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    • 2021 American Music Awards

      If nominations were tomorrow.. ARTIST OF THE YEAR Justin Bieber BTS Drake Ariana Grande Taylor S


      As of 4/7/2021: ARTIST OF THE YEAR Taylor Swift (again) The Weeknd Ariana Grande Justin Bieber BTS NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR 24KGoldn Lil Durk Olivia Rodrigo Jack Harlow Ava Max COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR 24KGoldn ft Dior – “Mood” Justin Bieber

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      Started by: kingofrapmusic17

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    • Runner-Up Guesses in big Grammy categories 2021

      AOTY: Future Nostalgia SOTY: Everything I wanted ROTY: Savage Remix or Black Parade BNA: Kaytranada


      [quote quote=1204182931]It’s impressive how we all agree that Dua Lipa was the runner up in AOTY. She probably was the runner up also in ROTY and BPSP [/quote] Well it's kind of a given, since none of the other AOTY nominees won anything (I think J

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      Started by: Miss Americana

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    • Justin Bieber – Justice

      Personally I think it’s better than Changes and more solid. It’s nothing crazy but it isn’t te


      [quote quote=1204158130] If we are going to permanently hold people accountable for mistakes they make at the age of 15 without giving them the chance to make amends, take responsibility and correct themselves, then there is no hope in this world. M

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      Started by: TaylorStan11

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    • Ariana Grande joins panel on ‘The Voice’

      [quote quote=1204165739]People are replying saying they think she’s retiring. Thoughts? I think it


      [quote quote=1204166702] . Of course u think that. She is a thousand times better choice than floptina and Gwen so I’m happy [/quote]Excuse me?! I love Ari but you will not insult Christina Aguilera, one of the greatest voices alive. Ariana hers

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      Started by: runninglikewater

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    • Taylor Swift (Part 19)

      folklore ALBUM OF THE YEAR!


      Does anyone else find it interesting that The General Field splits each time Taylor has won for Album of the Year? 2010 ROTY: Use Somebody SOTY: Single Ladies AOTY: Fearless 2016 ROTY: Uptown Funk SOTY: Thinking Out Loud AOTY: 1989 2021 ROTY:

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      Started by: Chris Beachum

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    • Harry Styles Thread

      firstly I think there won’t be a new album until late 2022/23, it seems like he’s more focused o


      IFPI reports: Top 10 Global Album All Format Chart 2020 #5 # Lewis Capaldi's Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent was the UK's biggest-selling album for the second year in a row; while Harry Styles' Fine Line was the best-selling British album

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      Started by: HaimOnRye

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    • Lana Del Rey- Chemtrails Over the Country Club

      Listening now. First track is not disappointing.


      [quote quote=1204161859] Simply stunning. My top 3: Not All Who Wander Are Lost Chemtrails Over the Country Club Tulsa Jesus Freak [/quote] Title track is my number 4, if you replace it with White Dress we have the same top 3

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      Started by: Lemon

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