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  • Macbeth
    Oct 7th, 2011

    This was an interesting thought I had the other day – what if the Emmys were broadcast on the same network, but different hosts were chosen from the programming on that network. I thought I’d come up with a list of alternative Emmy hosts for the past five years (2008 – 2012)

    The real hosts
    2008 – Reality Host Nominees (ABC)
    2009 – Neil Patrick Harris (CBS)
    2010 – Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
    2011 – Jane Lynch (Fox)
    2012 – Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)

    The alternative hosts
    2008 – The Desperate Housewives (ABC)
    I always felt as if the producers were always considering the Desperate Housewives to host. Would they be funny? Perhaps. Would they be good hosts? Unlikely. Although they couldn’t be worse than the real hosts for that year.
    2009 – Craig Ferguson (CBS)
    CBS really missed this chance back in 2009. Choosing NPH to host was a bold move then (he wasn’t a staple at awards ceremony then yet) and he was suitably good, but Ferguson is naturally funny and hopefully CBS chooses him next year over NPH or Melissa McCarthy
    2010 – Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin (NBC)
    In 2010, 30 Rock had gone from being the new, edgy show to the widely respected older show. Fey and Baldwin would have done a good job hosting, and I assume they didn’t leave the minds of the producers, who chose Fallon over them. For what its worth, Fallon did go on to be one of the greatest Emmy hosts in history.
    2011 – Wanda Sykes? (Fox)
    FOX is difficult to choose an alternative host for. New Girl wasn’t around, Raising Hope doesn’t have stars capable of hosting (unless Cloris Leachman agreed to host) and all that we’re left with is Glee. Jane Lynch is a comedienne, and therefore fits hosting the Emmys well. However, Wanda Sykes recently had a brief talk show stint on Fox, and because she’s a former Emmy host, I picked her.
    2012 – A combination of two Modern Family actors (ABC)
    When Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen hosted the Billboard Music Awards, I was cringing at places. They are incredibly funny, but maybe it was the loose, urban atmosphere that didn’t play to their “mom-and-pop” personalities. Maybe the Emmys could have been a better platform for them to show off their hosting skills. However, it would also be nice to see Ferguson and Stonestreet host, or any of the castmembers. Maybe even the whole cast?

    Please leave your opinions and suggestions if you have any

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