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    Aug 19th, 2011

    Just finished season four yesterday and felt the need to make a ranking of the entire series. This has been one of the best shows on to. It’s gorgeous entertaining and simply breathtaking. These people are stunningly brilliant and all have such amazing gifts with them bring to the cuisine world. I can’t wait to one day dine in some of these establishments.
    For this list I will also be in including the French season.

    1. Jeong Kwan (Chunjinam Hermitage at the Baekyangsa Temple, South Korea) Season 3 Episode 1
    Nothing compares to Jeong, she is simply amazing … I was completely blown away by her and her story. She care about food and feeding people more than anyone will ever fully grasp and her kindness and joy are infectious.

    2. Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next, The Aviary and Roister in Chicago, United States)- Season 2, Episode 1
    WOW this episode is stunning, not only is grant a genius, he is a hard worker . to not only lose your sense of taste but then to shut down your entire restaurant and restart … amazing.

    3. Christina Tosi (Milk Bar in New York City, United States) Season 4 Episode 1
    I had known her from Masterchef but I didn’t know anything about her story of how she became a world famous chef, I was blown away … that cake …
    4. Nancy Silverton (Mozza in Los Angeles, United States) Season 3 Episode 3
    I knew about Nancy for years from Food network shows and again I had no clue all the struggles and challenges her went thought in her life. She is a brilliant mind and the episode was stunning.

    5. Alain Passard (L’Arpège in Paris, France)- France season , episode 1
    For a world renowned chef to simply stop cooking with meat … WOW …. He was able to picot and do what he felt he needed to do in his career.

    6. Dan Barber – Blue hill at Stone Barns in NYC – Season1, Episode 2
    WOW… Not only did Dan’s restaurant blow me away but his story did as well , this is truly a farm to table restaurant and It was completely mind-blowing to see how much care and work her went into to ensure that his food was the best product available for his patrons.

    7. Alex Atala (D. O. M. in São Paulo, Brazil)- Season 2, Episode 2
    OMG Alex is amazing … I mean who doesn’t want to be friends with him … and the gold ants are too much.

    8. Ivan Orkin (Ivan Ramen in New York City, United States and Tokyo, Japan) Season 3 Episode 4
    His episode was so sad and so enjoyable at the same time.

    9. Ana Roš (Hiša Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia)-Season 2, Episode 5
    She blew me away, not only does she works in one of the most beautiful places in the world. She is truly gifted and can never fully be acknowledged because of the places she lives wow.

    10. Niki Nakayama – N/Naka in Los Angeles – Season 1 , Episode 4
    She blew me away.. She is amazing. I was particularly blown away by the planning and origination she does in her restaurant; she caters each dining experience to each guest so now two stops are alike

    11. Massimo Bottura- Osteria Francescane in Modena Italy – Season 1, Episode 1
    This man was amazing, his love of parmesan cheese is astounding and his ability to unite people from all over the world to come together and make a meal to save the parmesan empire was amazing.

    12. Alexandre Couillon (La Marine in Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, France)-France season, episode 2

    13. Gaggan Anand (Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand)-Season 2 Episode 6
    I loved this episode; I want to eat at Gaggan so badly ..,. the story of how he because the number 1 restaurant was amazing.

    14. Enrique Olvera (Pujol in Mexico City, Mexico)- Season 2 Episode 4

    Loved seeing his family and how they work together

    15. Adeline Grattard (Yam’Tcha in Paris, France)- France season , episode 3
    This was a very good episode I enjoyed the relationship between her and her husband

    16. Magnus Nilsson – Faviken in Jarpen , Sweden- Season 1, Episode 6
    Wow … his restaurant was so unique and stunning … his food looks kind of gross but I would trust him to feed me.

    17. Jordi Roca (El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain) Season 4 Episode 3
    The simple fact that he barely speaks is amazing …

    18. Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn and Petit Crenn in San Francisco, United States)- Season 2, Episode 3
    She is a beast … I enjoyed leanring about her childhood and seeing how that formed her adulthood.

    19. Francis Mallmann- Patagonia in Buenos Aires- Season 1, Episode 3
    This man is a genius … and maybe a little insane … his episode focused on him and his crazy outdoor cooking lifestyle.
    20. Michel Troisgros (La Maison Troisgros in Roanne, France)- France season , episode 4
    Nothing very memorable overall.

    21. Virgilio Martínez (Central in Lima, Peru) Season 3 Episode 6
    His farm to table or jungle to table movement is interesting for sure

    22. Will Goldfarb (Room 4 Dessert in Ubud, Indonesia)- Season 4 Episode 4
    This wasn’t bad , but it wasn’t one of the more intriguing stories

    23. Corrado Assenza (Caffè Sicilia in Noto, Italy) Season 4 Episode 2
    While I enjoyed Corrado and would love to eat everything in his Café the episode lacked some depth and didn’t feel all the exciting in the end.

    24. Ben Shewry – Attica in Melbourne, Australia – Season 1, Episode 5
    I don’t really remember all that much about him or his restaurant.

    25. Vladimir Mukhin (White Rabbit in Moscow, Russia) Season 3 Episode 2
    While I truly enjoyed a look into his fantastical restaurant I didn’t enjoy Vladimir as much as have the other chefs in the show and thus this episode was one of my least favorite

    26. Tim Raue (Restaurant Tim Raue in Berlin, Germany) Season 3 Episode 5
    This episode was my least favorite … I didn’t connect with him and found him to be very off-putting.


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