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Who got best Golden Globes dress?

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  • samanthawright
    Jan 17th, 2014

    The Golden Globes are a big deal, and whether or not you win may not even matter if your dress is hideous. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that your fashion choice can make all the difference. There were quite a few stars sitting at the awards show showing off the latest and greatest fashions by designers, but which designer really did the best job? And which dress won for the night?

    Easy for the men

    The men don’t really have a lot of competition in this area. The Golden Globes outfits for men are pretty much all the same, though custom-made tuxedos do make them look a little nicer than your average man. The competition here was really about which of the men was better looking in general since they were pretty much all wearing the same thing. However, some of those men are so good looking that they could have worn Jumpin Jammerz footy pajamas to the awards show and still gotten praises. I guess those footy pajamas are all the rage now anyway.

    Women not so much

    The women are where it gets more complicated since they are all in different colors, different styles, and different trends. Some of the women wore bright colors, some covered up, others showed off more skin or chose to go more neutral with their colors. The one thing we do know, however, is that Gucci won as the Golden Globes dress designer this year. There were nine celebrities wearing Gucci, meaning it is obviously the fashion design of choice for celebrities. And on top of that, Olivia Wilde looked amazing in her shimmery green dress despite the fact that she is carrying a baby bump on the front. The next designer in the list, Dolce & Gabbana dressed seven celebrities at this year’s awards show, and Tom Ford also managed to get his hands on seven outfits for celebrities.

    And then there was everyone else

    Of course, not everyone could get a Gucci for their Golden Globes dress. There were some people who had to settle with the Calvin Klein collection or Carolina Herrara, which aren’t terrible designers either. Both of them managed to squeeze four dresses onto the red carpet. There were plenty of other designers just trying to get their name out there and hoping to get more recognition with the awards show, but none so successful as the ones already mentioned. The good news is, there weren’t a lot of poorly dressed girls this year. Lena Dunham’s dress was not fitted well, giving the designer of her gown a lot of bad credit instead of helping at all. Hopefully it was a one time thing.


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