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The Grandmaster leads Asia-Pacific award nominations

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    Nov 4th, 2010

    Grandmaster leads Asia-Pacific award nominations

    By Stephen Cremin

    Fri, 29 November 2013, 18:00 PM (HKT)

    Awards News

    WONG Kar-wai 王家衛‘s The Grandmaster 一代宗師 leads the nominations for the 56th Asia-Pacific Film Festival awards with recognition in nine categories including Best Picture. It is among twenty-five films nominated for the event’s twelve awards.

    For Best Picture, it competes with Anthony CHEN 陳哲藝‘s Ilo Ilo 爸媽不在家, KORE-EDA Hirokazu 是枝裕和‘s Like Father, Like Son そして父になる, Ritesh BATRA‘s The Lunchbox, TSAI Ming-liang 蔡明亮‘s Stray Dogs 郊遊 and Georgia’s In Bloom.

    The second-most nominated film is Snowpiercer 설국열차, with seven nominations, including Best Director for BONG Joon-ho 봉준호 | 奉俊昊. The third most nominated film is The Lunchbox, with six nominations, including Best Actress for Nimrat KAUR.

    Hong Kong-based directors have thirteen nominations, ahead of Japan- and South Korea-based directors with eleven and ten respectively. Directors from China only have three nominations, for Vicki ZHAO 趙薇‘s So Young 致我們終將逝去的青春.

    Although no film from the Philippines is included, Angeli BAYANI is nominated as Best Actress for her role in Ilo Ilo. The Singapore film has four nominations, recognising its screenplay and supporting actress YEO Yann Yann 楊雁雁.

    Thailand’s highest grossing film, Pee Mak พี่มาก..พระโขนง, is nominated for its art direction. From Indonesia, Mouly SURYA‘s What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love is nominated for Best Music.

    The awards’ final jury is headed by Hong Kong producer Nansun SHI 施南生. Its members include China’s ZHANG Zhao 張昭, Malaysia’s Afdlin SHAUKI, Taiwan’s Sylvia CHANG 張艾嘉 and South Korea’s HUR Jin-ho 허진호 | 許秦豪.

    Best Short Film and Outstanding Achievement awards will also be presented at the ceremony in Macau on 15 Dec 2013.


    Best Picture

    • The Grandmaster
    • Ilo Ilo
    • In Bloom
    • Like Father Like Son
    • The Lunchbox
    • Stray Dogs

    Best Director

    • Ritesh Batra; The Lunchbox
    • Bong Joon-ho; Snowpiercer
    • Kore-eda Hirokazu; Like Father Like Son
    • Jafar Panahi, Kamboziya Partovi; Closed Curtain
    • Tsai Ming-liang; Stray Dogs
    • Wong Kar-wai; The Grandmaster

    Best Actor

    • Irrfan KHAN; The Lunchbox
    • Nick CHEUNG 張家輝; Unbeatable 激戰
    • Tony LEUNG Chiu-wai 梁朝偉; The Grandmaster
    • SEO Yeong-ju 서영주 | 徐榮柱; Juvenile Offender 범죄소년
    • LEE Kang-sheng 李康生; Stray Dogs
    • FUKUYAMA Masaharu 福山雅治; Like Father Like Son

    Best Actress

    • Lika Babluani; In Bloom
    • Angeli Bayani; Ilo Ilo
    • LEE Jeong-hyeon 이정현 | 李貞賢; Juvenile Offender
    • Nimrat Kaur; The Lunchbox
    • YANG Zishan 楊子姍; So Young
    • ZHANG Ziyi 章子怡; The Grandmaster

    Best Supporting Actor

    • Lily FRANKY リリー・フランキー; Like Father Like Son
    • Nawazuddin SIDDIQUI; The Lunchbox
    • ODAGIRI Joe オダギリジョー; The Great Passage 舟を編む
    • SONG Gang-ho 송강호 | 宋康昊; Snowpiercer
    • TONG Dawei 佟大為; American Dreams in China 中國合伙人

    Best Supporting Actress

    • Maggie JIANG 江疏影; So Young
    • Crystal LEE 李馨巧; Unbeatable
    • LIN Mei-hsiu 林美秀; To My Dear Granny 親愛的奶奶
    • Tilda SWINTON; Snowpiercer
    • Yeo Yann Yann; Ilo Ilo

    Best Screenplay

    • Ritesh Batra; The Lunchbox
    • Yuri Bykov; The Major
    • Anthony Chen; Ilo Ilo
    • LI Qiang 李檣; So Young
    • Jafar Panahi; Closed Curtain

    Best Cinematography

    • Alex HONG 홍경표; Snowpiercer
    • KASAMATSU Norimichi 笠松則通; Unforgiven 許されざる者
    • Philippe LE SOURD; The Grandmaster
    • LIAO Pen-jung 廖本榕, SUNG Wen-chung 宋文忠; Stray Dogs
    • Rajeev RAVI; Monsoon Shootout

    Best Editing

    • William CHANG 張叔平, Benjamin Courtines, POON Hung-yiu 潘雄耀; The Grandmaster
    • Steve M. CHOE 최민영, KIM Chang-ju 김창주; Snowpiercer
    • Kore-eda Hirokazu; Like Father Like Son
    • Simon Price, Sally Blenheim, Luca Cappelli; Ruin
    • SHIN Min-gyeong 신민경; Cold Eyes

    Best Sound

    • Phyllis CHENG 鄭穎園; Unbeatable
    • CHOI Tae-yeong 최태영; Snowpiercer
    • Robert MACKENZIE, Traithep WONGPAIBOON; The Grandmaster
    • SONO Sion 園子温, INAI Keiji 井内啓二; Why Don’t You Play in Hell? 地獄でなぜ悪い
    • TU Duu-chih 杜篤之, KUO Li-chi 郭禮杞; Stray Dogs

    Best Music

    • Jay CHOU 周杰倫, Jason HUANG 黃雨勳; The Rooftop 天台
    • IWASHIRO Taro 岩代太郎; Ask This of Rikyu 利休にたずねよ
    • Zeke KHASELI, Yudhi ARFANI; What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love
    • Shane McLean; Mt. Zion
    • UMEBAYASHI Shigeru 梅林茂, Nathaniel MÉCHALY; The Grandmaster

    Best Art Director

    • William Chang, Alfred YAU 邱偉明; The Grandmaster
    • HARADA Mitsuo 原田満生, SUGIMOTO Ryo 杉本亮; Unforgiven
    • INAGAKI Hisao 稲垣尚夫; Why Don’t You Play in Hell?
    • Arkadech KEAWKOTR; Pee Mak
    • Ondrej NEKVASIL; Snowpiercer
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