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2007-2008 Emmy TV Season Episode Grades and Analysis

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    Nov 5th, 2010

    LEGACY ARCHIVE from the old Gold Derby. Please feel free to add yours!



    Desperate Housewives
    “Now You Know” = TBA
    “Smiles of a Summer Night” = TBA
    “The Game” = TBA
    “If There’s Anything I Can’t Stand” = TBA
    “Art Isn’t Easy” = TBA
    “Now I Know, Don’t Be Scared” = TBA
    “You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover” = TBA
    “Distant Past” = TBA
    “Something’s Coming” = TBA
    “Welcome to Kanagawa” = TBA
    “Sunday” = TBA
    “In Buddy’s Eyes” = TBA
    “Hello, Little Girl” = TBA
    “Opening Doors” = TBA
    “Mother Said” = TBA
    “The Gun Song, part 1” = TBA
    “Free, part 2” = TBA


    Brothers & Sisters
    “Home Front” = TBA
    “An American Family” = TBA
    “History Repeating” = TBA
    “States of the Union” = TBA
    “Domestic Issues” = TBA
    “Two Places” = TBA
    “36 Hours” = TBA
    “Something New” = TBA
    “Holy Matrimony” = TBA
    “The Feast of Ephiphany” = TBA
    “The Missionary Imposition” = TBA
    “Compromises” = TBA
    “Separation Anxiety” = TBA
    “Double Negative” = TBA
    “Moral Hazard” = TBA
    “Prior Commitments” = TBA


    How I Met Your Mother
    “Wait For It” = TBA
    “We’re Not From Here” = TBA
    “Third Wheel” = TBA
    “Little Boys” = TBA
    “How I Met Everyone Else” = TBA
    “I’m Not that Guy” = TBA
    “Dowisetrepla” = TBA
    “Spoiler Alert” = TBA
    “Slapsgiving” = TBA
    “The Yips” = TBA
    “The Platinum Rule” = TBA
    “No Tomorrow” = TBA
    “Ten Sessions” = TBA
    “The Bracket” = TBA
    “The Chain of Screaming” = TBA
    “Sandcastles in the Sand” = TBA
    “The Goat” = A (MVPs: NBH all the way)
    “Rebound Bro” = TBA
    “Everything Must Go” = TBA


    Two and a Half Men
    “Large Birds, Spiders and Mom” = TBA
    “Media Room Slash Dungeon” = TBA
    “Dum Diddy Dum Diddy Doo” = TBA
    “City of Great Racks” = TBA
    “Putting Swim Fins on a Cat” = TBA
    “Help Daddy Find His Toenail” = TBA
    “The Leather Gear is in the Guest Room” = TBA
    “Is There a Mrs. Waffles?” = TBA
    “Shoes, Hats, Pickle Jar Lids” = TBA
    “Kinda Like Necrophilia” = TBA
    “Meander to Your Dander” = TBA
    “A Little Clammy and None Too Fresh” = TBA
    “Winky Dink Time” = TBA
    “Rough Night in Hump Junction (aka His Ugly Bundle)” = TBA
    “Look at Me, Mommy, I’m Pretty” = TBA
    “Fish in a Drawer” = TBA
    “Finish Your Yemisir Kik Wat” = TBA


    Samantha Who?
    “Pilot” = B+ (MVPs: Applegate, McCarthy, Smart, Esposito)
    “The Job” = B+ (MVPs: Applegate, McCarthy, Smart, Esposito)
    “The Wedding” = A  (MVPs: Applegate, McCarthy, Smart, Watson, Dunn, Esposito)
    “The Virgin” = B+  (MVPs: Applegate, Smart, McCarthy, Esposito)
    “The Restraining Order” = A (MVPs: Applegate)
    “The Hypnotherapist” = TBA
    “The Hockey Date” = TBA
    “The Car” = TBA
    “The Breakup” = TBA
    “The Girlfriend” = TBA
    “The Boss” = TBA
    “The Butterflies” = TBA
    “The Gallery Show” = TBA
    “The Affair” = TBA
    “The Birthday” = TBA


    “Four Months Later” = B (MVPs: Oka, Panetierre, Anders, Grunberg, Pasdar, Takei)
    “Lizards” = B (MVPs: Oka, Grunberg, Ramamurthy, Panettiere, Coleman)
    “Kindred” = B+ (MVPs: Oka, Coleman, Grunberg, Ventimilia, Ramamurthy, Anders, Panetierre)
    “The Kindess of Strangers” = C (MVPs: Grunberg, Pasdar, Coleman, Panetierre, Davis, Gray-Cabey, Quinto, Ramirez, Nichols)
    “Fight or Flight” = B (MVPs: Grunberg, Pasdar, Ventimilia, Gray-Cabey, Ramamurthy, Carr)
    “The Line” = B+ (MVPs: Coleman, Oka, Ventimilia, Quinto, Ramamurthy, Panetierre, D’Agosto, Carr)
    “Out of Time” = A (MVPs: Grunberg, Anders, Coleman, Panetierre, Tamura, Tobolowsky)
    “Four Months Ago” = B (MVPs: Anders, Ventimilia, Grunberg, Larter)
    “Cautionary Tales” = A (MVPs: Coleman, Oka, Panetierre, Grunberg, Ramamurthy, Tobolowsky)
    “Truth & Consequences” = B+ (MVPs: Oka, Coleman, Panetierre, Ventimiglia, Anders, Quinto, Ramamurthy)
    “Powerless” = A (MVPs: Quinto, Coleman, Oka, Pasdar, Grunberg, Anders)


    Boston Legal
    “Beauty and the Beast” = TBA
    “The Innocent Man” = TBA
    “The Chicken and the Leg” = TBA
    “Do Tell” = TBA
    “Hope & Glory” = TBA
    “The Object of My Affection” = TBA
    “Attack of the Xenophobes” = TBA
    “Oral Contracts” = TBA
    “No Brains Left Behind” = TBA
    “Green Christmas” = TBA
    “Mad About You” = TBA
    “Roe v. Wade, The Musical” = TBA
    “Glow in the Dark” = TBA
    “Rescue Me” = TBA
    “Tabloid Nation” = TBA
    “The Mighty Rogues” = TBA
    “The Court Supreme” = TBA
    “The Gods Must Be Crazy” = TBA
    “Indecent Proposals” = TBA


    Back To You
    “Pilot” = A (Submission for script, direction. MVPs: Grammar, Heaton)
    “Fish Story” = TBA
    “The First Supper” = TBA
    “A Gentleman Always Leads” = TBA
    “A Night of Possibilities” = TBA
    “Gracie’s Bully” = TBA
    “Something’s Up There” = TBA
    “Cradle to Grave” = TBA
    “Business or Pleasure” = TBA
    “The Wall of Fame” = TBA
    “Hug & Tell, part 1” = TBA
    “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, part 2” = TBA
    “The New Boss” = TBA
    “House of Tomorrow” = TBA
    “Chuck and Kelly, Doin It Again” = TBA


    Private Practice
    “Come Rain or Shine: From Grey’s Anatomy to Private Practice” = TBA
    “The Other Side of This Life, part 1” = TBA
    “The Other Side of This Life, part 2” = TBA

    “In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl from Somewhere Else” = TBA
    “In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor” = TBA
    “In Which Addison Finds the Magic” = TBA
    “In Which Addison Has a Very Casual Get Together” = TBA
    “In Which Addison Finds a Showerhead” = TBA
    “In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole” = TBA
    “In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride” = TBA
    “In Which Cooper Finds a Port in His Storm” = TBA
    “In Which Dell Finds His Fight” = TBA


    Dirty Sexy Money
    “Pilot” = TBA
    “The Lions” = TBA
    “The Italian Banker” = TBA
    “The Chiavennasca” = TBA
    “The Game” = TBA
    “The Wedding” = TBA
    “The Country House” = TBA
    “The Watch” = TBA
    “The Nutcracker” = TBA


    Pushing Daisies
    “Pie-lette” = TBA
    “Dummy” = TBA
    “The Fun in Funeral” = TBA
    “Pigeon” = TBA
    “Girth” = TBA
    “Bitches” = TBA
    “Smell of Success” = TBA
    “Bitter Sweets” = TBA
    “Corpsicle” = TBA



    “The Beginning of the End” = A (A Hurley episode. MVPs: Jorge Garcia, Evangeline Lilly, Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, Dominic Monaghan, Emerson)
    “Confirmed Dead” = A (A rescue team episode–Gabriel, Miles, Charlotte, ???. MVPs: O’Quinn, Fox, Holloway, Andrews, Emerson. Cinematography and editing noms possible.)
    “The Economist” = A- (A Sayid episode. MVPs: Andrews, O’Quinn, Fox, Holloway, Lilly, Garcia)
    “Eggtown” = A (A Kate episode. MVPs: Lilly, Holloway, Fox, O’Quinn)
    “The Constant” = A+ (A Desmond episode. Nominees for: Direction, writing, editing. MVPs: Henry Ian Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Andrews)
    “The Other Woman” = A (A Juliet episode. MVPs: Elizabeth Mitchell, Michael Emerson, Rebecca Mader, Brett Cullen)
    “Ji Yeon” = B (A Sun episode. MVPs: Kim, Kim, Lilly, Mitchell, Fox, Garcia, Cusick, Andrews)
    “Meet Kevin Johnson” = A (A Michael episode. MVPs: Perrineau, Andrews, Emerson, Cusick, O’Quinn, Holloway)
    “The Shape of Things to Come” = A (A Ben episode. PLEASE submit as a series tape. Superb writing, direction, acting. MVPs: Emerson, O’Quinn, Holloway, Garcia, Lilly, Fox, Andrews)
    “Something Nice Back Home” = B+ (A Jack episode. MVPs: Fox, Lilly, Mitchell, Kim, Kim, Holloway)
    “Cabin Fever” = B+  (A Locke episode. The only show this season which isn’t a Flash Forward. MVPs: O’Quinn, Emerson, Andrews, Garcia, Cusick)
    “There’s No Place Like Home, part 1” = A (An Oceanic Six flash forward. MVPs: direction, script–woulda been A+ except for that “moving the island” nonsense; Fox, Emerson, Lilly, Holloway, Garcia, Y. Kim, Marin, Cusick)
    “There’s No Place Like Home, part 2” = A (MVPs: Fox, O’Quinn, Holloway, Garcia, Lily, Cusick, Andrews, Emerson)
    “There’s No Place Like Home, part 3” = A+ (MVPs: Lily, Y. Kim, Garcia, Holloway, Cusick, O’Quinn, D. Kim, Fox)


    Ugly Betty
    “How Betty Got her Grieve Back” = TBA
    “Family/Affair” = TBA
    “Betty’s Wait Problem” = TBA
    “Grin and Bear It” = TBA
    “A League of Their Own” = TBA
    “Something Wicked This Way Comes” = TBA
    “A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding” = TBA
    “I See Me, ICU” = TBA
    “Giving Up the Ghost” = TBA
    “Bananas for Betty” = TBA
    “Zero Worship” = TBA
    “Odor in the Court” = TBA
    “A Thousand Words by Friday” = TBA
    “Twenty-Four Candles” = TBA
    “Burning Questions” = TBA
    “Betty’s Baby Bump” = TBA
    “The Kids Are Alright” = TBA
    “Jump” = TBA


    My Name Is Earl
    “My Name Is Inmate 28301-016, part 1” = TBA
    “My Name Is Inmate 28301-016, part 2” = TBA
    “The Gangs of Camden County” = TBA
    “The Frank Factor” = TBA
    “Creative Writing” = TBA
    “Frank’s Girl” = TBA
    “Our Other COPS is On, part 1” = TBA
    “Our Other COPS is On, part 2” = TBA
    “Randy in Charge” = TBA
    “Midnight Bun” = TBA
    “Burn Victim” = TBA
    “Early Release” = TBA
    “Bad Earl” = TBA
    “I Won’t Die with a Little Help from my Friends, Part 1” = TBA
    “I Won’t Die with a Little Help from my Friends, Part 2” = TBA
    “Stole a Motorcycle” = TBA
    “No Heads and a Duffel Bag” = TBA
    “Killerball” = TBA
    “Love Octagon” = TBA
    “Girl Earl” = TBA
    “Camdenites, Part 1” = TBA
    “Camdenites, Part 2” = TBA


    30 Rock
    “Seinfeld Vision” = C (MVPs: Baldwin, McBrayer, Fey, Krakowski, Seinfeld)
    “Jack Gets in the Game” = B (MVPs: Baldwin, Arnett, Torn, Fey, Krakowski, Sheppard, McBrayer)
    “The Collection” = A- (MVPs: Baldwin, Fey, McBrayer, Buscemi, Krakowski, Shepard)
    “Rosemary’s Baby” = A+ (Baldwin submission. MVPs: Fey, Fisher, Krakowski, McBrayer, Morgan, writing)
    “Greenzo” = B+ (MVPs: Fey, Baldwin, Gore, Krakowski, McBrayer, Adsit, Morgan, Schwimmer)
    “Somebody to Love” = A+ (Awesome script. MVPs: Falco, Baldwin, Fey, McBrayer, Adsit)
    “Cougars” = A (MVPs: Fey, Emmich, Baldwin, Krakowski, Friedlander, McBrayer)
    “Secrets and Lies” = B+ (MVPs: Baldwin, Falco, Fey, Krakowski, Morgan, Carville)
    “Ludachrismas” = A (MVPs: Fey, Baldwin, Stritch, Henry, Krakowski, McBrayer, Friedlander, Morgan)
    “Episode 210” = A (MVPs: Baldwin, Fey, Falco, Krakowski, McBrayer, Morgan, Knight)
    “MILF Island” = A (MVPs: script, Fey, Baldwin, McBrayer)
    “Subway Hero” = C (MVPs: Fey, Krakowski, McBrayer, Baldwin, Morgan)
    “Succession” = A (MVPs: writing, Arnett, Baldwin, Fey, Torn)
    “Sandwich Day” = A (MVPs: Baldwin, Fey, Sudekis, Krakowski, Dennehy, McBrayer)
    “Cooter” = A (MVPs: Baldwin, Broderick)


    Grey’s Anatomy
    “A Change Is Gonna Come” = B (MVPs: Wilson, Ramirez, Heigl, Knight)
    “Love/Addiction” = A (MVPs: Heigl, Carroll, Knight, Dempsey, Wilson, Pickens, Ramirez, karesh)
    “Let the Truth Sting” = B+ (Wilson, Heigl, Karesh, Knight, Ramirez)
    “The Heart of the Matter” = TBA
    “Haunt You Every Day” = B (MVPs: script, Chambers, Reaser, Knight, Ramirez, Heigl, Wilson, Pickens, Leigh, Dempsey, Carroll, Hermann, Rocha, Smith)
    “Kung Fu Fighting” = B+ (MVPs: Heigl, Smith, Pickens, Leigh, Knight, Chambers, Wilson)
    “Physical Attraction…Chemical Reaction” = B+ (MVPs: Wilson, Leigh, Heigl, Dempsey, Pickens, Ramirez, Chambers)
    “Forever Young” = A (MVPs: Wilson!, Leigh, Chambers, Heigl, Smith, Pickens, Dempsey, Knight)
    “Crash Into Me, part 1” = TBA
    “Crash Into Me, part 2” = TBA
    “Lay Your Hands On Me” = TBA
    “Where the Wild Things Are” = TBA
    “Piece of My Heart” = TBA
    “The Becoming” = TBA
    “Losing My Mind” = TBA
    “Freedom” = TBA


    The Office
    “Fun Run” = C (MVPs: Fischer, Krasinski, Wilson, Kinsey, Hardin, Helms,  Bratton, Novak, Flannery, Carrell)
    “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” = A (Script, direction. MVPs: Novak, Carrell, Wilson, Fischer, Krasinski, Kapor, Helms, Bratton)
    “Launch Party” = A (MVPs: Wilson, Krasinski, Fischer, Novak, Carrell, Helms,  Bratton)
    “Money” = B+ (MVPs: Krasinski, Fischer, Wilson, Carrell, Hardin, Bratton, Novak)
    “Local Ad” = B+ (MVPs: Krasinski, Wilson, Fischer, Carrell, Kalins, Helms, Novak)
    “Branch Wars” = A- (MVPs: Wilson, Krasinski, Carrell, Fischer, Baker, Jones)
    “Survivor Man” = A (MVPs: Carrell, FISCHER!, Krasinski, Wilson, Novak)
    “The Deposition” = B (MVPs: Carrell, Hardin, Novak, Wilson, Krasinski, Fischer, Kalins)
    “Dinner Party” = A- (MVPs: Hardin, Carrell, Wilson, Krasinski, Fischer)
    “The Chair Model” = B+ (MVPs: Carrell, Wilson, Fischer, Krasinski, Helms)
    “Night Out” = A (MVPs: Novak, Carrell, Wilson, Krasinski, Fischer, Helms)
    “Did I Stutter?” = B+ (MVPs: Carrell, Baker, Krasinski, Wilson, Helms, Fischer)
    “Job Fair” = A (MVPs: Fischer, Krasinski, Helms, Wilson, Carrell)
    “Goodbye, Toby” = A (MVPs: Wilson, Fischer, Krasinski, Carrell, Lieberstein, Ryan, Helms, Kinsey)


    Friday Night Lights
    “Last Days of Summer” = B (MVPs: Britton, Palicki, Chandler, Plemons, Teegarden, Kitsch)
    “Bad Ideas” = B+ (MVPs: Britton, Kitsch, Chandler, Palicki, Teegarden, Plemons, Leland, Walters, Morshower)
    “Are You Ready for Friday Night?” = A (MVPs: Kitsch!!!, Chandler, Britton, Teegarden, Palicki, Plemons, Morshower, Porter, Charles)
    “Backfire” = A (MVPs: Kitsch, Chandler, Palicki, Porter, Leland, Kelly)
    “Let’s Get It On” = A+ (MVPs: Chandler, Palicki, Plemons, Kitsch, Kelly, Porter, Britton, Morshower)
    “How Did I Get Here?” = A (MVPs: Kitsch, Chandler, Britton, Porter, Plemons, Palicki, Teegarden, Morshower, Charles, Ciaramello)
    “Pantherama!” = A- (MVPs: Kitsch, Britton, Palicki, Charles, Chandler, Gilford, Leland, Nichols, [Santiago])
    “Seeing Other People” = A (MVPs: Chandler, Kitsch, Gilford, Teegarden, Britton, Plemons)
    “The Confession” = A (MVPs: Britton, Kitsch, Chandler, Plemons, Palicki, Morshower, Teegarden, Porter, Gilford)
    “There Goes the Neighborhood” = A (MVPs: Kitsch, Chandler, Palicki, Plemons, Britton, Teegarden, Gilsig)
    “Jumping the Gun” = A (MVPs: Kitsch, Chandler, Britton)
    “Who Do You Think You Are?” = A (MVPs: Ciaramello, Kitsch, Kelly, Gilford, Chandler, Britton, Teegarden)
    “Humble Pie” = A (MVPs: Kitsch, Kelly, Palicki, Britton, Leland, Chandler, Charles)
    “Leave No One Behind” = A (MVPs: Charles, Britton, Chandler, Gilford, Plemons, Palicki, Teegarden, Kitsch, Kelly)
    “May the Best Man Win” = A (MVPs: Charles, Kitsch, Chandler, Britton, Berg, Porter, Kelly, Plemons)


    Men in Trees
    “A Tree Grows in Elmo” = TBA
    “Chemical Reactions” = TBA
    “No Man Is An Iceland” = TBA
    “I Wood If I Could” = TBA
    “The Girl Who Cried Wolf, part 1” = TBA
    “Nice Day for a Dry Wedding, part 2” = TBA
    “Sea Change” = TBA
    “Sweatering It Out” = TBA
    “Charity Case” = TBA
    “Sonata in Three Parts” = TBA
    “Home, Seized Home” = TBA
    “Read Between the Minds” = TBA
    “A Tale of Two Kidneys” = TBA
    “Get a Life” = TBA
    “Wander/Lust” = TBA
    “Kiss and Don’t Tell” = TBA


    “Welcome to the Jungle” = A+ (MVPs: direction, script, Grenier, Connolly, PIven, Dillon, Reeves, Ferrara)
    “The First Cut is the Deepest” = A- (MVPs: Piven, Connolly, Grenier, Dillon, Ferrara, Reeves)
    “Malibooty” = A- (MVPs: Connolly, Piven, Grenier, Dillon)
    “Sorry, Harvey” = A- (MVPs: Piven, Connolly, Dillon, Grenier, Ferrara)
    “The Dream Team” = B+ (MVPs: Connolly, Grenier, Piven, Lee, Dillon, Ferrara)
    “The WeHo Ho” = A (MVPs: Piven, Coiro, Lee, Connolly, Grenier, Dillon)
    “The Day ****ers” = A (MVPs: Piven, Ferrara, Reeves, Dillon, Grenier)
    “Gary’s Desk” = A (MVPs: Piven!, Dillon, Connollly, Ferrara, Grenier, Mazar, Busey)
    “The Young and the Stoned” = A
    “Snow Job” = A
    “No Cannes Do” = A+
    “The Cannes Kids” = A+ (MVPs: Dillon, Connolly, Piven, Grenier, Lee, Reeves)


    In Treatment
    “Laura: Week One” = A (MVPs: George, Byrne)
    “Alex: Week One” = B+ (MVPs: Byrne, Underwood)
    “Sophie: Week One” = B+ (MVPs: Byrne)
    “Jake and Amy: Week One” = A (MVPs: Charles,  Byrne, Davidtz)
    “Paul and Gina: Week One” = A (MVPs: Byrne, Weist)
    “Laura: Week Two” = B+ (MVPs: George, Byrne)
    “Alex: Week Two” = C (MVP: Byrne)
    “Sophie: Week Two” = B- (MVPs: Byrne, Wasikowska, Forbes)
    “Jake and Amy: Week Two” = A+ (MVPs: SCRIPT!, Forbes, Byrne, Davidtz, Charles)
    “Paul and Gina: Week Two” = A (MVPs: Byrne, Weist)
    “Laura: Week Three” = A (MVPs: George, Byrne, Underwood)
    “Alex: Week Three” = B (MVPs: Byrne, Underwood)
    “Sophie: Week Three” = B+ (MVPs: Waisikowska, Byrne)
    “Jake and Amy: Week Three” = A (MVPs: Davidtz, Charles, Byrne, Forbes)
    “Paul and Gina: Week Three” = A (MVPs: Byrne, Weist)
    “Laura: Week Four” = A (MVPs: George, Byrne)
    “Alex: Week Four” = B+ (MVPs: Underwood, Byrne)
    “Sophie: Week Four” = B+ (MVPs: Warsikowa, Byrne)
    “Jake and Amy: Week Four” = A (MVPs: Charles, Davidtz, Byrne)
    “Paul and Gina: Week Four” = A (MVPs: Byrne, Weist)
    “Laura: Week Five” = A (MVPs: George, Byrne, direction, script)
    “Alex: Week Five” = A (MVPs: Byrne, Underwood, Forbes)
    “Sophie: Week Five” = B+ (MVPs: Warsikowska, Sophie’s mom, Byrne)
    “Jake and Amy: Week Five” = A+ (MVPs: Charles, Davidtz, Byrne)
    “Paul and Gina: Week Five” = A (MVPs: Forbes, Byrne, Weist)
    “Laura: Week Six” = A (MVPs: George, Byrne, Forbes)
    “Alex: Week Six” = TBA
    “Sophie: Week Six” = B+ (MVPs: Waisokswa, Byrne)
    “Jake and Amy: Week Six” = C (MVPs: Byrne, Davidtz; no Jake)
    “Paul and Gina: Week Six” = A (MVPs: Forbes, Byrne, Weist)
    “Laura: Week Seven” = A- (MVPs: Whitman, Richardson, Byrne; not a Laura episode at all. His kids instead.)
    “Alex: Week Seven” = B (MVPs: Underwood, Byrne)
    “Sophie: Week Seven” = B+ (MVPs: Wariskwa, Byrne)
    “Jake and Amy: Week Seven” = A (MVPs: Charles!, Davidtz, Byrne)
    “Paul and Gina: Week Seven” = A (MVPs: Forbes, Byrne, Weist)
    “Laura: Week Eight” = A (MVPs: Byrne, George, Turman)
    “Alex: Week Eight” = A (MVPs: Turman, Byrne)
    “Sophie: Week Eight” = C (MVPs: Warsichowa, Byrne, Campbell)
    “Jake and Amy: Week Eight” = B (MVPs: Charles, Byrne, Forbes)
    “Paul and Gina: Week Eight” = A (MVPs: Weist submission, Byrne)
    “Sophie: Week Nine” = A (MVPs: Waisowska submission, Horton, Byrne, Whitman)
    “Jake and Amy: Week Nine” = A (MVPs: Davidtz, Charles, Byrne)
    “Paul and Gina: Week Nine” = A- (MVPs: Weist, George, Byrne)


    Big Love
    “Damage Control” = TBA
    “The Writing on the Wall (aka The Writing)” = TBA
    “Reunion” = TBA
    “Rock and a Hard Place” = TBA
    “Vision Thing” = TBA
    “Dating Game” = TBA
    “Good Guys and Bad Guys” = TBA
    “Kingdom Come” = TBA
    “Circle the Wagons” = TBA
    “The Happiest Girl” = TBA
    “Take Me As I Am” = TBA
    “Oh, Pioneers” = TBA


    Misc. SHOWTIME
    “Pilot” = A+ (Submission for direction–Stephen Hopkins, writing, cinematography. MVPs: Duchovny, McElhone)
    “Hell-A Woman” = A (Submission for cinematography. MVPs: Duchovny, McElhone, Paula Marshall)
    “The Whore of Babylon” = A (MVPs: Duchovny, McElhone, Handler)
    “Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser” = A (Possible submission for Duchovny. MVPs: McElhone, Handler)
    “LOL” = A (MVPs: Duchovny, McElhone, Handler, Rollins)
    “Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder” = A (MVPs: naked Duchovny, McElhone, Handler; sound really sucked this ep)
    “Girls, Interrupted” = B+ (MVPs: Duchovny, McElhone)
    “California Son” = A+ (MVPs: Script, direction, editing, Duchovny, McElhone, Handler)
    “Filthy Lucre” = A (MVPs: Duchovny, McElhone, Handler)
    “The Devil’s Threesome” = A- (MVPs: Duchovny, McElhone, Handler, Adlon)
    “Turn the Page” = A (Script, direction. MVPs: McElhone, Duchovny, Handler, Martin)
    “The Last Waltz” = A (MVPs: Duchovny, McElhone, Handler, Zima)


    “Doing the Backstroke” = B (MVPs: Kirk, Parker, kid who plays Shane, Deschanel)
    “A Pool and His Money” = B+ (MVPs: Patano, Perkins, Nealon, Parker, Kirk)
    “The Brick Dance” = B (MVP: direction, Parker, Kirk, Perkins)
    “Sh!t Highway” = A- (MVPs: Perkins, Parker, Kirk, Modine, Nealon)
    “Bill Sussman” = B+ (MVPs: Parker, Kirk, Perkins, Nealon)
    “Grasshopper” = A- (MVPs: Parker, Perkins, Modine, Patano, Kirk)
    “He Taught Me How To Drive By” = A (MVPs: Parker, Perkins, Kirk, Modine)
    “The Two Mrs. Scottsons” = B+ (MVPs: Perkins, Parker, Modine, Kirk, Nealon)
    “Release the Hounds” = B+ (MVPs: Parker, Kirk, Perkins, Nealon, Modine, Smith, Pancholy, Olsen)
    “Roy Till Called” = B+ (MVPs: Parker, Nealon, Perkins, Modine, Smith, Kirk)
    “Cankles” = A- (MVPs: Perkins, Parker, Nealon, Patano, Kirk, Malco, Gould, Smith, Olsen)
    “The Dark Time” = A (MVPs: Parker submission, Malco’s backside, Perkins, Kirk, Nealon, Milder, Modine, Grayden)
    “Risk” = B (MVPs: Perkins, Parker, Malco, Kirk, Nealon, Grayden, Rowland)
    “Protection” = A (MVPs: Perkins, Parker, Patanyo, Malco, Kirk, Nealon, Grayden)
    “Go” = A (MVPs: Parker, Kirk, Nealon, Perkins, Olsen)


    “It’s Alive” = TBA
    “Waiting to Exhale” = TBA
    “An Inconvenient Lie” = TBA
    “See Through” = TBA
    “The Dark Defender” = TBA
    “Dex, Lies and Videotape” = TBA
    “That Night, A Forest Grew” = TBA
    “Morning Comes” = TBA
    “Resistance Is Futile” = TBA
    “There’s Something About Harry” = TBA
    “Left Turn Ahead” = TBA
    “The British Invasion” = TBA


    The Tudors
    “201” = TBA
    “202” = TBA
    “203” = TBA
    “204” = TBA
    “205” = TBA
    “206” = TBA
    “207” = TBA
    “208” = TBA
    “209” = TBA
    “210” = TBA


    “Pilot” = TBA
    “Jesus, Mary and Joe ****er” = TBA
    “And My Paralyzing Fear of Death” = TBA
    “Tastes Like a Ho Ho” = TBA
    “A Regular Earl Anthony” = TBA
    “She Spat At Me” = TBA
    “We Are Not Animals” = TBA
    “Blame the Victim” = TBA
    “Do You Regret What We Did?” = TBA
    “Sort of Like a Family” = TBA
    “I Hate These People” = TBA
    “There’s No “We” Anymore” = TBA
    “Because I Know Patty” = TBA


    Breaking Bad
    “Pilot” = A+ (Phenomenal. Direction, script, editing. MVPs: Cranston!!, Paul, Gunn)
    “Cat’s in the Bag…” = B+ (Direction, script, editing. MVPs: Cranston!!!, Paul, Gunn)
    “…and the Bag’s in the River” = A
    “Cancer Man” = A+ (MVPs: writing, direction, Paul, Cranston, Gunn, Norris, Brandt)
    “Grey Matter” = A+ (MVPs: Cranson, Gunn, Paul)
    “Crazy Handful of Nothin'” = A (MVPs: Cranston!, Paul, Gunn)
    “A No-Rough-Stuff Type Deal” = A+ (MVPs: Cranston, Paul, Gunn, Norris, Brand)


    Mad Men
    “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” = A (Nominees for direction, writing, art direction, editing, costumes. MVPs: Hamm, Kartheiser, Hendricks, Moss)
    “Ladies Room” = B+ (MVPs: Hamm, Moss, Hendricks)
    “Marriage of Figaro” = A- (MVPs: Hamm, Siff, Slattery, Kartheiser, Jones)
    “New Amsterdam” = A (MVPs: Hamm, Kartheiser, Jones)
    “Five G” = A- (MVPs: Hamm, brother, Jones)
    “Babylon” = A+ (Series submission, writing, direction. MVPs: Hendricks, Hamm, DeWitt, Moss, Slattery)
    “Red in the Face” = A (MVPs: Hamm, Jones, Slattery, Kartheiser, Moss)
    “The Hobo Code” = A (MVPs: script!, Moss, Kartheiser, Hamm, DeWitt, Hendricks, Batt)
    “Shoot” = A (MVPs: Jones, Hamm, Ross, Hendricks, Kartheiser, Slattery, Morse)
    “Long Weekend” = A+ (MVPs: Hamm!, Hendricks, Slattery, Kartheiser, Moss, Morse, Jones)
    “Indian Summer” = A (MVPs: Hendricks, Hamm, Moss, Kartheiser, Jones, Morse, Slattery)
    “Nixon vs. Kennedy” = A+ (MVPs: script, direction, Hamm, Kartheiser, DeWitt, Morse, Moss)
    “The Wheel” = A (MVPs: Jones, Hamm, Kartheiser, Moss)


    “Welcome to Normal” = A (MVPs: Cox, Hart, Breckenridge, Nordling, Eggold)
    “Dirty Slutty Whores” = B+ (MVPs: Cox, Hart, Eggold, Arquette, Arnold, Breckenridge)
    “God Bless the Child” = C+ (MVPs: Cox, Hart, Lawrence, Miller, Nordling, Holt)
    “Ties That (Don’t) Bind” = B+ (MVPs: Cox, Holt, Eggold, Breckenridge, Acosta, Comden, Hart)
    “What Is This Thing Called…” = TBA
    “And the Winner Is…” = TBA
    “In Lieu of Flowers…” = TBA


    The Riches
    “The Last Temptation of Wayne” = TBA
    “Friday Night Lights” = TBA
    “Field of Dreams” = TBA
    “Slums of Bayou Hills” = TBA
    “Trust Never Sleeps” = TBA
    “Dead Caelm” = TBA
    “The Lying King” = TBA

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