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Rank Survivor Winners Season 1-36

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    Aug 19th, 2011

    Survivor Winners
    1- Richard Hatch
    2- Tina Wesson
    3- Ethan Zohn
    4- Vecepia Towery
    5- Brian heidik
    6- Jenna Morasca
    7- Sandra Diaz- twine
    8- Amber Brkich
    9- Chris Daugherty
    10- Tom Westman
    11- Danni Boatwright
    12- Aras Baskauskas
    13- Yul Kwon
    14- Earl Cole
    15- Todd Herzog
    16- Parvati Shallow
    17- Bob Crowley
    18- J.T Thomas
    19- Natalie White
    20- Sandra Diaz- Twine
    21- Fabio Briza
    22- Rob Mariano
    23- Sophie Clarke
    24- Kim Spradlin
    25- Denise Stapley
    26- John Cochran
    27- Tyson Apostol
    28- Tony Vlachos
    29- Natalie Anderson
    30- Mike Holloway
    31- Jeremy Collins
    32- Michele Fitzgerald
    33- Adam Klien
    34- Sarah Lacina
    35- Ben Driebergen
    36- Wendell Holland

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    Aug 19th, 2011

    I am basing mine of how I think they played the game , not on whether or not I liked them

    36.Vecepia Towery – I think she did the least to win, she was in a good alliance and used a deal at the last second to secure a top two spot. She wasn’t bad, but she really didn’t work too hard for her win.

    35. Fabio Briza – he really didn’t have any strategy or any gameplay.. He was kept around because he wasn’t a threat and won because of a biter jury and an unremarkable final three.

    34. Michele Fitzgerald – this is another case of IMO the wrong person winning due to a bitter jury, I have nothing against Michele and I think she played a fine game .. just nothing special.

    33. Natalie White – Now I know a lot of people would have her at the bottom but I give her a lot more credit. She had to play counter point to Russell and his obnoxious game and she did so and in the meantime she made friends while Russell burned every bridge he could find.

    32. Ethan Zohn – if this was a list of the nicest people then he would be near the top … but in terms of the game he didn’t do much, he was in a majority alliance and was taken to the top two where he beat out Kim whom I think would have lost to anyone.

    31-Tina Wesson- She was smart enough to be in an alliance with colby and made sure she had enough friends in the end.. but she wasn’t the best strategist.

    30- Bob Crowley- God I love Bob…. But he coasted for a while. im not sure he started playing survivor until he made the fake idol for Randy .

    29- Wendell Holland – This season was sooo lackluster and I felt like the only to people to even try and play the game were him and Dom and they were both ok… just not spectacular.

    28-Danni Boatwright- She was a sneaky player at times but I think she had Stephanie do most of the work and reaped the benefits of a bitter jury

    27-Chris Daugherty – This man … I still can’t believe he survived for many days. He did a very good job keeping himself safe. I would say he played similarly to Sandra in the aspect of “Anyone but me “

    26-Ben Driebergen – while I respect the fact that he had to win so many challenges to make it to the finale , he could have been way less of a mess and actually made some friends along the way.

    25-Amber Birkich – I am in the minority of people that apprectiae her win , I think she worked hand in hand with rob and Deserved her win.

    24-Mike Holloway- he falls into the same category as Ben does for me , underwhelming and while deserving they didn’t have a good social game . in the end he was able win because for some reason there were two way less likeable people in the game with him .

    At this point everyone is IMO a great player and its splitting hairs

    23- Sarah Lacina –she played a strong game but wasn’t able to take advantage of her advantages to the fullest ..

    22- Richard Hatch – while I think he played a perfect game … I do think he had an easy cast of character’s to beat … he set the stage for the game and showed everyone how its done.

    21- Tyson Apostol- WOW… who would have thought that the guy who got himself voted out in HVV would do so well in his third outing. He made a good alliance and won when he needed, he played a smart game due in part to the fact that he wasn’t tied down by a loved one.

    20- Earl Cole – He was a good player, but much like Hatch he didn’t have too many strong people to get over before he could win. My only qualm with him is that he let Michelle go home instead of saving her.

    19- Jenna Morasca – I think she was very smart and strategic in her gameplay, I think she was never given as much credit for using her looks to her advantage and she should have been

    18-Adam Klien – He played a good game but one has to wonder if he got any sympathy at the end . I was rooting for Hannah to pull a win , but I think Adam did a great job

    17-Aras Baskauskas – he was a good Winner, he went head to head to Terry and it would have been interesting to see if he could have beaten him in the finale .

    16-Tom Westman- Fantastic player but much like Aras could he have won against a better player? I think Ian would have won in this case .

    15-Rob Mariano – I love Boston Rob , and I don’t deny he played a perfect game … But he was playing with fools … he played better in All Stars but was bested by his wife and he played great in HVV until Tyson voted himself out .. in the end he Deserved a win .

    14- Yul Kwon- unlike Aras and Tom he went to the end with his biggest competitor and he beat him. Yul was smart and on point the whole time. He played a flawless game and he beat the best player.

    13- J.T Thomas – I think he was great , I think he played a prefect game

    12- Jeremy Collins- he was great , he played hard much like Tyson because he didn’t have his family and he worked his butt off to win for Val and he did a magnificent job.

    11- Brian heidik- Probably the most unlikable winner of the bunch but you can’t deny how well he played. Yes you can argue that he played with dumb players … but he swept house with them.

    10- Sandra Diaz- twine in Heroes vs Villians While i think she is the best player to ever play the game , for this particular outing she is falls down here. she didnt do as much as she did before but still deserved her win ( wish they could have tied)

    9- Natalie Anderson- She played a great game and mush like Jeremy and Tyson was able to kick ass because she wasn’t tied down with family

    8 -John Cochran- he came back and knew what he needed to do to win, I think he was able to let go of his fears and embrace the game.

    7-Todd Herzog – he plulled off a great win in a tough season, he was smart and cunning and able to manipulate people to follow him.

    6- Denise Stapley – having the distinction of being the only person to go to ever single tribal council is HUGE… she was a beast in challenges and in terms of a social game .

    5- Tony Vlachos – He was a steamroller. He came in and didn’t breathe until he won.

    4- Sophie Clarke- She was so smart and played so well. She got saddled with Coach and had to work and use him to her advantage and boy was she able to, in the end she easily beat him and won the money 

    3- Kim Spradlin- She is a female tony … she was a unstoppable power house and she deserved her win.

    2- Parvati Shallow – she is perfection, she has played arguably two prefect games and she manipulated and used her skills both physically and in terms of social skills to win… she is a amazing.

    1-Sandra Diaz- Twine Pearl Island – This mother of 2 came out here and dominted a show without winning a damn thing and without even being the target , she played a masterful game and deserves the title of the best player of time for her two wins but she tops my list for her fantastic performance in the Pearl islands

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