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    • Emmys 2021 Comedy Predictions (Part 1)
      Allan Veríssimo

      To recap for those who have not seen the discussion in other threads, the current situation of the e


      Did a little searching, and I don't believe Kim's Convenience would be eligible at the Primetime Emmys. It's hosted by Netflix in the US, but Netflix does not appear to be involved in the production of the show. The only production company/distributo

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      Started by: Chris Beachum

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    • Emmys 2021 Drama Predictions (Part 2)

      The Crown season 4 episode titles apparently. I'm betting episode 3 is the wedding.


      December Predictions Drama Series 1. The Crown (Netflix) (Globe, SAG, WGA, PGA, CC, TCA, BAFTA) 2. The Mandalorian (Disney+) (DGA, WGA, PGA,  CC, TCA) 3. This is Us (NBC) (SAG, CC, PGA) 4. The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) 5. Pose (FX) (TCA) 6. The Mo

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      Started by: Chris Beachum

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    • The Good Fight (Season 4)
      David Buchanan

      Good Fight Season 4 premiere is April 9! https://twitter.com/thegoodfight/status/122801598204997632


      Hopefully the fact that CBS All Access is folding into the wider Paramount+ package with Showtime online could help it with visibility. The writing and Baranski snubs after The Gang Deals with the Alternate Reality are still appalling.

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      Started by: wolfali

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    • What Are You Binge Watching?

      Rhys was stronger in the early seasons, then Russell dominates in 5 and 6 (she’s stronger than Rhy


      when you watch TV shows, Movies or anything for a long time non-stop. This can be a sign of depression so If you have a family member or friend who binge watches, why don't you ask them to do an activity with you. Something that might lift their mood

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      Started by: Dan Backslide

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      I never read these books or saw the movie, but wasn't there a big backlash from religious groups whe


      [quote quote=1203886326]Ruth Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda were great in episode 3. [/quote] Yes. It was the first time I enjoyed Manuel Miranda in this role (I felt he was miscast in previous episodes). Wilson is so good on this show. She steals p

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      Started by: Jeffrey Kare

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    • Industry (HBO)

      Myha'la Herrold is a stunning new breakthrough that I hope has a long career ahead of her. The pilot


      Fourth episode was incredible. It was everything that I hoped for since the pilot. After the last two mehhhh episodes, I think this finally revealed what the show's all about and what its potential really is. This is where the critics stopped watchin

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      Started by: Allan Veríssimo

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