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Apply now to earn $200 to join a focus group about Starz series ‘P-Valley’

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    Tom O'Neil
    May 13th, 2011

    Do YOU wish to participate in Gold Derby’s new focus groups that will pay each participant $200 (via Amazon gift card) to watch around two hours of programming, then meet up with me and about 7 to 10 other Derbyites in a Zoom chat during which you agree to share your honest opinions during an hour or so of private discussion?

    First up: Starz’ “P-Valley.” Early next week I want to put together a group of Derbyites who have and have not seen the show. At least a few of our focus group participants should know the series well. As for the other participants, they can be newbies who will watch a few episodes on links that we will provide to you to view on line prior to Monday, March 29 along with a list of questions we wish to discuss when we gather our Zoom panel participants together next Monday, Tuesday or Weds for our chat.

    TV and film studios really, really value the opinions of Derbyites who are savvy about program quality plus awards and the execs at these media firms are eager to learn your thoughts. Moving forward, Gold Derby plans to have many of these focus groups with lots of top TV networks, film studios and streaming services that need to know things like: Do these TV programs or movies have potential at the Emmys, Oscars, guilds’ or critics’ awards? Performances? Writing? Directing? Costumes? Production Design? etc. If you are impressed by various aspects of a show, what categories do you think the network should campaign for? If you think a certain actor is especially strong, for example, let us know if you think that performer should campaign in lead or supporting?

    Our intention is to share our discussion privately only with the execs at Starz, so we do not plan to webcast these conversations publicly on line. However, there may be some instances here or there that we may want to include a snippet in a separate, public webchat, if appropriate. But basically we are creating this service to privately assist award campaigns with honest and frank feedback and insight from people who REALLY know this stuff – like YOU.

    Already, we have lots of people who responded to our initial announcement that we plan to do these focus groups and I will certainly consider all applicants who contacted me back then. Now we have our first client: Starz series “P-Valley.” If you are chosen to participate, this may be, frankly, your big chance to shine and your brilliance may want us to include you again (and again). Thus this is your big chance to have your opinions matter to Hollywood’s top execs active in award campaigns if we choose to use you often in the future.

    In order to involve a diverse range of people, we need some info about YOU. Please send me a private message at Gold Derby through my profile page here:


    Or send me an email at @goldderby.com">Tom@goldderby.com — with this info:

    your age range

    gender identity



    Have you seen ‘P-Valley’? If so, roughly how many episodes?

    Are you willing to be brutally honest about all aspects of the TV show: plots, performances, writing, directing?

    Are you savvy about Hollywood awards? Do you belong to any showbiz guilds, academies or are you a voter for other Hollywood awards?

    Plus please tell me anything else about yourself think may be relevant. Let’s hear from you who know your stuff and are eager to become part of the very important behind-the-the-scenes awards discussions with Hollywood honchos.

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