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    • 2019 American Music Awards

      All I know for sure is that ASIB will compete for Soundtrack, Ariana will show up with Sweetener or


      [quote quote=1202831239]What’s up with these crazy predictions for artist of the year? You guys realize it’s based on commercial performance of album+singles right? Panic At The Disco, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar won’t be there,

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      Started by:  Jerry

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    • Full 1988 Grammy Awards Show

      That Michael Jackson performance... iconic

      Award Chaos

      It's wonderful how the opening song didn't have to be a big spectacle, but rather just about the song, the artist and the music. Thank you for sharing this! Edit: We have the debut of a new all-female rap group... RUN PMS!

      Started by:  Richard Aniston

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    • Who Deserved to Win in the General Field in the Past Decade?

      2010: R: “Use Somebody” A: Fearless S: “Pretty Wings” or even “You Belong with Me” (?


      2010 RotY: “Use Somebody” (Kings of Leon), AotY: Fearless (Taylor Swift) SotY: “Use Somebody” (Kings of Leon), BNA: Zac Brown Band 2011 RotY: “Empire State of Mind” (Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys), AotY: Teenage Dream (Katy Perry), SotY

      Started by:  Skies

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    • Lady Gaga's Upcoming Studio Album

      I'd guess after "A Star is Born" is released or most likely for next Grammy Awards cycle.


      [quote quote=1202820611]Seriously, Gaga changes her profile pic and Billboard writes an article about it saying it’s cryptic? You guys are reading too much into it. She probably changed it from something ASIB-related since that era is over. [/quo

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      Started by:  Wigseau

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    • 2020 Grammys

      I could see Taylor Swift in the race with her lead single. Also maybe her album. I could see her rel


      [quote quote=1202806375] I think “Shallow” was so successful due to the hype of awards season. It now has the #1, and that memorable Oscars performance, but it’s very possible that it won’t be as present in voters’ minds as it has been for

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      Started by:  Os

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    • A Star Is Born soundtrack

      From the writing credits alone, I can tell "I’ll Never Love Again" will be the best song from the


      [quote quote=1202802649] https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8500768/a-star-is-born-soundtrack-back-at-no-1-billboard-200-chart Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper´s “A Star Is Born“ returns to #1 on its 21st week. [/quote] Everytim

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      Started by:  O´Hara

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    • New Grammy Catagories

      I saw their list and I really wanna see best alternative song, best pop song and best live album

      James Otto Sweet Heart

      ^^^ Sometimes I have wondered if Alison Krauss is the reason why several categories were done away with. Sadly it has most definitely gotten harder for her to be nominated and win over the last several years. Her last win was in 2012 only to have fou

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      Started by:  Anonymous

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