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The Worst Acting Oscar Nominee of Each Year

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Eddy Q
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    Feb 16th, 2015

    Going up to 1990 for now. I’m going to skip 2019 because I haven’t seen enough.

    Worst Acting nominees by year:

    Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody
    Lady Gaga, A Star is Born (Aparicio had one scene I truly liked that put her above Gaga)
    Sam Rockwell, Vice (I actually quite liked it)
    Amy Adams, Vice (again, I actually quite liked it)

    Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour
    Margot Robbie, I, Tonya (I detest this movie so much)
    Woody Harrelson, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    Mary J. Blige, Mudbound (I so wanted to write Janney)

    Ryan Gosling, La La Land
    Emma Stone, La La Land
    Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea (I like him and this perf.)
    Naomie Harris, Moonlight (I so wanted to like this perf. after seeing the trailer).

    Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant
    Jennifer Lawrence, Joy (what was she doing there w/ this group?)
    Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight (like him but found his monologue blah)
    Rachel McAdams, Spotlight

    Bradley Cooper, American Sniper (so wanted to write Carrell)
    Marion Cotillard, Two Days, One Night (so overrated with critics – she was so much better in other performances)
    Robert Duvall, The Judge (LAWDY)
    Meryl Streep, Into the Woods (Paled in comparison to Bernadette Peters on Broadway).

    Leonardo DiCaprio, Wolf of Wall Street (All I see with him is a smirk and narrow eyes)
    Meryl Streep, August: Osage County (HORRIFIC PERF./Deanna Dunagan blew Streep out of the water with this on Broadway)
    Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club (borderline offensive perf.)
    Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle (miscast)

    Hugh Jackman, Les Miserable (His “Bring Him Home” was atrocious)
    Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook (MISCAST, lost, just brought the body for the David O. Russell to ogle with the camera)
    Alan Arkin, Argo (blah)
    Amy Adams, The Master (super overrated by the critics and I disliked Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables).

    Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (actually liked all five)
    Michelle Williams, My Week with Marilyn (love her, only ok here)
    Max von Syndow, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (just nominated for his brilliant career)
    Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids (love this perf. actually but not my fave among this group or even among her cast)

    Colin Firth, The King’s Speech (Prefer Jared Harris in The Crown)
    Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone (LOVE this perf but strong cat.)
    Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech
    Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech (She did NOTHING)

    Morgan Freeman, Invictus
    Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side (JOKE WIN)
    Matt Damon, Invictus
    Maggie Gyllenhaal, Crazy Heart (much preferred her other roles)

    Brad Pitt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    Kate Winslet, The Reader (worst perf. from her)
    Robert Downey Jr., Tropic Thunder
    Taraji P. Henson, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Johhny Depp, Sweeney Todd (HORRIFIC ADAPTATION all around)
    Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth: The Golden Age (Anne-Marie Duff did a better Elizabeth I that year)
    Tom Wilkinson, Michael Clayton
    None (All performances equally good as the other, none amazing)

    Peter O’Toole, Venus
    Meryl Streep, The Devil Wear’s Prada (overrated, Glenn Close did it better in 101 Dalmations)
    Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine (He did nothing)
    Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine

    Terrence Howard, Hustle & Flow
    Keira Knightley, Pride & Prejudice
    Matt Dillon, Crash
    Rachel Weisz, The Constant Gardener (love her, hate her in this)

    Johnny Depp, Finding Neverland (he was sleeping)
    Catalina Sandino Moreno, Maria Full of Grace (she was just there)
    Jamie Foxx, Collateral
    Natalie Portman, Closer (disliked Blanchett as Hepburn but not the worst)

    Sean Penn, Mystic River (hate Johnny Depp’s overrated Jack Sparrow nearly as much and Jude Law was just there in Cold Mountain, but Penn was that bad).
    Keisha Castle-Hughes, Whale Rider (Liked her a lot here but not same level as the others)
    Tim Robbins, Mystic River
    Renee Zellweger, Cold Mountain (this perf. STUNK)

    Daniel Day-Lewis, Gangs of New York (overacting 101)
    Nicole Kidman, The Hours (weakest perf. of the three; hate this movie)
    Ed Harris, The Hours
    Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chicago (I didn’t stutter)

    Sean Penn, I Am Sam (embarrassing to watch)
    Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge (hate this movie and hate her in it)
    Ian McKellen – LOTR: FOTR (He was ok)
    Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind (still don’t know what she did in this movie)

    Russell Crowe, Gladiator (three nominations in a row, won for his worst by far)
    Julia Roberts, Eric Brockovich
    Joaquin Phoenix, Gladiator (should’ve been nominated for Quills)
    Judi Dench, Chocolat

    Kevin Spacey, American Beauty
    Julianne Moore, The End of the Affair (breaks my heart but it was like a parody of a Julianne Moore performance and so stilted)
    Haley Joel Osment, The Sixth Sense
    Toni Collette, The Sixth Sense

    Roberto Benigni, Life is Beautiful
    Meryl Streep, One True Thing
    Geoffrey Rush, Shakespeare in Love
    Brenda Blethyn, Little Voice (her character in Secret and Lies but not nearly as good)

    Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting
    Helena Bonham Carter, The Wings of the Dove
    Robin Williams, Good Will Hunting
    Gloria Stuart, Titanic

    Geoffrey Rush, Shine
    Diane Keaton, Marvin’s Room
    None (all good – nobody much worse than the other)
    Lauren Bacall, The Mirror Has Two Faces (fact that she was the fave was laughable among these nominees).

    Richard Dreyfuss, Mr. Holland’s Opus
    Sharon Stone, Casino (AMAZING set of nominees though but she was a few steps behind even though she was so raw)
    Ed Harris, Apollo 13
    Kathleen Quinlan, Apollo 13

    Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump
    Susan Sarandon, The Client
    I can’t pick one, I don’t think any of them were worse than the other.
    Jennifer Tilly, Bullets over Broadway (can’t tell if she’s a genius or truly bad here)

    Liam Neeson, Schindler’s List
    Emma Thompson, The Remains of the Day (she’s good but others better)
    John Malkovich, In the Line of Fire (he’s great here but not as good as others)
    Holly Hunter, The Firm (Roger Ebert told her to her face on the red carpet that he and Siskel voted her performance here as the year’s worst nominee, and she just responded with “What a nice thing to say! before walking away from him).

    Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman
    Michelle Pfeiffer, Love Field
    Al Pacino, Glengarry Glen Ross
    Joan Plowright, Enchanted April

    Robert De Niro, Cape Fear
    Bette Midler, For the Boys
    Jack Palance, City Slickers
    Diane Ladd, Rambling Rose

    Kevin Costner, Dances with Wolves
    Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman (winning but far from the others)
    Andy Garcia, The Godfather Part III
    Diane Ladd, Wild at Heart (I swear I do like her usually)

    It’s amazing how many Best Actor winners I have listed as the Worst. I think I just don’t see eye-to-eye with the Academy when it comes to male performances.

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    Nov 27th, 2011

    Adam Driver, Marriage Story (have not seen Pain and Glory or The Two Popes)
    Cynthia Erivo, Harriet (have not seen Judy)
    Tom Hanks, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (have not seen The Two Popes)
    Laura Dern, Marriage Story

    Christian Bale, Vice (have not seen At Eternity’s Gate)
    Yalitza Aparicio, Roma
    Adam Driver, BlacKkKlansman
    Amy Adams, Vice

    Daniel Day-Lewis, Phantom Thread (I did not get this movie–need to watch it again; have not seen Roman J. Israel, Esq.)
    Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird (have not seen I, Tonya)
    Woody Harrelson, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (have not seen The Florida Project)
    Lesley Manville, Phantom Thread (see above; have not seen I, Tonya or Mudbound)

    Ryan Gosling, La La Land (have not seen Hacksaw Ridge or Captain Fantastic)
    Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins (have not seen Elle, Jackie, or Loving)
    Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea (have not seen Lion, Hell or High Water, or Nocturnal Animals)
    Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures (have not seen Lion)

    Matt Damon, The Martian (have not seen Trumbo)
    Jennifer Lawrence, Joy (have not seen 45 Years)
    Christian Bale, The Big Short
    Rachel McAdams, Spotlight

    Bradley Cooper, American Sniper
    Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl (have not seen Two Days, One Night)
    Mark Ruffalo, Foxcatcher (have not seen The Judge)
    Laura Dern, Wild

    Christian Bale, American Hustle
    Amy Adams, American Hustle
    Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
    June Squibb, Nebraska (Jennifer Lawrence was the lone bright spot in American Hustle for me, acting wise; this was a VERY strong category)

    Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook
    Quvenzhane Wallis, Beasts of the Southern Wild (I loved her performance–another VERY strong category; have not seen The Impossible)
    Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained (Arkin was weak, but DiCaprio should have been nominated over Waltz)
    Jacki Weaver, Silver Linings Playbook (have not seen The Sessions)

    Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (I genuinely cannot remember if I’ve seen A Better Life, but Oldman just wasn’t great)
    Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs (have not seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
    Nick Nolte, Warrior
    Jessica Chastain, The Help

    Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network (have not seen 127 Hours or Biutiful)
    Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone (have not seen Rabbit Hole)
    John Hawkes, Winter’s Bone
    Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech (have not seen Animal Kingdom)

    Stopping there. Some of these were very tough decisions!

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    Leo Grant Logan
    Nov 7th, 2010

    Richard Harris – The Field
    Joanne Woodward – Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
    Al Pacino – Dick Tracy
    Mary McDonnell – Dances with Wolves

    Robert De Niro – Cape Fear
    Bette Midler – For the Boys
    Jack Palance – City Slickers
    Jessica Tandy – Fried Green Tomatoes

    Al Pacino – Scent of a Woman
    Michelle Pfeiffer – Love Field
    David Paymer – Mr. Saturday Night
    Joan Plowright – Enchanted April

    Laurence Fishburne – What’s Love Got to Do With It
    Emma Thompson – The Remains of the Day
    John Malkovich – In the Line of Fire
    Holly Hunter – The Firm

    Nigel Hawthorne – The Madness of King George
    Miranda Richardson – Tom and Viv
    Paul Scofield – Quiz Show
    Rosemary Harris – Tom and Viv

    Richard Dreyfuss – Mr. Holland’s Opus
    Meryl Streep – The Bridges of Madison County
    James Cromwell – Babe
    Kathleen Quinlan – Apollo 13

    Geoffrey Rush – Shine
    Diane Keaton – Marvin’s Room
    James Woods – Ghosts of Mississippi
    Lauren Bacall – The English Patient

    Jack Nicholson – As Good As It Gets
    Julie Christie – Afterglow
    Anthony Hopkins – Amistad
    Kim Basinger – L.A. Confidential

    Roberto Benigni – Life Is Beautiful
    Gwyneth Paltrow – Shakespeare in Love
    Robert Duvall – A Civil Action
    Judi Dench – Shakespeare in Love

    Sean Penn – Sweet and Lowdown
    Meryl Streep – Music of the Heart
    Michael Caine – The Cider House Rules
    Samantha Morton – Sweet and Lowdown

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    Jul 15th, 2018

    2010: James Franco, for not really being able to suggest the pain with his performance.

    2011: Max Von Sydow, for being one of the most grating things about the worst Best Picture nominee of the decade. I hate the Albert Nobbs performances too, but Sydow gets it.

    2012: Hugh Jackman, for me not being able to take him seriously in Les Mis. It’s more the director’s fault though, this is a seriously strong year for performance nominees.

    2013: Jared Leto, for stealing trans roles and being a completely talentless hack of an actor. I think Jared Leto is the worst performance to win an acting Oscar this decade.

    2014: Eddie Redmayne, for relying on mannerisms and physical acting to carry the emotions he is incapable of portraying.

    2015: Eddie Redmayne, for cementing himself as the worst Oscar-nominated actor of the modern era with a performance even Jared Leto would call manipulative and tacky in its trans depiction, deeply exploitative bullshit.

    2016: Meryl Streep for not being charming nor repulsive in a fluff role with little depth. 2016 is like 2012 in that I don’t think there’s any bad performances here though.

    2017: Woody Harrelson for barely stepping outside of his comfort zone for Three Billboards. I have given Sam Rockwell a lot of shit, but I think Woody Harrelson is the worse performance just because he does exactly what I think of when I think of Woody Harrelson in this role. Watching the performance is watching the ink dry on the contract to star in it.

    2018: Sam Rockwell for barely doing anything and having a shallow SNL performance as Bush. Otherwise, a really great year for nominations.

    2019: Jonathon Pryce, for nothing about this performance registered with me as anything noteworthy or great.

    For Your Consideration:

    Best Picture: Wolfwalkers

    Best Animated Feature: Wolfwalkers

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    Eddy Q
    Oct 13th, 2012

    I have to say I’m surprised by the number of Jonathan Pryce mentions. I thought he was rather good, though he’s been even better in past performances like Brazil and Carrington.

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    Oct 20th, 2013


      Actor – James Franco, 127 Hours
      Actress – Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone
      Supp Actor – Jeremy Renner, The Town
      Supp Actress – Melissa Leo, The Fighter
      Director – Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech
      Picture – Winter’s Bone


      Actor – Jean Dujardin, The Artist
      Actress – Michelle Williams, My Week with Marilyn
      Supp Actor – Kenneth Branagh, My Week with Marilyn
      Supp Actress – Janet McTeer, Albert Nobbs
      Director – Martin Scorsese, Hugo
      Picture – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


      Actor – Denzel Washington, Flight
      Actress – Naomi Watts, The Impossible
      Supp Actor – Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained
      Supp Actress – Sally Field, Lincoln
      Director – David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook
      Picture – Lincoln


      Actor – Christian Bale, American Hustle
      Actress – Meryl Streep, August: Osage County
      Supp Actor – Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
      Supp Actress – Julia Roberts, August: Osage County
      Director – David O. Russell, American Hustle
      Picture – American Hustle


      Actor – Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game
      Actress – Julianne Moore, Still Alice
      Supp Actor – Robert Duvall, The Judge
      Supp Actress – Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game
      Director – Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game
      Picture – The Imitation Game


      Actor – Bryan Cranston, Trumbo
      Actress – Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn
      Supp Actor – Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight
      Supp Actress – Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight
      Director – N/A (all strong candidates)
      Picture – Brooklyn


      Actor – Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge
      Actress – Isabelle Huppert, Elle
      Supp Actor – Dev Patel, Lion
      Supp Actress – Naomie Harris, Moonlight
      Director – Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge
      Picture – Hacksaw Ridge


      Actor – Denzel Washington, Roman J. Israel, Esq.
      Actress – Meryl Streep, The Post
      Supp Actor – Christopher Plummer, All the Money in the World
      Supp Actress – Mary J. Blige, Mudbound
      Director – Jordan Peele, Get Out
      Picture – The Post


      Actor – Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody
      Actress – Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born
      Supp Actor – Sam Elliott, A Star Is Born
      Supp Actress – Amy Adams, Vice
      Director – Adam McKay, Vice
      Picture – Bohemian Rhapsody


      Actor – Joaquin Phoenix, Joker
      Actress – Cynthia Erivo, Harriet
      Supp Actor – Anthony Hopkins, The Two Popes
      Supp Actress – Florence Pugh, Little Women
      Director – Todd Phillips, Joker
      Picture – Little Women
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    Nico Agudelo
    Dec 25th, 2013

    2020 : Tom Hanks – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
    2019 : Mahershala Ali – Green Book
    2018 : Christopher Plummer – All The Money In The World
    2017 : Denzel Washington – Fences
    2016 : Sylvester Stallone – Creed
    2015 : Robert Duvall – The Judge
    2014 : Meryl Streep – August: Osage County
    2013 : Denzel Washington – Flight
    2012 : Nick Nolte – Warrior
    2011 : Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right

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    Oct 22nd, 2016

    2019: Scarlett Johansson, Marriage Story
    2018: Sam Rockwell, Vice
    2017: Mary J. Blige, Mudbound
    2016: Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures
    2015: Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight
    2014: Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game

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    May 11th, 2018

    Hehehehe I love these “worst” threads…Hard to stop myself from putting more; there’s heavy competition for the bottom!

    Jesse Eisenberg
    Annette Bening
    Mark Ruffalo
    Melissa Leo

    Demián Bichir
    Glenn Close
    Kenneth Branagh
    Janet McTeer

    Hugh Jackman
    Quvenzhané Wallis
    Alan Arkin
    Jackie Weaver

    Matthew McConaughey
    Sandra Bullock
    Jared Leto
    Julia Roberts

    Bradley Cooper
    Felicity Jones
    Mark Ruffalo
    Emma Stone

    Bryan Cranston
    Brie Larson
    Mark Ruffalo
    Rachel McAdams

    Ryan Gosling
    Meryl Streep
    Dev Patel
    Nicole Kidman

    Gary Oldman
    Meryl Streep
    Sam Rockwell
    Mary J. Blige

    Rami Malek
    Lady Gaga
    Sam Rockwell
    Amy Adams

    Adam Driver
    Scarlett Johansson
    Tom Hanks
    Scarlett Johansson

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    Ruby Sparks
    Sep 26th, 2017

    OOOOO I’m not going to frame this as worst, but rather least favorite:

    2019: Laura Dern (Marriage Story)
    2018: Sam Rockwell (Vice)
    2017: Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour)
    2016: Michelle Williams (Manchester By The Sea)
    2015: Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight)
    2014: Steve Carell (Foxcatcher)
    2013: Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)
    2012: Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild)
    2011: Gary Oldman (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)
    2010: Melissa Leo (The Fighter)


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    Leo Grant Logan
    Nov 7th, 2010

    Jack Lemmon – Tribute
    Ellen Burstyn – Resurrection
    Jason Robards – Melvin and Howard
    Eva Le Gallienne – Resurrection

    Paul Newman – Absence of Malice
    Meryl Streep – The French Lieutenant’s Woman
    Ian Holm – Chariots of Fire
    Melinda Dillon – Absence of Malice

    Peter O’Toole – My Favorite Year
    Debra Winger – An Officer and a Gentleman
    Charles Durning – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
    Jessica Lange – Tootsie

    Tom Conti – Reuben, Reuben
    Jane Alexander – Testament
    Charles Durning – To Be or Not to Be
    Amy Irving – Yentl

    Albert Finney – Under the Volcano
    Vanessa Redgrave – The Bostonians
    Ralph Richardson – Greystoke
    Glenn Close – The Natural

    Jon Voight – Runaway Train
    Anne Bancroft – Agnes of God
    Robert Loggia – Jagged Edge
    Amy Madigan – Twice in a Lifetime

    Dexter Gordon – Round Midnight
    Jane Fonda – The Morning After
    Denholm Elliott – A Room with a View
    Tess Harper – Crimes of the Heart

    Jack Nicholson – Ironweed
    Meryl Streep – Ironweed
    Denzel Washington – Cry Freedom
    Ann Sothern – The Whales of August

    Max Von Sydow – Pelle the Conqueror
    Meryl Streep – A Cry in the Dark
    Alec Guinness – Little Dorrit
    Geena Davis – The Accidental Tourist

    Morgan Freeman – Driving Miss Daisy
    Pauline Collins – Shirley Valentine
    Marlon Brando – A Dry White Season
    Julia Roberts – Steel Magnolias

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    Sep 27th, 2011

    2019: Jonathan Pryce, The Two Popes (boring)
    2018: Yalitza Aparicio, Roma (just there. Novelty pick)
    2017: Mary J Blige, Mudbound (not good)
    2016: Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures (name check)
    2015: Rachel McAdams, Spotlight (just there)
    2014: Robert Duvall, The Judge
    2013: Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips (novelty pick)
    2012: Alan Arkin, Argo (name check)
    2011: Jonah Hill, Moneyball
    2010: Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech (just there)

    2009: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Crazy Heart (coattail)
    2008: Josh Brolin, Milk
    2007: Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd (not good)
    2006: Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine
    2005: Catherine Keener, Capote (just there)
    2004: Johnny Depp, Finding Neverland (boring)
    2003: Renee Zellweger, Cold Mountain (hammy)
    2002: John C Reilly, Chicago (career character actor nod)
    2001: Jon Voight, Ali (name check)
    2000: Jeff Bridges, The Contender

    1999: Michael Caine, The Cider House Rules (miscast. Bad accent)
    1998: Robert Duvall, A Civil Action ( goodwill from previous year)
    1997: Minnie Driver, Good Will Hunting (coattail)
    1996: Lauren Bacall, The Mirror has Two Faces (careen nod)
    1995: Kathleen Quinlan, Apollo 13 (coattail)
    1994: Paul Scofield, Quiz Show (better contenders)
    1993: Holly Hunter, The Firm (fun, but slight)
    1992: Catherine Deneuve, Indochine (career nod)
    1991: Diane Ladd, Rambling Rose
    1990: Kevin Costner, Dances with Wolves (boring)

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    Feb 7th, 2019

    2010 – Colin Firth (The King’s Speech)

    2011 – Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)

    2012 – Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook) (The definition of a coat-tails nomination)

    2013 – Nah, everyone who got nominated was really good – but, if pushed, I’d say Jonah Hill – even if he is in the film I thought deserved Best Picture.

    2014 – Robert Duvall (The Judge)

    2015 – Matt Damon (The Martian)

    2016 – Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic) (Didn’t like the film, not necessarily his fault – other than that, I think neither Lucas Hedges or Dev Patel were particularly great)

    2017 – Meryl Streep (The Post) (All I remember from this film is her overacting)

    2018 – Sam Rockwell (Vice) (He’s not even bad in the film… But it’s not a performance that deserves an Oscar nomination by any stretch of the imagination)

    2019 – No one is really bad here… but Bombshell is kind of terribly written, so probably Margot Robbie, as the way she is characterized towards the end is really weak, in my opinion.

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    Oct 24th, 2018

    2010: Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right

    2011: Gary Oldman – Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy

    2012: Denzel Washington – Flight

    2013: Meryl Streep – August: Osage County

    2014: Keira Knightley – The Imitation Game

    2015: Mark Ruffalo – Spotlight

    2016: Octavia Spencer – Hidden Figures

    2017: Denzel Washington – Roman J. Israel, Esq. AND Meryl Streep – The Post

    2018: Sam Rockwell – Vice

    2019: Scarlett Johansson – Jojo Rabbit

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