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17th Leo Awards nominees announced…

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    Nov 4th, 2010

    These awards are from the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia, and in the drama categories, there are Vancouver-based series that have a shot at Emmy consideration. And more than a few prime Emmy contenders stumbled this morning.

    Nominees by Show:
    Motive – 17 nominations
    The Romeo Section – 14
    Blackstone – 7
    Arrow, Continuum, Ties That Bind – 5 each
    19-2, Hell on Wheels, Supernatural, The Flash – 3 each
    Blood And Water, Olympus , Once Upon A Time – 2 each
    Bitten, Fargo, Helix, Proof, Remedy, Rookie Blue, Saving Hope, The 100, The X-Files, This Life, Wayward Pines – 1 each

    Dramatic Series: 19-2, Blackstone, Continuum, Motive, The Romeo Section

    James Bamford, Arrow – Brotherhood
    Andy Mikita, Motive – A Problem Like Maria
    Mathias Herndl, Motive – Frampton Comes Alive
    J. J. Makaro, The Flash – Enter Zoom
    David Frazee, The Romeo Section – Elephant Faces East
    Sean McNamara, Ties That Bind – United Front

    Jesse Mckeown, 19-2 – Orphans
    Damon Vignale, Blackstone – Bottle Caps
    Damon Vignale, Motive – Frampton Comes Alive
    Dennis Heaton, Motive – A Problem Like Maria
    Jennica Harper, Ties That Bind – It Doesn’t Show

    Guest Actor
    Ryan Bruce, Blackstone – The River’s Edge
    Charles Martin Smith, Motive – Frampton Comes Alive
    Brian Markinson, Rogue – Oysters But No Pearls
    Jonathan Whitesell, The X-Files – Founder’s Mutation
    Kurt Evans, Ties That Bind – It Doesn’t Show
    Tom Stevens, Wayward Pines – A Reckoning

    Guest Actress
    Kacey Rohl, Motive – Best Enemies
    Luisa D’Oliveira, Motive – A Problem Like Maria
    Jessica Harmon, Proof – Tsunami – Part 1
    Jacqueline Samuda, Ties That Bind – It Doesn’t Show
    Tammy Gillis, Ties That Bind – Ghosts

    Supporting Actor
    Justin Rain, Blackstone – The Worm Has Turned
    Ray G. Thunderchild, Blackstone – Flat Line
    Osric Chau, Blood And Water – 108
    Byron Mann, Hell On Wheels – White Justice
    Dejan Loyola, Saving Hope – Goodbye Girl
    Manny Jacinto, The Romeo Section – Five Spies

    Supporting Actress
    Fiona Fu, Blood And Water – 108
    Chelah Horsdal, Hell On Wheels – Elixir Of Life
    Priscilla Faia, Rookie Blue – Open Windows
    Nicola Cavendish, The Romeo Section – Dragon Fruit
    Lauren Lee Smith, This Life – Everything Must Go

    Lead Actor
    Jared Keeso, 19-2 – School
    Eric Schweig, Blackstone – Flat Line
    Louis Ferreira, Motive – A Problem Like Maria
    Andrew Airlie, The Romeo Section – A String Of Pearls
    Juan Riedinger, The Romeo Section – Mandate Of Heaven

    Lead Actress
    Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow – A.W.O.L.
    Carmen Moore, Blackstone – Flat Line
    Rachel Nichols, Continuum – Final Hour
    Sara Canning, Remedy – Life In Technicolour
    Stephanie Bennett, The Romeo Section – Dragon Fruit

    Tech Categories
    Cinematography: iZombie, Motive (2), The Romeo Section
    Editing: Motive (2), The Romeo Section (2)
    Visual Effects: Bitten, Helix, Supernatural (2), The Flash
    Sound: Motive, The Romeo Section
    Musical Score: Rogue, The Romeo Section
    Production Design: Continuum, Motive, The 100, The Romeo Section
    Costume Design: Arrow (2), Continuum
    Make-Up: iZombie, Motive
    Hairstyling: Once Upon A Time, Supernatural
    Casting: Fargo, Hell On Wheels, Motive, Olympus, The Romeo Section
    Stunt Coordination: Arrow, Continuum, Olympus, Once Upon A Time, The Flash

    So Continuum ups its total nomination count over North American arts organizations in its wonderful 4 year run to 75 nominations. Congratulations to Rachel Nichols in particular for once more being the best drama actress that will not be nominated for an Emmy due to their archaic rules on Canadian series competing in Comedy and Drama even though they were seen on American TV networks.

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