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    • Taylor Swift: 'TS7' Era

      TS7 lead single is expected to be released this March 1 or 2. I think she will announce the name of


      [quote quote=1202941468] Rihanna and Pink sweetie…Cardi and Minaj shouldn’t be there [/quote]   Its not who the main pop girls are. It’s all the women she’s been pitted against and had comparisons with. She would not have put Beyoncé

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      Started by:  WildforFilm

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    • R&B Grammys 2020 – Part Two
      Mishtii Murari

      It's one of the worst lead singles she's ever released, so no. A Nas feature is such a tired idea in


      Ventura is a throwback 70's soul record. It's a better fit in R&B Album. Oxnard is his usual mix of rap and r&b/funk so Urban Contemporary would be a better fit. His submissions should be: Album of the Year: Ventura Record of the Year: Tint

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      Started by:  The Coterie

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    • Rap Field: Grammys 2020

      "Tints" is probably the one to beat in Rap/Sung Performance given the surprise Anderson win and Kend


      Goldlink has gotten like 2 Grammy noms... in like 2 years... hoping he can snatch a third for something off of this project.. if not the project itself. I don’t know if critics will latch onto it.. but the eclectic sound is sorta up their alley.

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      Started by:  Bee

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    • 2020 Grammy Awards (Part 5)

      Can we please not spam this one with the same Ariana vs Billie rubbish that has cluttered the last f


      [quote quote=1202935801]Another weird tangent, but can Pop stars stop labeling themselves as “Alternative”? Imagine Dragons probably started the trend, but it’s so dumb seeing people like Halsey, Lana del Rey, or even Capaldi himself get labele

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      Started by:  DC95

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       Gold Derby

      1 week, 3 days ago
    • Pop Field: 2020 Grammys

      February Predictions Best Pop Vocal Album thank u, next - Ariana Grande *Vacant* Best Pop Duo/Gr


      [quote quote=1202925076] Thanks, but don’t you think his snub was kinda due to category confusion? [/quote] Maybe, but he was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance. And yes, anytime there's more than 5 nominees, there was a tie.

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      Started by:  voguekid

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    • 2020 Grammy Awards (Part 4)

      ASIB sold very well, got reasonably good reviews, & produced a #1 Grammy/Oscar award winning sin


      INLA and ARUTW sold the same as Million Reasons in the same period of time, are better songs.  Million Reasons had the Super Bowl, INLA / ARUTW had the movie MR, did not enter a strong year and highlighted the Rap and R & B, INLA / ARUTW as the

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      Started by:  Paul Sheehan

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    • MTV Video Music Awards 2019 : A Thread

      Taki Taki hasnt arrived but seems great. Could be in Latin and Duo.

      Sean Augustin

      2019 MTV Video Music Awards Predictions (As of 6/3/19) Video of the Year: Ariana Grande - “thank u, next Billie Eilish - “bad guy” Cardi B (feat. Bruno Mars) - “Please Me” Ed Sheeran (feat. Justin Bieber) - “I Don’t Care” Lady Gaga (

      Started by:  clanky17

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