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2006-2007 Emmy TV Season Episode Grades and Analysis

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    Nov 5th, 2010

    LEGACY ARCHIVE from the old Gold Derby. Please feel free to add yours.



    Desperate Housewives
    “Listen to the Rain on the Roof” = B (MVPs: Cross, MacLachlan, Longoria, Huffman)
    “It Takes Two” = B (MVPs: Huffman, Cross, Metcalf, MacLachlan, Longoria)
    “A Weekend in the Country” = B (MVPs: Cross, Hatcher, Huffman, Longoria, Warren)
    “Like It Was” = B- (MVPs: Cross, Huffman, Longoria, Hatcher, Scott)
    “Nice She Ain’t” = C (MVPs: Cross, Huffman)
    “Sweetheart, I Have to Confess” = C (MVPs: Cross, Huffman, Metcalf)
    “Bang” = A+ The best DH episode ever. (MVPs: Script, direction, Metcalf, Huffman, Cross, McLachlan)
    “Children and Art” = B (MVPs: Longoria, Cross, MacLachlan, Huffman)
    “Beautiful Girls” = B-  (MVPs: Longoria, Cross, Huffman, Hatcher)
    “The Miracle Song” = TBA
    “No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds” = TBA
    “Not While I’m Around” = TBA
    “Come Play Wiz Me” = TBA
    “I Remember That” = TBA
    “The Little Things You Do Together” = TBA
    “My Husband, the Pig” = TBA
    “Dress Big” = TBA
    “Liaisons” = TBA
    “God, That’s Good” = TBA
    “Gossip” = TBA
    “Into the Woods” = TBA
    “What Would We Do Without You?, part 1” = TBA
    “Getting Married Today” = TBA


    Brothers & Sisters
    “Patriarchy” = A- (MVPs: Flockhart, Griffiths, Field, Skerritt, Getty)
    “An Act of Will” = A (MVPs: Griffiths, Flockhart, Field, Annable, Wettig, Getty, Rifkin)
    “Affairs of State” = A (MVPs: submission tape for Field, possibly also Flockhart; Griffiths, Getty, Rifkin, Wettig)
    “Family Portrait” = C (MVPs: none)
    “Date Night” = C (MVPs: Rifkin, Wettig, Williams, Rhys)
    “For the Children” = B (MVPs: Wettig, Rifkin, Rhys, Griffiths)
    “Northern Exposure” = A (Awesome script! MVPs: Griffiths, Rhys, Getty, Flockhart, Hopkins, Settle, Rifkin, Annable)
    “Mistakes Were Made, part 1” = A (Submission tape for Series, Flockhart, Griffiths, Annable, Wettig, script. MVPs: Field, Williams, Rifkin, Rhys)
    “Mistakes Were Made, part 2” = A (Submission tape for: Sally Field, Flockhart. MVPs: Annable, Griffiths, Rhys, Getty)
    “Light the Lights” = A (Submission tape for Wettig. MVPs: Rifkin, Field, Annable, Rhys)
    “Family Day” = A- (MVPs: direction, Wettig, Annable, Rhys, Rifkin, Griffiths)
    “Sexual Politics” = A- (MVPs: Field, Flockhart, Lowe, Rhys, Griffiths, Getty)
    “Something Ida This Way Comes” = B+ (Possible submission for Rhys. MVPs: Field, Lowe, Rifkin, Ross, Flockhart)
    “Valentine’s Day Massacre” = A- (MVPs: Lowe, Rhys, Getty, Field, Wetitg, Griffiths)
    “Love Is Difficult” = A (Submission tape for Griffiths, Getty. MVPs: Wettig, Rhys, Lowe, Annable, Flockhart)
    “The Other Walker” = A+ (Writing submission, submission for Wettig. MVPs: Field, Rifkin, Griffiths, Flockhart, Lowe, Anable, Rhys)
    “All in the Family” = A (MVPs: script, direction, Field, Wettig, VanCamp, Rhys, Annable, Flockhart, Lowe, Griffiths, Rifkin, Coyote, Lewis, Paymer)
    “Three Parties” = B- (MVPs: Lowe, Griffiths, Annable, Rhys, Field, Coyote, Flockhart)
    “Game Night” = B- (MVPs: VanCamp, Lowe, Rhys, Annable, Getty, Griffiths, Field, Flockhart, Rifkin, Pyper-Ferguson)
    “Bad News” = A (MVPs: VanCamp, Wettig, Griffiths, Flockhart, Lowe, Field, Coyote, Annable, Rhys, Pyper-Ferguson)
    “Grapes of Wrath” = C (MVPs: horrible script. Griffiths, Wettig, Rifkin, Field, Coyote, Flockhart, Lowe, Annable, Getty, Rhys)
    “Favorite Son” = C (MVPs: Getty, Rhys, Field, Lowe, Annable, Griffiths, Flockhart, Rifkin)
    “Matriarchy” = B+ (MVPs: Annable, Rhys, Flockhart, Wettig, Lowe, Nouri, Rifkin, Griffiths)


    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    “Pilot” = A+ (MVPs: wow, everyone. Perry, Peet, Whitford, Weber, Paulson; script, direction)
    “The Cold Open” = A+ (MVPs: Sorkin’s writing, Schlamme’s direction, Whitford, Perry, Peet, Paulson, Hughley)
    “The Focus Group” = A (MVPs: Perry, Peet, Weber, Whitford, Paulson, Hughley)
    “The West Coast Delay” = A
    “The Long Lead Story” = A (MVPs: Paulson, Perry, Peet, Lahti, Whitford; writing, David Petrarca’s direction!)
    “The Wrap Party” = A (MVPs: Perry–could be a submission tape for him; Corddry, Peet, Paulson, Weber, Whitford)
    “Nevada Day, Part 1” = A (MVPs: Corddry, Weber, Hughley, Perry)
    “Nevada Day, Part 2” = A (MVPs: Weber, Perry!!!, Paulson, Whitford, Peet, Corddry, Hughley)
    “The Option Period” = A- (MVPs: Paulson!, Perry, Whitford, Peet, Busfield)
    “B-12” = A- (MVPs: Whitford, Perry, Peet, Weber)
    “The Christmas Show” = A+ (MVPs: Perry, Whitford, Peet, Weber, Paulson)
    “Monday, part 1” = A (MVPs: Perry, Peet, Paulson, Weber, British woman)
    “The Harriet Dinner, part 2” = A (MVPs: Perry, Paulson, Peet, Weber, Gonddry, Whitford, Busfield)
    “The Harriet Dinner, part 3” = A (MVPs: Perry, Paulson, Peet, Whitford, Busfield, Gonddry, Weber)
    “The Friday Night Slaughter” = A (MVPs: Perry–submission tape, editing, direction, writing; Paulson, Whitford, Peet, Busfield)
    “4 am Miracle” = A (MVPs: Perry, Paulson, Whitford, Peet, Hughley, Kids in the Hall guy)
    “The Disaster Show” = B (MVPs: Busfield, Weber, Janney)
    “Breaking News” = A- (MVPs: Perry, Peet, Whitford)
    “K & R, part 1” = A (MVPs: script, direction, Paulson, Perry, Peet, Whitford, Weber, Corddry)
    “K & R, part 2” = A (MVPs: Whitford, Perry, Paulson, Corddry, Hughley, Busfield)
    “K & R, part 3” = A (Script! MVPs: Weber, Perry, Paulson, Corddry, Hughley, Whitford)
    “What Kind of Day Has It Been?” = A+ (Direction and writing submission. MVPs: Perry, Paulson, Whitford, Peet, Busfield, Corddry, Hughley, Weber)


    “Genesis (In His Own Image)” = A (MVPs: Masi Oka, Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panetierre, Ali Larter, Ramamurthy, Pasdar)
    “Don’t Look Back” = B+ (MVPs: Masi Oka, Hayden Pantierre, Greg Grunberg, Milo Ventimiglia)
    “One Giant Leap” = B+ (MVPs: Set decoration, Oka, Grunberg, Ventimiglia, Larter)
    “Collision” = A- (MVPs: Oka, Ventimiglia, Panettiere, Pasdar, Ramamurthy)
    “Hiros” = A (MVPs: Oka, Pasdar, Ventimiglia, Grunberg, Cabrera)
    “Better Halves” = B (MVPs: Larter, Oka, Panettiere, Roberts)
    “Nothing to Hide” = A- (MVPs: Pasdan, Ventimiglia, Oka, Larter, Roberts)
    “Seven Minutes to Midnight” = A (MVPs: Grunberg, Oka, Cabrera, Coleman)
    “Homecoming” = A (MVPs: Panettiere, Ventimiglia, Ramamurthy)
    “Six Months Ago” = A (MVPs: Zachary Quinto submission tape;  Oka, Ventimiglia, Grunberg, Pasdar)
    “Fallout” = A (MVPs: Masi Oka, Milo Ventimiglia, Greg Grunberg)
    “Godsend” = A (MVPs: Oka, Ventimiglia, Pasdar, Coleman, Panettiere, Ramamurthy, Cabrera)
    “The Fix” = A (MVPs: Grunberg, Pantierre, Ventimiglia, Pasdar, Ramamurthy)
    “Distractions” = A- (MVPs: Oka, Ventimiglia, Coleman, Panetierre, Pasdar)
    “Run!” = A (MVPs: Pasdar, Grunberg, Quinto, Ramamurthy, Oka, Kyson Lee)
    “Unexpected” = A (Submission for writing and direction. MVPs: Ventimiglia, Panetierre, Grunberg, Pasdar, Coleman, Ramamurthy, Quinto)
    “Company Man” = A+ (Stunning Coleman submission. MVPs: Grunberg, Panetierre)
    “Parasite” = A (MVPs: Ramamurthy, Ventimiglia, Oka, Pasdar)
    “.07%” = A (MVPs: Pasdar, Grunberg, Oka, Panetierre, Ramamurthy, Ventimilia, Quinto)
    “Five Years Gone” = B+ (MVPs: Ventimilia, Grunberg, Oka, Pasdar, Ramamurthy, Coleman, Panetierre, Quinto)
    “The Hard Part” = B+ (MVPs: Pasdar, Oka, Ventimilia, Coleman, Quinto)
    “Landslide” = A- (MVPs: Pasdar, Ventimilia, Coleman, Grunberg, Quinto, Oka, Takei, McDowell)
    “How to Stop an Exploding Man” = B+ (MVPs: Ventimilia, Pasdar, Grunberg, Coleman, Oka, Takei, Quinto, Ramamurthy, Panetierre)


    Two and a Half Men
    “Working for Caligula” = B (MVPs: Sheen, Cryer, Hinkle, Holland Taylor)
    “Who’s Vod Kanockers?” = A (MVPs: Sheen, Cryer, Steven Tyler)
    “The Sea is a Harsh Mistress” = TBA
    “A Pot Smoking Monkey” = B+ (MVPs: Sheen, Jones, Cryer, Hinkle, Ferrell)
    “A Live Woman of Proven Fertility” = B- (MVPs: Sheen, Cryer, Stiles, Hinkle)
    “Apologies for the Frivolity” = B+ (MVPs: Sheen, Cryer, Taylor)
    “Repeated Blows to his Unformed Head” = B (MVPs: Cryer, Ferrell, Sheen, Hinkle)
    “Release the Dogs” = A+ (Submission for Cryer. MVPs: Sheen, Jones, Lynsky)
    “Corey’s Been Dead for an Hour” = C (MVPs: Sheen, Cryer, Lynsky, Jones)
    “Kissing Abraham Lincoln” = A (MVPs: script, Sheen, Cryer)
    “Walnuts and Demerol” = TBA
    “Castrating Sheep in Montana” = B (MVPs: Cryer, Sheen, Ferrell, Taylor)
    “Don’t Worry, Speed Racer” = B+ (MVPs: Sheen, Cryer, Ferrell, Taylor)
    “That’s Summer Sausage, Not Salami” = A (Excellent script. MVPs: Sheen, Shields, Cryer)
    “My Damn Stalker” = A (MVPs: Sheen, Linsky, Cryer)
    “Young People Have Phlegm Too” = TBA
    “I Merely Slept With a Commie” = TBA
    “It Never Rains in Hooterville” = TBA
    “Smooth as a Ken Doll” = TBA
    “Aunt Myra Doesn’t Pee a Lot” = TBA
    “Tucked, Taped and Gorgeous” = TBA
    “Mr. McGlue’s Feedbag” = TBA
    “Anteaters, They’re Just Crazy-Lookin” = TBA
    “Prostitutes and Gelato” = TBA


    New Adventures of Old Christine
    “The Passion of the Christine” = TBA
    “The Answer is Maybe, part 1” = TBA
    “Come to Papa, Jeff, part 2” = TBA
    “Oh God, Yes” = TBA
    “Separation Anxiety” = TBA
    “The Champ” = TBA
    “Playdate with Destiny” = TBA
    “Women ‘N Tuition” = TBA
    “Mission: Impossible” = TBA
    “What About Barb?” = TBA
    “Crash” = TBA
    “Ritchie Scores” = TBA
    “Endless Shrimp, Endless Night” = TBA
    “Let Him Eat Cake” = TBA
    “Sleepless in Mar Vista” = TBA
    “Undercover Brother” = TBA
    “Strange Bedfellows” = TBA
    “The Real Thing” = TBA
    “Faith Off” = TBA
    “My Big Fat Sober Wedding” = TBA
    “Friends” = TBA
    “Frasier” = TBA
    “TK” = TBA
    “TK” = TBA


    How I Met Your Mother
    “Where Were We?” = B (MVPs: Radnor, Smulders, Segel, Harris)
    “The Scorpion and the Toad” = B+ (MVPs: Harris, Hannigan, Segel)
    “Brunch” = TBA
    “Ted Mosby: Architect” = TBA
    “World’s Greatest Couple” = TBA
    “Aldrin Justice” = B- (MVPs: Hannigan)
    “Swarley” = TBA
    “Atlantic City” = TBA
    “Slap Bet” = TBA
    “Single Stamina” = TBA
    “How Lily Stole Christmas” = TBA
    “First Time in New York” = TBA
    “Columns” = TBA
    “Monday Night Football” = TBA
    “Lucky Penny” = TBA
    “Stuff” = TBA
    “Arrivederci, Fiero” = TBA
    “Moving Day” = TBA
    “Bachelor Party” = TBA
    “Showdown” = TBA
    “Something Borrowed” = TBA
    “Something Blue” = TBA


    “Four Dreams, part 1” = TBA
    “Four Dreams, part 2” = TBA
    “Be Kind, Rewind” = TBA
    “Blood Relations” = TBA
    “Ghost in the Machine” = TBA
    “Profiles in Terror” = TBA
    “Mother’s Little Helper” = TBA
    “The Whole Truth” = TBA
    “Better Off Dead” = TBA
    “Very Merry Maggie” = TBA
    “Apocalypse, Push” = TBA
    “The One Behind the Wheel” = TBA
    “Second Opinion” = TBA
    “We Had a Dream” = TBA
    “The Boy Next Door” = TBA
    “Whatever Possessed You” = TBA
    “Joe Day Afternoon” = TBA
    “1-900-LUCKY” = TBA
    “No One to Watch Over Me” = TBA
    “Head Games” = TBA
    “Heads Will Roll” = TBA
    “Everything Comes to a Head” = TBA


    “6 am to 7 am” = A (MVPs: Sutherland–definite submission tape; direction and writing tape; Rajskub; Atkinson; Rota, Nichols, Penn, MacNichol)
    “7 am to 8 am” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Rajskub, Siddig, King, Atkinson, Lennix, Penn)
    “8 am to 9 am” = A (MVPs:Sutherland, Penn, Rajskub, Atkinson, MacNichol, Nichols)
    “9 am to 10 am” = A (MVPs: HOLY CRAP!!! Sutherland, definite  submission tape; Rajskub; Cross; Rota; Atkinson; MacNichol; Lennix)
    “10 am to 11 am” = A (MVPs: stunt guys and pyrotechnix guys; Sutherland, Rajskub, McCrane, guy who plays Morris, Lennix, King, Atkinson, MacNichol, Siddig)
    “11 am to Noon” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Cromwell, McCrane, MacNichol, Lowe, Atkinson, Balfour
    “Noon to 1 pm” = A+ (MVPs: Sutherland, McCrane, Cromwell, Rajskub, Rota)
    “1 pm to 2 pm” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Rajskub, Lowe, MacNichol)
    “2 pm to 3 pm” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Sofer, Cromwell, Rajskub)
    “3 pm to 4 pm” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Sover, Cromwell, Itzin, Rota, Rajskub, Balfour)
    “4 pm to 5 pm” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Itzin, Rajskub, Rota, Siddig, Lowe, MacNichol)
    “5 pm to 6 pm” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Itzin, Boothe, MacNichol)
    “6 pm to 7 pm” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Itzin, Smart, Morshower, Schroeder)
    “7 pm to 8 pm” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Balfour, Boothe, Atkinson, MacNichol, Rajskub, Rota)
    “8 pm to 9 pm” = A (Excellent episode. MVPs: Sutherland, Boothe, MacNichol, Rajskub, Balfour, Nichols, King, Atkinson, Michael Campbell)
    “9 pm to 10 pm” = A (Direction, cinematography!, editing, submission tape for Boothe. MVPs: Atkinson, Balfour, Sutherland, MacNichol, Schroeder, Nichols)
    “10 pm to 11 pm” = A+ (Series submission, stunning direction submission, editing submission. MVPs: Sutherland, MacNichol, Atkinson, Nichols, Balfour, Rota)
    “11 pm to Midnight” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Rajskub, Rota, Morrison, Atkinson, Boothe)
    “Midnight to 1 am” = A (Submission for direction. MVPs: Atkinson, Morrison, Schroeder, Rota, Rajskub, Balfour, Nicols, Boothe)
    “1 am to 2 am” = A (Submission for Sutherland and Rajskub. MVPs: Schroeder, Boothe, MacNichol, Atkinson, Nicols, Rota)
    “2 am to 3 am” = A- (MVPs: Sutherland, Rota, Rajskub, Balfour, Nichols, Schroeder)
    “3 am to 4 am” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, Sofer, Nichols, Schroeder, Cromwell, Boothe. Amazing cinematography.)
    “4 am to 5 am” = A (Cinematography, sound, editing, direction. MVPs: Sutherland, Schroeder, Nichols, Cromwell, Atkinson, Rajskub)
    “5 am to 6 am” = A (MVPs: Sutherland, script, direction, Rajskub)


    Gilmore Girls


    Boston Legal
    “Can’t We All Get a Lung?” = B-
    “New Kids on the Block” = C (show really off, no MVPs)
    “Desperately Seeking Shirley” = A- (MVPs: Spader, Shatner, Bergen, Armstrong, Bierko)
    “Fine Young Cannibal” = C+ (MVPs: Spader, Shatner, Bergen, Binder)
    “Whose God Is It Anyway?” = B+ (MVPs: Script, Spader!, Bell, Shatner, Bierko, Clemenson)
    “The Verdict” = A (Powerhouse acting. MVPs: Bierko, Sagal, Heald, Armstrong, Zimmer, Spader, Bell, Lynch; direction)
    “Trick or Treat” = B (Predictable and trite writing. MVPs: Spader, Clemenson, Bowen)
    “Lincoln” = B+ (The script strains creduilty. MVPs: Spader, Bowen, Bierko, Valley, Burke)
    “On the Ledge” = B+ (Script strains credulity. MVPs: Spader, Clemenson, Shatner, Bergen)
    “The Nutcrackers” = B- (MVPs: Man, I hate this show.)
    “Angel of Death” = A- (MVPs: Spader, script, Zimmer, Shatner, Long, Bowen, Valley)
    “Nuts” = B- (MVPs: Spader, Zimmer, Bowen)
    “Dumping Bella” = C- (MVPs: blech)
    “Selling Sickness” = C (MVPs: Spader)
    “Fat Burner” = C (MVPs: Spader, Bierko)
    “The Good Lawyer” = C+ (MVPs: Spader, Clemenson, Bierko)
    “The Bride Wore Blood” = B (MVPs: Spader, Mullaly, Zimmer)
    “Son of the Defender” = A (MVPs: Shatner!, Spader, Bowen)
    “Brotherly Love” = B (MVPs: Valley, Spader, Whaley, Shatner, Zimmer, Diller, Bowen, Berman, Bergen, Auberjonois)
    “Guise N Dolls” = C (seriously sucky script. MVPs: Bergen, Spader)
    “Tea and Sympathy” = A- (MVPs: Spader, Clemenson, Shatner, Valley, Bowne, O’Grady, Berman)
    “Guantanamo By the Bay” = B (MVPs: script, Spader)
    “Duck and Cover” = A (Script. MVPs: Spader, Shatner, Bergen, Valley, Bowen)
    “Trial of the Century” = A (MVPs: script, Spader, Shatner, Bergen, Clemenson)


    “Meaning” = TBA
    “Cane & Able” = TBA
    “Informed Consent” = TBA
    “Lines in the Sand” = TBA
    “Fools for Love” = TBA
    “Que Sera Sera” = TBA
    “Son of Coma Guy” = TBA
    “Whac-a-Mole” = TBA
    “Finding Judas” = TBA
    “Merry Little Christmas” = TBA
    “Words and Deeds” = TBA
    “One Day, One Room” = TBA
    “Needle in a Haystack” = TBA
    “Insensitive” = TBA
    “Half-Wit” = TBA
    “Top Secret” = C- (Dreadful, plodding script. At least it has Riley from Buffy to redeem it. MVP: Edelstein)
    “Fetal Position” = TBA
    “Airborne” = TBA
    “Act Your Age” = TBA
    “House Training” = TBA
    “Family” = TBA
    “Resignation” = TBA
    “The Jerk” = TBA
    “Human Error” = TBA


    L&O: SVU
    “Informed” = TBA
    “Clock” = TBA
    “Recall” = TBA
    “Uncle” = TBA
    “Confrontation” = TBA
    “Infiltrated” = TBA
    “Underbelly” = TBA
    “Cage” = TBA
    “Choreographed” = TBA
    “Scheherezade” = TBA
    “Burned” = TBA
    “Outsider” = TBA
    “Loophole” = TBA
    “Dependent” = TBA
    “Haystack” = TBA
    “Philadelphia” = TBA
    “Sin” = TBA
    “Responsible” = TBA
    “Florida” = TBA
    “Annihilated” = TBA
    “Pretend” = TBA
    “Screwed” = TBA


    “A Tale of Two Cities” = B+ (A Jack episode. MVPs: Fox–submission tape, Holloway, Lilly, Emerson)
    “The Glass Ballerina” = A- (A Sun episode. MVPs: Yunjin Kim, Daniel Dae Kim, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Emerson, Elizabeth Mitchell, Paula Malcolmson!!)
    “Further Instructions” = A (A Locke episode. MVPs: O’Quinn, Monaghan, Garcia, Adewale etc)
    “Every Man for Himself” = A (A Sawyer episode. MVPs: Holloway, Lilly, Henry Ian Cusick, Emerson, Fox, Mitchell, Monaghan, Garcia)
    “The Cost of Living” = B+ (An Eko episode. MVPs: AAA, Fox, O’Quinn, Mitchell, Emerson)
    “I Do” = A (A Kate episode. MVPs: Lilly, Fox, Holloway, Emerson, Fillion, Mitchell)
    “Not In Portland” = A (A Juliet episode. MVPs: Mitchell, Fox, Holloway, Lilly, Emerson)
    “Flashes Before Your Eyes” = A (A Desmond episode. MVPs: Cusick, Monaghan, Garcia)
    “Stranger in a Strange Land” = A (A Jack episode. MVPs: Fox, Mitchell, Emerson, Holloway, Lilly)
    “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead” = A+ (A Hurley episode. A perfect episode. MVPs: Garcia, Holloway, Monaghan, Dae-Kim, Kim, Lilly, O’Quinn)
    “Enter 77” = A (A Sayid episode. MVPs: Andrews, O’Quinn, Lilly, Garcia, Holloway, Furian)
    “Par Avion” = A (A Claire episode. MVPs: De Ravin, Monaghan, Cusick, Lilly, O’Quinn, Andrews, Mira Furian–good submission for her)
    “The Man From Tallahassee” = A (A Locke episode. O’Quinn submisssion tape. MVPs: Emerson, Fox, Lilly, Mitchell, Andrews)
    “Expose” = A- (A Nikki episode. And as Sawyer says: “Who the hell is Nikki?” MVPs: Holloway, Monaghan, Garcia, Santoro, Sanchez, Cusick)
    “Left Behind” = A- (A Kate episode. MVPs: Lilly, Dickens, Holloway, Garcia, Mitchell, Fox, Cusick, de Ravin, Monaghan, O’Quinn, Andrews)
    “One of Us” = A+ (A Juliet episode. And can I just say?  :bow: Elizabeth Mitchell!!!  Amazing work. Guaranteed Emmy nom with this tape. Series submission, submission for directing, editing, writing. MVPs: Holloway, Andrews, Lilly, Fox, Monaghan, Garcia)
    “Catch 22” = A (A Desmond episode. MVPs: Cusick, Monaghan, Holloway, Lilly, Fox, Garcia, DD Kim)
    “D.O.C.” = A- (A Sun episode. MVPs: Yunjin Kim, Mitchell, Lilly,  Dae Kim)
    “The Brig” = A- (A Locke episode. MVPs: Holloway, O’Quinn, Emerson, Lilly, Cusick)
    “The Man Behind the Curtain” = A (A Ben episode. MVPs: Emerson, O’Quinn, Holloway, Lilly, Carbonell, Mitchell, Fox, Andrews)
    “Greatest Hits” = A (A Charlie episode. MVPs: Monaghan, Cusick, Fox, Andrews, Furian, Garcia, Lilly, Yunjin Kim)
    “Through the Looking Glass, parts 1 and 2” = A (Submission for Fox, MVPs: Holloway, Monaghan, Lilly, Cusick, Andrews, Garcia, Mitchell, Emerson, O’Quinn)


    In Case of Emergency
    “Pilot” = A- (MVPs: Silverman, Arquette, Germann, Hu)
    “It’s Got to be the Morning After” = B (MVPs: Silverman, Arquette, Germann)
    “Let Go, Let Golf” = C (MVPs: Hu, Arquette, Germann, Silverman)
    “Stuck in Amber” = TBA
    “Denial for a While” = TBA
    “Oh, Henry” = TBA
    “Forbidden Love” = TBA
    “Proof of Love” = TBA
    “Your Goose Is Cooked” = B (MVPs: Silverman, Arquette, Hu, Germann)
    “The Good, the Bad and the Mob” = TBA
    “Happy Endings” = TBA
    “Disorder in the Court” = B-  (MVPs: Silverman, Arquette, Germann)
    “The Picture” = TBA




    “Graduation Day” = TBA


    Ugly Betty
    “Pilot” = A (MVPs: America Ferrara, Vanessa Williams, Gina Gershon)
    “The Box and the Bunny” = A (MVPs: Ferrara, her boss, Williams, the father, Jensen)
    “Queens for a Day” = A (MVPs: Ferrara, Eric Mabius, Williams, Dale)
    “Fey’s Sleigh Ride” = A (MVPs: the whole cast gels in this one)
    “The Lyin’, the Witch and the Wardrobe” = A- (somewhat ageist script; MVPs: Ferrara, Williams, Newton)
    “Trust, Lust and Must” = B- (horrible script; MVPs: Williams)
    “After Hours” = A (MVPs: Ferrara, Hayek, Mabius, Williams)
    “Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral” = A- (MVPs: Ferrara, Mabius, Ortiz, Hayek, Williams, Newton)
    “Lose the Boss?” = A (Series submission. MVP: Ferrara, Mabius, Williams, Hayek)
    “Fake Plastic Snow” = A (Script, direction. MVPs: Hayek, Mabius, Newton, Williams, Ferrara, Christopher Gorham)
    “Swag” = A (MVPs: Ferrara, Williams, Jensen, Urie, Newton, Mabius)
    “Sofia’s Choice” = B- (MVPs: Williams, Hayek, Mabius, Ferrara, Jensen)
    “In or Out” = A-  (MVPs: Mabius, Ferrara, Romijn, Williams, Newton)
    “I’m Coming Out” = A-  (MVPs: Romijn, Ferrara, Mabius, Williams, Jensen, Plana, Indelicato)
    “Brothers” = B+ (MVPs: Ferrara, Ortiz, Williams, Romijn, Light)
    “Derailed” = TBA
    “Icing on the Cake” = TBA
    “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” = TBA
    “The Beautiful World of Ugly Betty” = CLIP SHOW
    “Punch Out” = TBA
    “Petra-Gate” = TBA
    “Secretaries Day” = TBA
    “A Tree Grows in Guadalajara” = TBA
    “East Side Story” = TBA


    Grey’s Anatomy
    “Time Has Come Today” = A (MVPs: Wilson, Heigl, Dempsey, Knight, editing nom, writing nom, direction nom)
    “I Am a Tree” = A (MVPs: script, Wilson, Heigl, Ramirez, Pickens, Knight, Carroll, Chambers, Dempsey, O’Donnell)
    “Sometimes a Fantasy” = A (MVPs: script, Heigl, Wilson, Walsh, Dempsey, Knight, Ramirez, Chambers, Pickens)
    “What I Am” = A-
    “Oh, the Guilt” = B (Submission tape for Wilson and Walsh. MVPs: Heigl, Dempsey, Dane, Knight, Ramirez, Pickens Jr., Chambers)
    “Let the Angels Commit” = A- (MVPs: Heigl, Dempsey, Oh, Wilson, Pickens, Walsh, Ramirez)
    “Where the Boys Are” = A (Series submission, possible Heigl submission. MVPs: Dempsey, Wilson, Pickens, Knight, Chambers)
    “Staring at the Sun” = A (Possible Knight submission. MVPs: Heigl, Dempsey, Walsh, Wilson!!!!–she sings!!!, PIckens, Burton) 
    “From a Whisper to a Scream” = A (Definite Series submission. Submission for writing, direction, Oh. MVPs: Washington, Dempsey, Knight, Ramirez, Wilson, Heigl)
    “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” = A (Possible Wilson submission. MVPs: Knight, Oh, Pompeo, Winningham, Heigl, Walsh, Dane, Pickens, Dempsey, Chambers)
    “Six Days, Part 1” = A (Possible Series submission, Defininte Knight submission, submission for Heigl. MVPs: Wilson, Pickens, Dempsey, Walsh)
    “Six Days, Part 2” = A (Definite Series submission, definite Knight submission. MVPs: Heigl, Wilson, Dempsey, Walsh, Ramirez)
    “Great Expectations” = B (MVPs: Wilson [not as good a submission for her as Oh, the Guilt, though], Heigl, Dempsey, Knight, Ramirez)
    “Wishin and Hopin” = B+ (Kate Burton submission! MVPs: Knight, Heigl, Ramirez, Wilson, Walsh, Pompeo)
    “Walk on Water” = B+ (MVPs: editing, direction, Heigl, Chambers, Wilson, Dempsey, Oh, Ramirez, Rocha)
    “Drowning on Dry Land” = A (MVPs: Dempsey, Heigl, Wilson, Walsh)
    “Some Kind of Miracle” = B (MVPs: Heigl, Dempsey, Oh, Wilson, Pickens, Knight, Ramirez, Chambers, Walsh, Pompeo, Burton, Morgan, Chandler)
    “Scars and Souvenirs” = A (MVPs: Dempsey, Knight, Heigl, Chambers, Oh, Pompeo, Wilson, Pickens, Ramirez, Winningham, Rees, Dane, Agdashloo, Reaser)
    “My Favorite Mistake” = A (MVPs: Heigl, Dempsey, Wilson, Dane, Walsh, Knight, Ramirez, Pickens, Oh)
    “Every Moment Counts” = CLIP SHOW
    “Time After Time” = A (MVPs: Heigl, Knight, Wilson, Dempsey, Pickens, Walsh, Kane, Winningham, Pompeo)
    “Desire” = A (MVPs: Ramirez!, Heigl, Wilson, Walsh, Dempsey, Dane, Knight, Oh, Pickens, Pileggi, Reaser)
    “The Other Side of This Life, part 1” = B+ (MVPs: Walsh, Brenneman, Daly, Diggs, Dungey, Carroll, Dane, Dempsey, Sbarge)
    “The Other Side of This Life, part 2” = A (MVPs: Walsh, Dempsey, Brenneman, Diggs, Dungey, Wilson, Heigl, Knight, Ramirez)
    “Testing 1-2-3” = A (MVPs: Heigl, Knight, Ramirez, Dempsey, Walsh, Reaser, Wilson, Perkins, Chandler, Dane, Oh)
    “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” = A (MVPs: Heigl, Knight, Perkins, his wife, Walsh, Wilson, Oh, Carroll, Dempsey)


    My Name Is Earl
    “Very Bad Things” = B (MVPs: Lee, Pressley, Suplee)
    “Jump for Joy” = B+ (MVPs: Pressley, Lee, Suplee, Velazquez)
    “Sticks and Stones” = A (MVPs: Lee, Greer, Pressly, Matlin, Suplee)
    “Larceny of a Kitty Cat” = A (MVPs: Suplee, Lee, Pressley)
    “Van Hickey” = TBA
    “Made a Lady Think I Was God” = TBA
    “Mailbox” = TBA
    “Robbed a Stoner Blind” = TBA
    “Born a Gamblin Man” = TBA
    “South of the Border, Part Uno” = TBA
    “South of the Border, Part Dos” = TBA
    “Our “Cops” is On” = TBA
    “Buried Treasure” = TBA
    “Kept a Guy Locked in a Trunk” = TBA
    “Foreign Exchange Student” = TBA
    “Blow” = TBA
    “The Birthday Party” = TBA
    “Guess Who’s Coming Out of Joy” = TBA
    “Harassed a Reporter” = TBA
    “Two Balls, Two Strikes” = TBA
    “G.E.D.” = TBA
    “Get a Real Job” = TBA
    “The Trial” = TBA


    The Office
    “Gay Witch Hunt” = A (MVPs: Carrell, the guy who plays Oscar)
    “The Convention” = B (MVPs: Carrell, Krasinski, Fischer)
    “The Coup” = A (MVPs: Wilson, Carrell, Fischer, Krasinski)
    “Grief Counseling” = A- (MVPs: Carrell, Fischer, Krasinski, Wilson)
    “Initiation” = A- (MVPs: Fischer, Krasinski, Wilson, Novak)
    “Diwali” = A (Possible submission for Carrell. MVPs: Fischer, Krasinski, Wilson, Kaling, Kinsey, Helms, Jones)
    “Branch Closing” = A (Editing submission. MVPs: Krasinski, Fischer, Hardin, Carell, Wilson, Jones)
    “The Merger” = B+ (MVPs: Carrell, Krasinski, Wilson, Fischer, Jones, Helms)
    “The Convict” = B (MVPs: Fischer, Krasinski, Wilson, Helms, Jones)
    “A Benihana Christmas” = A (MVPs: Wilson, Carrell, Fischer, Krasinski, Kinsey)
    “Back from Vacation” = A (MVPs: Carrell, Hardin, Wilson, Fischer, Krasinski)
    “Traveling Salesmen” = A (MVPs: Wilson, Krasinski, Carrell, Helms, Kinsey, Fischer)
    “The Return” = A (MVPs: Kinsey, Wilson, Carrell, Helms!, Krasinski, Fischer, Jones)
    “Ben Franklin” = A (MVPs: script, Wilson, Carrell, Fischer, Krasinski, Jones)
    “Phyllis’ Wedding” = A (MVPs: Fischer, Krasinski, Carrell, Lapin, Wilson)
    “Business School” = A (MVPs: Wilson, Krasinski, Fischer, Carrell, Novak)
    “****tails” = A (MVPs: Hardin, Wilson, Krasinski, Carrell, Fischer)
    “The Negotiation” = A (MVPs: Carrell, Hardin, Krasinski, Fischer, Wilson)
    “Safety Training” = A- (MVPs: Carrell, Wilson, Helms, Krasinski, Fischer, Novak)
    “Product Recall” = A (MVPs: Krasinski, Wilson, Carrell, Helms, Fischer, Kaling, Kinsey)
    “Women’s Appreciation” = A (MVPs: Smith, Fischer, Carrell, Jones, Kinsey, Krasinski, Wilson)
    “Beach Games” = A (MVPs: Fischer, Carrell, Wilson, Baker, Krasinski, Helms)
    “The Job” = A (MVPs: Fischer!, Krasinski, Carrell, Hardin, Helms, Wilson, Kinsey)


    30 Rock
    “Pilot” = A (MVPs: Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowski, Tina Fey)
    “The Aftermath” = B+ (MVPs: Jane Krakowski, Alec Baldwin)
    “Blind Date” = B+ (MVPs: Fey, Baldwin, the page guy, the lesbian)
    “Jack the Writer” = A- (MVPs: Fey, Baldwin, McBrayer)
    “Jack-Tor” = A (Baldwin submission tape; MVPs: Krakowski, Fey, Morgan)
    “Jack Meets Dennis” = B+ (MVPs: Baldwin, Fey, Krakowski)
    “Tracy Does Conan” = A (MVPs: Fey, O’Brien, Krakowski, Adsit, Morgan)
    “The Break-Up” = A- (MVPs: Fey, Baldwin, Krakowski, Morgan)
    “The Baby Show” = B+ (MVPs: Baldwin, McBreyer, Morgan, Krakowski, Fey)
    “The Rural Juror” = B+ (MVPs: Fey, Krakowski, Baldwin, Morgan, Friedlander)
    “The Head & the Hair” = B+  (Submission tape for McBrayer. MVPs: Fey, Krakowski, Baldwin, Hermann)
    “Black Tie” = B+ (MVPs: Fey, Rosselini, Baldwin, Krakowski, McBrayer, Ruebens)
    “Up All Night” = A- (MVPs: Fey, Krakowski, Baldwin, McBrayer, Friedlander)
    “The C Word” = A- (MVPs: Fey, Baldwin, Morgan, Torn, Friedlander, McBrayer. Minus points for Dratch.)
    “Hard Ball” = A (MVPs: Krakowski, Baldwin, Fey, McBrayer)
    “The Source Awards” = A (MVPs: Fey, Baldwin, McBrayer, Morgan, Krakowski)
    “The Fighting Irish” = A (Submission for Tina Fey. MVPs: Baldwin, Krakowski, Friedlander, McBrayer)
    “Fireworks” = A (MVPs: Baldwin, Arnett, McBrayer, Fey, Sudekis, Friedlander)
    “Corporate Crush” = B (MVPs: Fey, Sudekis, Baldwin, Friedlander, McBrayer)
    “Cleveland” = A (MVPs: Fey, Morgan, Baldwin, Sedakis, Hayes, McBrayer)
    “Hiatus” = A (MVPs: Fey, Baldwin, McBrayer, Hayes, Morgan)


    Men in Trees
    “Pilot” = B-
    “Power Shift” = A- (MVPs: Tupper, Emily Bergl, Amos)
    “For What It’s Worth…” = B+ (MVPs: Bergl, Tupper, Heche)
    “Sink or Swim” = TBA
    “Talk for Tat” = TBA
    “The Caribou in the Room” = TBA
    “Ladies Frist” = TBA
    “The Buddy System” = TBA
    “The Menaissance” = TBA
    “New York Fiction (1)” = TBA
    “New York Fiction (2)” = TBA
    “The Darkest Day” = TBA
    “History Lessons” = TBA
    “Bed, Bat & Beyond” = TBA
    “Take It Like a Man” = TBA
    “Nice Girls Finish Frist” = TBA
    “The Indecent Proposal” = TBA


    Friday Night Lights
    “Pilot” = A- (Definite editing nomination, frontrunner to win–I can’t see any show beating this episode; submission tape for direction, cinematography. MVPs: script, Chandler, Britton, Charles, Porter, Gilford)
    “Eyes Wide Open” = A- (MVPs: Chandler, Britton, Porter, Kelly)
    “Wind Sprints” = B+ (MVPs: Chandler, Britton, Kitsch, Kelly)
    “Who’s Your Daddy?” = A- (Possible submission for Chandler. MVPs: Britton, Gilford, Kitsch)
    “Git ‘Er Done” = A (Possible Series submission. MVPs: Script, Chandler, Britton, Palicki, Kitsch, Kelly, Porter)
    “El Accidente” = A (Possible submission for Series, Chandler. MVPs: Britton, Porter, Kelly, Kitsch, Gilford)
    “Homecoming” = A (MVPs: Kitsch, Charles, Chandler, Porter)
    “Crossing the Line” = A (MVPs: script, Kitsch, Chandler, Porter, Gilford, Charles)
    “Full Hearts” = A (Series submission. MVPs: direction, script, Chandler, Charles, Britton, Gilford, Kitsch, Kelly)
    “It’s Different for Girls” = B+ (Kelly submission tape. MVPs: Kitsch, Britton, Chandler, Gilford, Porter)
    “Nevermind” = A- (Gilford submission tape. MVPs: Chandler, Britton, Plemons –tutoring Kitsch, Teegarden)
    “What to Do While You’re Waiting” = A (Possible Chandler and writing submission. MVPs: Palicki, Kitsch, Charles, Davis, Gilford, Teegarden)
    “Little Girl, I Wanna Marry You” = A (Possible submission for Chandler. MVPs: Charles, Britton, Porter, Palicki, Leland)
    “Upping the Ante” = A (Possible submission for Kitsch. MVPs: Chandler, Britton, Charles, Porter, Palicki)
    “Blinders” = A+ (Script, direction submissions. MVPs: Britton, Chandler, Palicki, Kelly, Charles, Kitsch)
    “Black Eyes & Broken Hearts” = A+ (Script, direction submissions. MVPs: Chandler (possible submission), Britton, Kitsch, Charles, Teegarden, Gilford)
    “I Think We Should Have Sex” = A (Script, direction submissions. MVPs: Britton, Teegarden, Chandler, Kitsch, Palicki)
    “Extended Families” = A (Script, direction submissions. MVPs: Chandler, Britton, Palicki, Kitsch)
    “Ch-Ch-Changes” = A (Script, direction. MVPs: Chandler, Britton, Kitsch, Palicki, Teegarden, Porter)
    “Mud Bowl” = A+ (Stunning editing and direction and writing. MVPs: Chandler, Britton, Palicki, Kitsch, Porter)
    “Best Laid Plans” = A (MVPs: Britton, Chandler, Palicki, Plemons, Porter, Kitsch, Kelly, Charles)
    “State” = A+ (MVPs: Chandler, Britton, Kitsch, Palicki)



    “Aquamom” = A (MVPs: Possible Piven submission tape; Ruehl, James Woods, Connolly, Lee, Dillon)
    “One Day in the Valley” = A (Submission tape for Series, Piven. MVPs: Grenier, Connolly, script)
    “Dominated” = B+ (MVPs: Connolly, Grenier, Piven)
    “Guys and Doll” = A- (MVPs: Grenier, Connolly, Piven, Dom)
    “Crash and Burn” = A  (MVPs: Grenier, Piven, Connolly, Ferrara)
    “Three’s Company” = A- (MVPs: Piven, Connolly, Dillon)
    “Strange Days” = B+ (MVPs: Piven, McDowell, Connolly, Chiriqui)
    “The Release” = A (MVPs: Piven, McDowell, D’Angelo, Grenier)
    “Vegas, Baby, Vegas” = A- (Direction submission. MVPs: Grenier, Dillon, Connolly, Piven, D’Angelo)
    “I Wanna Be Sedated” = A (MVPs: Connolly, Grenier, Ferrara, Landau)
    “What About Bob?” = A- (MVPs: Piven, Grenier, Dillon, Ferrara, Landau, Connolly)
    “Sorry, Ari” = A (MVPs: Piven, Grenier, Connolly, Landau, D’Angelo)
    “Less than 30” = B+  (MVPs: Gugino, Piven, Connolly, Dillon, Grenier)
    “Dog Day Afternoon” = A (MVPs: Piven, Lee, Grenier, Dillon, Ferrara)
    “Manic Monday” = A (MVPs: Piven, Grenier, Gugino, Connolly, Dunn, D’Angelo, Lee)
    “Gotcha!” = A- (MVPs: Grenier, Gugino, Piven, Connolly, Dillion, Ferrara)
    “The Return of the King” = A- (MVPs: Grenier, Connolly, Piven, Gugino, Dillon, Burns)
    “The Resurrection” = B+ (MVPs: Dillon, Grenier, Connolly, Ferrara, Piven)
    “The Prince’s Bride” = A (MVPs: Ferrara, Dillon, Grenier, Piven, Connolly)
    “Adios Amigos” = A  (MVPs: Grenier, Connolly, Dillon, Ferrara, Piven)


    “Passover” = TBA
    “Son of Hades” = TBA
    “These Being the Words of Marcus Tuillius Cicero” = TBA
    “Testudo et Lepus” = TBA
    “Heroes of the Republic” = TBA
    “Phillippi” = TBA
    “Death Mask” = TBA
    “A Necessary Fiction” = TBA
    “Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus” = TBA
    “De Patre Vostro” = TBA
    “TK” = TBA
    “TK” = TBA


    The Wire
    “Boys of Summer” = TBA
    “Soft Eyes” = TBA
    “Home Room” = TBA
    “Refugees” = TBA
    “Alliances” = TBA
    “Margin of Error” = TBA
    “Unto Others” = TBA
    “Corner Boys” = TBA
    “Know Your Place” = TBA
    “Misgivings” = TBA
    “A New Day” = TBA
    “That’s Got His Own” = TBA
    “Final Grades” = TBA


    “Tell Your God to Ready for Blood” = B+ (MVPs: McShane)
    “I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For” = A (MVPs: Olyphant, McShane, McRaney, Boothe)
    “True Colors” = B (Submission tapes for McRaney and Parker; MVPs: Olyphant, Boothe, McShane, Malcolmsen)
    “Full Faith and Credit” = TBA
    “A Two-Headed Beast” = TBA
    “A Rich Find” = TBA
    “Unauthorized Cinnamon” = TBA
    “Leviathan Smiles” = TBA
    “Amateur Night” = TBA
    “A Constant Throb” = TBA
    “The Catbird Seat” = TBA
    “Tell Him Something Pretty” = TBA


    The Sopranos
    “Kaisha” = TBA


    “Soprano Home Movies” = TBA
    “Stage 5” = TBA
    “Remember When” = TBA
    “Chasing It” = TBA
    “Walk Like a Man” = TBA
    “Kennedy and Heidi” = TBA
    “The Second Coming” = TBA
    “Blue Comet” = TBA (now eligible this Emmy season, due to rule change))
    “Made In America” = TBA


    “Orlando Bloom” = A- (MVPs: Bloom, Gervais, Jensen, Merchant)
    “David Bowie” = B-
    “Daniel Radcliffe” = TBA
    “Chris Martin” = TBA
    “Ian McKellan” = TBA
    “Jonathan Ross” = TBA




    “Corn Snake” = A (MVPs: Parker, Donovan, Perkins, Kirk)
    “Cooking with Jesus” = A- (MVPs: Parker, Malco, Nealon, Kirk, Perkins)
    “Last Tango in Agrestic” = A (MVPs: Kirk!, Parker, Donovan, Perkins, Malco, Nealon)
    “AKA The Plant” = A- (MVPs: Parker, Kirk, Patanyo)
    “Mrs. Botwin’s Neighborhood” = A (MVPs: Parker–great submission episode, Patano, Kirk, Nealon, Perkins, Donovan)
    “Crush Girl Loves Panic” = A (MVPs: Parker, Kirk, Nealon, Perkins, Donovan, Malco)
    “Must Find Toes” = A (MVPs: Kirk, Parker, Perkins)
    “MILF Money” = A (MVPs: Patano–submission tape, Parker, Perkins)
    “Bash” = A (MVPs: Parker, Kirk, Donovan, submission tape for Nealon and Perkins)
    “Mile Deep and a Foot Wide” = A+ (MVPs: Patano, Nealon, Perkins, Zooey Deschanel!!!, Kirk, Donovan, Parker)
    “Yeah, Just Like Tomatoes” = A
    “Pittsburgh” = A (MVPs: parker, Perkins, Nealon,Kirk)


    “Dexter” = TBA
    “Crocodile” = TBA
    “Popping Cherry” = TBA
    “Let’s Give the Boy a Hand” = TBA
    “Love American Style” = TBA
    “Return to Sender” = A- (MVPs: Hall, Velez)
    “Circle of Friends” = TBA
    “Shrink Wrap” = TBA
    “Father Knows Best” = TBA
    “Seeing Red” = TBA
    “Truth Be Told” = TBA
    “Born Free” = TBA


    The Tudors
    “Episode 1” = TBA
    “Episode 2” = TBA
    “Episode 3” = TBA
    “Episode 4” = TBA
    “Episode 5” = TBA
    “Episode 6” = TBA
    “Episode 7” = TBA
    “Episode 8” = TBA
    “Episode 9” = TBA
    “Episode 10” = TBA (now eligible this Emmy season, due to rule change)




    The Closer
    “Blue Blood” = TBA
    “Mom Duty” = TBA
    “Slippin” = TBA
    “Aftertaste” = TBA
    “To Protect & To Serve” = TBA
    “Out of Focus” = TBA
    “Head Over Heels” = TBA
    “Critical Missing” = A (MVPs: Sedgwick, Bailey, Simmons)
    “Heroic Measures” = TBA
    “The Other Woman” = TBA
    “Borderline” = TBA
    “No Good Deed” = TBA
    “Overkill” = TBA


    Rescue Me
    “Devil” = Not eligible for this year’s Emmys
    “Discovery” = TBA
    “Torture” = TBA
    “Sparks” = TBA
    “Chlamydia” = TBA
    “Zombies” = TBA
    “Satisfaction” = TBA
    “Karate” = TBA
    “Pieces” = TBA
    “Retards” = TBA
    “Twilight” = TBA
    “Hell” = TBA
    “Beached” = TBA


    “Pilot” = A- (MVPs: Courteney Cox, Ian Hart)
    “Blogan” = A (MVPs: Cox, Hart, Stewart, Arquette)
    “Ovophagy” = A (would have been A+ except the guy playing Cox’s brother was a little off. MVPs: Cox, Hart, Grant Show!!!)
    “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” = A- (MVPs: Possible Cox submission. MVPs: Hart, Hartley, the woman with the shoes)
    “You Don’t Know Jack” = B (MVPs: Cox, Hart, McCormack, Stewart, Show, Brady, Allen, Nordling, Pope, Fox)
    “The Secret Life of Altar Girls” = B- (MVPs: Hart, Cox, Ruebens, Pope)
    “Come Together” = A- (MVPs: Cox, Stewart, Breckenridge, Nordling, McCormack)
    “The Thing Under the Bed” = A- (MVPs: Cox, Stewart, Allen, Hart, Breckenridge, Nordling, Hartley)
    “This Is Not Your Father’s Hostage Situation” = A- (MVPs: Cox, Vincent Gallo, Ian Hart, script)
    “The Sexxx Issue” = A (MVPs: Cox, Stewart, Allen, Nordling, Breckenridge, Hart)
    “Pap Smeared” = A- (MVPs: Hart, Cox, Nordling, Breckenridge, Stewart, Allen, Arquette, Haas)
    “Caught on Tape” = B (MVPs: Cox, Allen, Stewart, Nordling, Hart, Haas, Breckenridge, Arquette)
    “Ita Missa Est” = A- (MVPs: cinematography, editing, Hart, Cox, Aniston, Allen, Stewart, Breckenridge, Nordling)


    The Riches
    “Pilot” = A- (Submission for Izzard, Driver, script.)
    “Believe the Lie” = TBA
    “Operation Education” = TBA
    “Been There, Done That” = TBA
    “The Big Floss” = TBA
    “Reckless Gardening” = TBA
    “Virgin Territory” = TBA
    “X Spots the Mark” = TBA
    “Cinderella” = TBA
    “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” = TBA
    “Anything Hugh Can Do, I Can Do Better” = TBA
    “It’s a Wonderful Lie” = TBA
    ****************************************technically after the old deadline
    “Waiting for Dogot” = TBA


    “Pilot” = TBA
    “The Starting Line” = TBA


    The Sarah Silverman Show (I’m not actually watching this show. I might suffer through Silverman’s submission.)
    “Officer Jay” = D (Great graphics and camera work)
    “Humanitarian of the Year” = TBA
    “Positively Negative” = TBA
    “Not Without My Daughter” = TBA
    “Muffin Man” = TBA
    “Batteries” = TBA

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    May 6th, 2012

    What does this TBA means?

    Regarding the titles mentioned, is that all a series? or any TV episodes?

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