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  • isacgraca
    Nov 5th, 2019

    Hi! So I decided to create bimonthly playlists with the 2024 Grammy contenders, and just finished one with some October/November tracks (I’ll keep a few why’s of each choice listed below, and possible categories where they fit in).

    Because it’s October/November it does not include things like the Metro Boomin album, Little Simz or SZA’s (but it features Shirt which was released in this period)

    Hope you can listen to it (its a 4 hour playlist), and I really want to know what other people are enjoying right now (the ones you already know, and some you might discover here)


    Here it goes, I’m doing this alphabetically

    Ab-Soul Gang’Nem is the first track I’ve heard from his new album, has a fire sample that brings it forward, but the delivery is quite traditional with some hard vibes, right on the Grammy awarded vibes. I also don’t think he has ever been nominated, so this would be a great chance to see him in BNA and at the Hip-Hop categories

    Adanna Duru is kind of wishful thinking, but she is a great vocalist i’ve discovered recently, Pop is a rnb afrobeats track, she is also very funny on social media, kinda on the Doja Cat public-meme side of things, but with right momentum I can see her in BNA and popping up in RNB

    AJR is not at all a band that I enjoy, but The DJ is Crying For Help is the first track of them that I can bare, so it wouldn’t be total bonkers, due to the lack of competition as of now, that it appears in Pop Duo/Group

    Alvvays is number 6 on the Albumoftheyear 2022 aggregate, right behind Big Thief, its an female lead alt band that might pop off in the likes of Wet Leg in BNA and the Alternative field, also Rock depending on the subsequent veterans releases, and depending on momentum, I would totally rule them out in AOTY

    Ana Moura is the only portuguese artist I’m putting so far, Portugal doesn’t have that much of a great record at the Grammy’s, but her new album is fusing Fado (the most traditional type of singing in Portugal) with some afro styles, and the result is stunning, so it would only be fair to see it happening in the Global field

    Arctic Monkeys album is divisive, i personally love it, it is a total lock in Alternative, after this year’s single nomination, and wouldn’t be ugly as an AOTY contender

    Ava Max‘s Weapons is very well constructed track, nice lyricism, she is too late for BNA, but depending on the reception of the album, she could happen in Pop and SOTY for this inspirational “be a good person” anthem

    Baby Keem‘s first album was a hit at the respective Grammy’s, now with the deluxe, he released highway 95 with a stunning Lauryn Hill sample that could, and should surprise at the Hip-Hop categories, and ROTY

    Babyface‘s album looks like a lock in RNB, its full of fantastic female features of the new faces of RNB, its well produced, it moves it forward, wouldn’t be awful also in AOTY

    Benjamin Clementine has narrative (ex-homeless turned class act). I don’t really know where I would put him in terms of field, its too classical for RNB, too soul for Alternative, but would be an awesome contender in BNA, since he didn’t get the recognition with the first album

    Benny Atlas is kind of the neo-soul that could surprise in Progressive RNB and BNA, not too diferentiated, but very well executed

    Bill Callahan I don’t understand much of Americana, but is this the best that Americana has to offer?

    Bizarrap is exploding the Urban Latin world of music at the right time, and I could even see him sneaking in BNA

    Brockhampton is more an internet-is-passionated-about band, but it could surprise in Hip Hop, since some of the tracks have the best Outkast flavor we’ve tasted since they departed

    Carly Rae Jepsen would be a lock in Pop Album (and Pop Solo with Shooting Star, and Pop Duo with The Loneliest Time) if we lived in a fair world. Its pop lyricism and production at its finest, also due to justice in AOTY, ROTY and SOTY

    Caroline Polachek is releasing banger after banger, Sunset is more Pop than Alt, maybe she could, when the album is released, spread the submissions, its also ROTY material, and, if not too late, BNA

    Charlie Puth I’ve never been a huge Charlie fan, well maybe until this album, really reminds me of Y2K radio-pop production wise, I like the corny lyrics and vocals, and I would totally put him in Pop Album (still think Light Switch is a Grammy snub)

    Coco Jones is a very serious contender in RNB and BNA, if she follows the class act path that Muni Long followed (instead of the singer of the streets path Summer Walker drew), she might as well happen. Plus ICU is what SOTY is made for

    Doechii doesn’t get me that passionated, but the experimental production is really interesting, sadly I can’t see her happening anywhere besides BNA, but she might there

    Dry Cleaning are becoming a tour of force in the Alternative field, production is incredible, lyrics too, but a little too much on the left field to happen in BNA i believe

    dvsn create some of the purest RNB possible, a little too derivative of late 90’s for me, but it actually does the trick, wouldn’t be mad seeing them pop off the RNB categories

    Ezra Collective‘s album is pure quality. Their song with Nao should be killing in RNB, SOTY and ROTY, its traditional and new at the same time, and it might get Jazz love too, and its the kind of nominee that pops in AOTY for no apparent reason (sales, legacy, etc)

    Flume I’m tempted to never predict Flume again in the Dance field, but this Slugger 1.4 track is too good for me to ignore it

    Fousheé should be considered frontrunner in BNA right now, her album has Rock bangers and RNB jewelry, and it sounds consistent. Would also be in my top 5 AOTY if just considering these two first months

    Fred Again I’m predicting Fred Again for BNA and Dance categories for 3 years now, but I’m not giving up.

    Gabriels is a neo-soul huge threat in RNB, BNA and AOTY, the harmonies are crazy as hell, it fits the Grammy stanndard, hope they can get momentum

    hemlocke springs‘s girlfriend is having the kind of viral moment that could make it happen later in the year, but honestly, with better criteria than peers like Gayle or even Dove Cameron, she could be the new pop girl in BNA

    Hozier‘s Swan Upon Leda torns me between Pop and Alternative, idk where to predict it, but I wouldn’t blink to put it in SOTY

    Ice Spice I’m on the Ice Spice train, much more than I’ve ever been on the Latto one, or the Saweetie one, or even the Cardi B one. I enjoy her flow, she is a total superstar, and I could see her, if she doesn’t fall and keep building, happening very consistently in BNA and Hip-Hop, even over GloRilla next year. Hopefully Nicki Minaj (and even Cardi which i don’t enjoy) pose a threat by releasing good albums. It would be a great year for female rap

    Jamila Woods is the Sade type of nominee. Not totally obscure, not commercial at all. But I could see passion behind her. I mean, this new song Boundaries is pretty fire for RNB

    Jazmine Sullivan‘s is a frontrunner for Visual Media right now (right behind the Black Panther songs). Its Jazmine, its on Till which is loved (lets see Oscars…), its inspirational. Could leap in RNB, SOTY and ROTY also

    joji after Glimpse of Us being snubbed, my hopes are totally gone, but the album is above decent, it would place it in Pop, and if it gains traction, this could be it for joji. No BNA though

    Joyce Wrice is another RNB girl that is coming to kill it, she is releasing banger after banger and starting to build a following, BNA would also be nice is the evolution goes right

    Karol G She looks kind of a one trick pony right now, but the end of Cairo makes me want it to happen in Pop Duo (if Ovy on the Drums count as a feature)

    Kelela I love me some Kelela for years. She is doing what Aaliyah might be doing if alive. Production is heaven, On The Run should be right in the front on SOTY, ROTY, and RNB, and since she’s due to some Grammy love, why not BNA? Maybe even above Polachek

    LF SYSTEM have this song called Hungry that totally should happen in Dance Recording, but I dont know if its crossing from the UK to the USA so…(even Afraid to Feel failed to do so, and it was a UK number 1)

    Lil Baby Not very passionated about the album, has a pair of fire tracks and thats it, but it might allow it on Hip Hop Album, depending on the competition for the rest of the eligibility

    Lil Uzi Vert has a hit in its hands, that is even sounding bigger than the whole Eternal Atake, if it keeps happening, it might surprise in ROTY, BNA, and allover Hip Hop, and Music Video (its one of the only videos Ive watched so far). And I wouldn’t be mad, I Just Wanna Rock is a bonkers track

    Lil Yachty‘s Poland is less of a commercial success, but a huge hit between critics and year end lists. It might be one of my favorites of the eligibility, very unique, danceable and vulnerable, id vote for it all over Hip Hop, and in ROTY

    M.I.A.‘s album is a little on the underwhelming side of things, but I can’t help but love and wish her to be placed in Global, and being a frontrunner there

    Mariah the Scientist is that piece of RNB lovemaking with the voice, might be enough for her to happen in RNB and BNA (strong competition to Joyce Wrice). It will depend on their albums

    Meghan Trainor is the weirdest thing for me. I hate everything she has done as an artist until now. I got wrapped in the Made You Look Christmas vibe, I can’t stop thinking about the chorus (I dont even have Tik Tok to be bombarded by it). I can see it as a lock in Pop Solo, serious threat in Pop Album, SOTY, ROTY and Music Video

    Mount Kimbie is weird. I have no idea where to place it. Is it Alt? Is it Hip Hop? I’m actually not predicting it anywhere due to its strangeness (that I love), but could happen in BNA besides, if it gains momentum and apraisal

    Nas as of now is a lock in Rap Album, maybe a contender in AOTY, and its not unfair, the album is great

    NxWorries SCREAMS Grammy without sounding baity. It features none other than Anderson Paak and H.E.R., i could totally see it in the RNB categories, BNA, SOTY and ROTY. Waiting for the album

    Ondara I’ve been talking a while about Ondara (An Alien in Minneapolis is one of my favorite tracks of 2022), now I heard the album and I’m in love. I dont know where to place it (Is it Americana, is it Pop, its one of those crossovers, like Brandi Carlile but make it a black man), but would totally make him a nominee in BNA without hesitation

    P!nk’s Never Gonna Not Dance Again is a sweet piece of song that you sing with full lungs, never count her out in Pop Solo, and if it picks up steam, ROTY and SOTY (Its picking up radio right now, might pop on the Billboard Hot 100 soon)

    Paulo Londra – Lock somewhere in the Latin field.

    Pharrel Williams I’m still not ready to be at peace with music that features Travis Scott, but this might as well be his redemption year. The Hip Hop field sould watch out for this collab (Cash In Cash Out is by miles the better Pharrel track, and I still wish it for the Grammy’s next season, if included in a good Pharrel new album)

    Phoebe Bridgers Could happen in Alternative, and SOTY.

    Phoenix i’m not really into this album and band, but Alpha Zulu is a decent track that could pick up steam ala Heatwaves, I wouldnt be mad to see it in Alternative

    PinkPantheress is creating a mood, and keeps evolving. Do You Miss Me is ROTY material, and she is deserving that old BNA love

    Quadeca released a beautiful album, not that accessible, but isn’t that what should be making the Alternative field?

    Quavo & Takeoff I know the Grammy’s are not that keen on posthumous love, but Takeoff is far more superior to their (sadly) killed piers of the last few years, plus his last album with Quavo is fire, should be a lock in Hip Hop Album

    Rauw Alejandro is a lock somewhere in the Latin, its a great piece of work

    RAYE is picking in a moment that can make her grab the rest of the year, could be nice add up to BNA, Pop Duo, ROTY and SOTY, and the narrative of going independent is helping here

    Rihanna‘s Lift Me Up is a grower. Such a nice song. Still think she is subpar in the vocal department, but its a nice piece of a piano ballad, totally frontrunner in Visual Media, and completely above the competition in SOTY, ROTY and Pop Solo

    Robert Glasper released the deluxe version of the stunning Black Radio III, and features India Arie. RNB should prepare

    Romy, one of the faces of The XX released this absolute burning Dance track, featuring none other than the already mentioned Fred Again, and i would make it my frontrunner for Dance Recording right now

    Selena Gomez‘s My Mind & Me is fine, none other than that. I can see it in Visual Media if nothing happens. But yeah. Fine track. Better than bad

    serpentwithfeet also in the Visual Media department, The Hands is a track for The Inspection, beautifully done, and I would place it above Selena’s (the Oscars thought otherwise by not longlisting it). Also they are due to love in RNB and BNA

    SG Lewis i cant wait for this album. Lifetime is Dance perfection, and they would also be some tight BNA and ROTY nominees

    Shakira featuring Ozuna could be something in Pop Duo, and I wouldn’t mind it, lets see if it becomes a hit by Spring

    Sharon Van Etten a potential dark horse in Alternative and SOTY

    Ski Mask The Slump God’s OOGA BOOGA! is the first track by SKi Mask that I enjoy, could upset in Hip Hop if it picks up, silly nice track

    Snow Tha Product‘s La Vida is on the Black Panther soundtrack, could happen in BNA and Global

    Stormzy is just wishful thinking. But the new album is AOTY material, and Hip Hop field, and My Presidents Are Black could be SOTY WINNER.

    SZA‘s Shirt is my frontrunner for Music Video as of now. Its a wonderful RNB track, SOTY and ROTY contender (about the album I’ll talk about in two months in the December/January playlist, but I can tell you already is my AOTY right now)

    Taylor Swift is locked for next year. Anti Hero is gonna be a nominee in SOTY, ROTY and Pop Solo and maybe Music Video, Snow on the Beach might happen in Pop Duo, its a lock in Pop Album, will happen in AOTY. I love the album. Dont really get the ammount of hype though, its very well produced, has fire tracks and good lyrics here and there… but its not a masterpiece sadly

    The 1975‘s Happiness would be an awesome nominee in Pop Duo. And the album is good enough for Pop Album, and, as of now, AOTY

    Tobe Nwigwe has a Black Panther song that could surprise in Hip Hop, it is thunderous

    Ty Dolla Sign is one of those voices you know, I always want it nominated in RNB even in mid tracks

    Weyes Blood‘s album SHOULD be in AOTY, all over the Alternative field, and also SOTY and ROTY. It is that good. Its also top 10 in the Albumoftheyear site, and rightfully so. Also, she was never nominated, so she could be one of those Kaytranada/Glass Animals type of act that gets nominated long after its premiere for BNA

    Zach Bryan‘s Fifth of May is my only Country prediction right now, i’m truly getting engaged in his artistry

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    Sep 8th, 2022

    (BNA) Ava max is not eligible. Record company put her under consideration 3 years in a row and she has been rejected ever since

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