certain shots where even I watch and think, 'Oh that's ridiculous, that was

      Started by: Daniel Montgomery

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    • J. EDGAR Thread
      Ethel Charles

      Dearhearts, I'll be having a private, intimate dinner with Lance this evening, the oscar winning scr


      [quote="fes"]Why cant I copy and past on this board?? [/quote]This happens with me quite often. So, I try c/p in circuitous ways. If you continue having problems, please write to Stapletonic about it. He's a magician.

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      Started by:

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    • THE RUM DIARY – News/reviews

      HRep is a bit better on Depp and and the film overallThe Rum Diary: Film Review 12:01 AM PDT 10/14/2

      Daniel Montgomery

      My Review... It propels heedlessly forward, with no clear direction or guiding purpose, and then all of a sudden it hits the brake. “Where is this going?” we wonder. Nowhere, is the answer – exactly where it started. MY COMPLET

      Started by: Scottferguson

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