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Andrew D
Riley Chow
  • Dennis El Mar
    Jan 21st, 2019

    Quick thoughts on each episode:

    Striking Vipers: DAMN. This one was for sure the stand-out of the season and definitely gave me old-school Black Mirror vibes. The performances were all impeccable – even the wife who wasn’t the focus of the episode gave a very nuanced performance with the script’s limitations. I was worried at the episode’s start that it would be a retread of previous VR episodes, and it was a little bit, but they put a great emotional twist on it that only worked because of the performances. It is in a way a re-working of San Junipero, but it still worked and I also loved the ending.

    Smithereens: Easily the weakest episode of the season, and one of the weakest of all Black Mirror episodes IMO. What I will say is that the performances were all great – Andrew Scott had plenty of baity monologues to spout off – but the writing was INCREDIBLY weak. The monologue Chris gives when he finds out that Jaden isn’t an intern – ie “the sky could turn purple” – had absolutely no nuance and was not clever or profound whatsoever. They really hit you over the head with the message from the very beginning, which is something that Black Mirror was great for not doing in early episodes. The story really didn’t end up going anywhere and was fairly predictable from the start; it definitely came off as a very weak retread and the themes of the episode were way too broad to work. Instead of just going “anti-social media” as a general theme, I wish they had made an episode focused on a more specific technology or issue. I was thinking from just the poster that it might be an episode about Uber, and that would have been a great one; but they didn’t really come up with anything fresh here, and it just felt like a waste for a season with three episodes.

    Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too: This was the median episode for the season; didn’t hit the highs of Striking Vipers, but had a lot more of its moments than Smithereens. Miley was good, and I have to agree with Stegeo that she doesn’t have the material or screentime to put her in the awards conversation, but her voiceover work was outstanding and she was great whenever she was on screen. If anything, it made me think she has great potential for roles in the future even if this one wasn’t fully realized, which was more the script’s fault. Honestly, Angourie Rice was the standout for me; she doesn’t get a whole lot of material, but she was completely believable in a role that was weakly written and could have been forgettable. The big climactic argument scene was a very “look at me act” type of deal but she shined in the quieter moments. The plot was yet again fairly predictable and I wasn’t too impressed by the ending but it was all in all a fun watch with some good performances.

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    Lord Freddy Blackfyre
    Nov 3rd, 2011

    Black Mirror has lost its touch. This season is not on the same level that previous season had established.

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    Sep 9th, 2018

    I started watching this show last Year and watched the first two seasons and the first two of the third season. I just couldn’t Get myself excited for this show So i watched USs calister and stopped watching and i almost never drop a show. Am even still watching riverdale(Yeah i know its absolute trash) I just don’t feel connected to this in any way.

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    Aug 19th, 2011

    So i finished the whole season and I liked it … I think the problem were having is that other episodes have been astounding so when we have three very good , but not astounding episdoes were left feeling underwhelmed… i still think that this season is better than most tv on this year but yes of the Black Mirror seasons its one of the weaker ones.

    I think Smitherieens was the highlight and i think Andrew Scott should be nominated for an Emmy he was perfection and deserves some attention for that role.

    i liked the other two ..

    Total ranking

    San Jupiero
    Entire history of you
    Shut up and Drive
    Hang the DJ
    Hated in the Nation
    be right back
    play test
    uss callister
    Nose Dive
    Rachel Jack and Ashley too
    Black Museum
    Striking Vipers
    15 million merits
    White Christmas
    national Anthem
    The waldo experiment
    men againts fire
    white bear
    Metal head


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    Feb 14th, 2012

    Smithereens was definitely the best out of the three. I thought Striking Vipers and Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too were terrible. Striking Vipers had a great premise about black masculinity, but was totally ruined by horrible writing in the end. The Miley episode was just awful all the way around, except for the On A Roll song. I can’t stop listening to it. Smithereens was classic Black Mirror. Loved everything about the episode.

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    Jan 1st, 1970

    Just finished, Idk why people are complaining. This continues to be outstanding. The ideas are fresh and original. “Striking Vipers” was weird indeed but as I read somewhere “abnormal is the new normal of life” in the Black Mirror world. I had already posted my thoughts on “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”: Miley was good especially voice-acting wise and I found the episode entertaining though definitely the weakest of the 3. As of “Smithereens”, Andrew Scott was soo good. He deserves leading BAFTA for this. I’ll be rooting for him for Emmys too. The episode was a little bit too long though.

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