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Riley (the no..
  • Trent
    May 14th, 2011

    Use this thread to discuss the categories of Best Comedy Guest Actor and Best Comedy Guest Actress.

    Please be sure to post your predictions and KEEP THEM UPDATED in the Gold Derby predictions center, which many people in the entertainment industry keep a close eye on.


    Will Arnett – 30 Rock (“Idiots Are People Three!”)
    Bobby Cannavale – Nurse Jackie (“Disneyland Sucks”)
    Jimmy Fallon – Saturday Night Live (“Host: Jimmy Fallon”)
    Michael J. Fox – Curb Your Enthusiasm (“Larry vs. Michael J. Fox”)
    Jon Hamm – 30 Rock (“Live from Studio 6H”)
    Greg Kinnear – Modern Family (“Me? Jealous?”)

    Elizabeth Banks – 30 Rock (“The Return of Avery Jessup”)
    Kathy Bates – Two and a Half Men (“Why We Gave Up Women”)
    Margaret Cho – 30 Rock (“The Return of Avery Jessup”)
    Dot-Marie Jones – Glee (“Choke”)
    Melissa McCarthy – Saturday Night Live (“Host: Melissa McCarthy”)
    Maya Rudolph – Saturday Night Live (“Host: Maya Rudolph”)

    May 29th, 2011

    I guess i’m sort of glad that Margaret got in cause i like her comedy but there were alot of dissapointments in the guest categories.

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    Apr 22nd, 2011

    I’ll repost here:

    just watched all the guest actor in a comedy series nominees and it’s not really a competitive category with only two men worthy of the win.

    1. Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live (“Host: Jimmy Fallon”)
    2. Michael J. Fox, Curb Your Entusiasm (“Larry vs. Michael J. Fox”)
    3. Jon Hamm, 30 Rock (“Live from Studio 6H”)
    4. Greg Kinnear, Modern Family (“Me? Jealous?”)
    5. Will Arnett, 30 Rock (“Idiots are People Three!”)
    6. Bobby Canavale. Nurse Jackie (“Disneyland Sucks”)

    Canavale’s character if you watched the rest of the season is much like villian because he got very mean. His choice of an episode was smart because he is actually as likeable as the character can get. In the episode you see him being hated by the other characters when he decides to switch up everyone’s jobs as well as scaring the nurses. He has a small amount of screentime because the episode splits with the better storyline of edie’s nurse jackie.

    Arnett receives his 4th nomination for his character on 30 Rock. This year as usual the character is in a fight with Alec Baldwin’s Jack but this time he tries to get his kids into school. At the end of the episode he mentions that Jack has lost to hime even though jack then goes to say in Arnett’ last scene that he has actually win. The problem Arnett always has is that Baldwin always upstages him especially this year I thought that Baldwin was much better then Arnett.

    Kinnear before his episode aired was probably thought of to be an automatic emmy winner. He plays Tad who when Claire and Phil meets him is very into Claire and of course she sees him kissing her but Phil does not see what happens. In other scenes he is boviously into Claire, then in his final scene the thing that makes Phil jealous is that he makes Claire laugh. Kinnear is in fourth only because the other two nominees are not as good still with kinnear being unfunny most of the time.

    Hamm gets his third nomination for 30 Rock and even though this year he has the least amout of screentime of any other nominee. He has two scenes where in the first scene he is the funniest thing that happened all season of 30 Rock where hamm in blackface plays opposite Tracy as a blackman and it is the funnies momet in all these nominees. Then his other quick scene is that he plays a news anchor and scene is like a monite long. Hamm has his screentime going aganist him.

    Fox plays himself of course on this show. In the episode it is a fight between David and Fox, the writing makes fox funny when he makes fun of himself with his diasese getting away with a lot of things when everybody lets him get away with it. Fox is the standout in the episode getting to give out to david most of the time especialluy in his final scene where he gets to kick David out of new york Fox has going aganist him is that he can be very unlikeable even when being funny.

    The reason Fallon is my number one choice is down to a few points. One: He has the longest episode where Fallon returns to host the show that made his famous to begin with. Two: He is funny troughout and gets to sing a few times which can only help him. Three: With new characters like all past member hosts get to do is he gets to revist old characters. Fallon is just a riot throughoyt being one of the better hosts of the past season. Fallon should be a lock to win this category only if voters love Fox they might give him the win.

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    Apr 22nd, 2011

    I’ll repost here:

    I just watched all the guest actress in a comedy series nominees. This year there are some good nominees and some really underserving nominees:

    1. Maya Rudolph, Saturday Night Live (“Host: Maya Rudolph”)
    2. Melissa McCarthy, Saturday Night Live (“Host: Melissa McCarthy”)
    3. Dot Marie Jones, Glee (“Choke”)
    4. Elizabeth Banks, 30 Rock (“The Return of Avery Jessup”)
    5. Kathy Bates, Two and a Half Men (“Why We Gave Up Women”)
    6. Margaret Cho, 30 Rock (“The Return of Avery Jessup”)

    Cho plays real life Kim Jong-II on the show of 30 Rock, in this episode she is on the episode I would say for aroung 14% of the episode (1:30/21 mnutes) in her scenes Cho does the comedy version of Jong, she does really nothing and it still confuses me how she got a nominations with so many other potential people even more deserving people from 30 Rock (e.g. Moretz, Shepherd, Steenburgen). If she wins it will be the most confusing thing of the year.

    Bates is double nominated this year and if I had to choose a side she has the better chance of winning it would be is on the drama side even though she has no chance. In the episode she plays Sheen’s character Charlie, she comes to Alan as a women who charlie has taken over by heel. She gets to smoke a cigar and show her male/lady parts to alan. Bates in the episode is just be the character of bates playing her version of Charlie. Bates could win on name alone but I hope not.

    Banks receives her second nomination for 30 rock. In the episode we finally get to see her return from life with Cho’s character. The normal chemistry between Banks and Baldwin is strong because Avery is the female Jack. In the episode she gets to trick Jack by him sharing all he did when she was gone (12 month wrap up, wrap up). Banks is finally funny compared to her past apperances. She may be good but like every guest star opposite Baldwin (Stritch is the only one who can upstage him) gets beaten by Baldwin.

    Jones is probably the main reason I watched this past season of Glee, because after she received a nomination last year I thought that this season she had an amazing season only being in a few episodes. Jones plays Beastie who in the episode we find out is getting abused by her husband. Jones gives in my opnion the best PERFORMANCE in her category, i mean not comedic. She is the person I connected with the most (Jones was my winning guest actress this year). She may have had a better episode in “Props” but still she is great giving a performance that I hope because the top two come from the same show split and Jones wins.

    Melissa was the most buzzed host of the season because she came in with an emmy and hit movie. In the episode Melissa does her usual stick. She gets to own the episode with great sketches like the one where she plays the movie star fallng down the stairs, that shows courage that she can just fall down the stairs. Also another strong moment is when she plays Marg who is a over sexual person hitting on a co-star. McCarthy could win only because ever since last year’s win and two nominations this year it seems the academy loves her.

    Rudolph one of the best female cast memebers in the history of the show comes back to host. Rudolph was strong on her episode because unlike most hosts you just know that she felt comfortable because she knows how the show works. Her strongest sketch for me was when she played Beyonce because in my mind she nailed especially when she talked about the birth. She is also strong when play Maya Angelo as well as Shonda opposite Wiig’s Vonda. Rudolph should win and is my prediction. She could loose to McCarthy only because the academy seems to like McCarthy more. She could also along with McCarthy lose to Jones because they split and the voters feel for Coach Beastie more.

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    Cezar Henrique Lorenzi
    Jun 6th, 2011

                                                                        Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series:

    1.    Saturday
    Night Live – Melissa McCarthy (Episode “Host: Melissa McCarthy”)

    2.    Saturday
    Night Live – Maya Rudolph (Episode “Host: Maya Rudolph”)

    3.    Glee
    – Dot-Marie Jones (Episode “Choke”)

    4.    30
    Rock – Elizabeth Banks (Episode “The Return of Avery Jessup”)

    5.    Two
    and a Half Men – Kathy Bates (Episode “Why We Gave Up Women”)

    6.    30
    Rock – Margaret Cho (Episode “The Return of Avery Jessup”)


    all the six nominees, Margaret Cho has the smallest winning chance. Not only
    was she the only incredibly surprising nominee, she barely appears in her
    episode and is not, by any means, the focus of it. In the scenes where she does
    appear, though, she is really entertaining, but they’re simply too short and,
    in the end, they end up not leaving a strong impression.

    there is Kathy Bates, who is nominated for the least critically acclaimed series
    of the bunch. I don’t know to what extent that can hurt her chances, but her
    performance does leave a nice impression, she gets plenty of screentime,
    delivers a somewhat funny performance and, also, she is Kathy Bates, someone
    who has the overdue factor working for her more than for anybody else in this
    category. Still, the other performances are simply more remarkable and on more
    critically acclaimed shows, so I don’t think she has much of a chance.

    Banks was nominated for the second consecutive time in this category, for the
    same character, which means voters surely love her. I think this episode is
    weaker for her than last year’s, but she is still good in it, with a nice plot
    and plenty of screentime. It really is an episode focused on her, like the
    title indicates. Still, her performance, at least for me, is not exactly funny
    or remarkable, but maybe that’s because I’m not a regular watcher of the show,
    and I suppose many voters are – or were, at least. I think she definitely has a
    chance, but not too big.

    Jones gives the only performance of the bunch that is not at once funny, but
    that was, of course, intentional. Her performance focuses on drama and it’s a
    pretty good one, even though it’s placed on an awful episode. I think that,
    with a nice amount of screentime, she leaves a very big impression and makes
    the most out of her scenes, specially the one where she tells Sue her husband
    did beat her. The fact that it is not even remotely funny might hurt her a bit,
    but she still has a big chance because she was amazing – and, like Elizabeth
    Banks, was nominated for the second consecutive time for this role, so the
    voters really do like her.

                Then, we have the SNL ladies, who
    benefit from being the funniest contenders and also having the biggest amount
    of screentime. Maya Rudolph gets to portray a big range of characters, most of
    them incredibly entertaining, my favorite being Beyoncé. I would be very
    pleased with her victory, and I think it definitely might happen: her
    nomination was not the most expected, which means voters did really enjoy her
    acting, and she is very deserving. But, in the end, I still think Melissa
    McCarthy has a slight edge. She is also very, very funny in her episode – I
    think even funnier than Rudolph -, portrays a wide range of characters, gets
    lot of screentime and, also, has a lot of hype going for her. Her hosting was
    acclaimed, her nomination was expected, it’s certainly not a lock, but, because
    of all these factors, I think she will, deservedly, win.

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    Jul 29th, 2011


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    Cezar Henrique Lorenzi
    Jun 6th, 2011

                                                                      Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series:

    1. Saturday
    Night Live – Jimmy Fallon (Episode “Host: Jimmy Fallon”)

    2. Curb Your
    Enthusiasm – Michael J. Fox (Episode “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox”)

    3. 30 Rock –
    Will Arnett (Episode “Idiots Are People Three!”)

    4. 30 Rock –
    Jon Hamm (Episode “Live from Studio 6H”)

    5. Modern
    Family – Greg Kinnear (Episode “Me? Jealous?”)

    6. Nurse
    Jackie – Bobby Cannavale (Episode “Disneyland Sucks”)

    Cannavale is probably the least likely nominee to win, since his performance in
    the submitted episode is not impressive. There’s nothing wrong with it, he just
    doesn’t get a lot of screentime and, when he does appear, he doesn’t have a lot
    to do. It also doesn’t help that Edie Falco is the actress that is really going
    to leave a big impression from this episode, so, to him, the nomination itself
    is a win.

    Kinnear could actually win this award, since the voters like him, love Modern
    Family and he gets plenty of screentime. But, although he is in a somewhat
    funny episode, all of the laughing comes mostly from seeing Claire’s and Phil’s
    reactions to his attitudes, whilst his own performance is not really funny.
    This could not be such a problem, but, this year, we have pretty funny nominees
    here, so that can damage his chances of winning.

    Hamm probably has the shortest amount of screentime, and, of course, that will
    go against his odds of winning. Still, he does have a chance. He’s been
    nominated three times for the show already and he has the overdue factor going
    for him – not for 30 Rock, exactly, more like for Mad Men, but still, it can
    help him. His characters are the least developed ones, obviously, since they
    only appear in very short scenes, but he makes the most out of them and gets to
    be incredibly funny. When he appears, he steals the show, which can only help
    him, so I wouldn’t be totally surprised and unsatisfied if he won.

    believe, though, that if someone from 30 Rock is going to win this category
    again, this time it will be Will Arnett. He is certainly a deserving winner and
    totally overdue, having been nominated 4 times for the show already. In this
    episode, not only he has a lot of screentime, he also portrays a very entertaining
    and appreciated character. His competition with Jack is outstanding and he has
    some really nice moments, like when he realizes Jack’s daughter is smarter than
    his son or when he tells Jack his daughter will have to go to public school. It’s
    a mesmerizing performance that could, finally, lead him to a win.

    J. Fox portrays himself, in a more comical way, in what I thought to be the funniest
    episode of the lineup. He has a lot of hype going for him and his performance
    here is very enjoyable. The entire episode revolves around him and, therefore,
    he gets a lot of screentime. Still, much like Greg Kinnear, his performance is
    not funny per se – the laughs come from the ridiculous situations and from
    Larry’s reactions more than from Fox’s performance. One thing that he has going
    for him is that it is a very memorable appearance, but, to me, it is more
    because of the situations created than because of the performance itself. That’s
    not to say he wasn’t great. He was and I’d be happy if he won, but I suppose
    Jimmy Fallon deserves it more and has a bigger winnign chance.

    Fallon gives the single funniest performance in here and shows a great range in
    his characters. He is also someone that is very appreciated by the voters and
    has some hype going for him. He’s also got the largest amount of screentime and
    he even gets to sing, which might help him. All of this factors might lead him
    to a very deserved win.

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    Jun 6th, 2011

    Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series Analysis
    I’ll keep it brief. First off, shout out to the voters for not name checking Alan Alda! Anywyas, Bobby Cannavale is a non factor here. It is Greg Kinnear’s material that works in his episode as opposed to the marriage of good mateial and acting. Jon Hamm’s brilliant blackface performace is my personal winner here. It was the only thing that was great about that live show. Will Arnett’s nominations for this role is one nominations too many, but he was a riot in his episode. MJF schtick, er I mean condition, wears very thin with me, but I guess him playing a exaggerated version of himself could get him notice. I can’t believe I am saying this, but Jimmy Fallon really does deserve this award. Never been a fan of his, but he clearly has the best episode here and was actually good in his return to SNL.

    1. Jon Hamm – 30 Rock
    2. Jimmy Fallon – Saturday Night Live
    3. Will Arnett – 30 Rock
    4. Michael J. Fox – Curb Your Enthusiasm
    5. Greg Kinnear – Modern Family
    6. Bobby Cannavale – Nurse Jackie

    1. Fallon
    2. MJF
    3. Arnett
    4. Hamm
    5. Kinnear
    6. Cannavale 

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    Jul 25th, 2012

    1. Saturday
    Night Live – Jimmy Fallon (Episode “Host: Jimmy Fallon”)

    2. Curb Your
    Enthusiasm – Michael J. Fox (Episode “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox”)

    3. 30 Rock –
    Will Arnett (Episode “Idiots Are People Three!”)

    4. Modern
    Family – Greg Kinnear (Episode “Me? Jealous?”)

    5.  30 Rock –
    Jon Hamm (Episode “Live from Studio 6H”)

    6. Nurse
    Jackie – Bobby Cannavale (Episode “Disneyland Sucks”)

    This is a weak category and I would probably pronounce no winner here or do a write in if that’s possible.

    Kinnear, Cannavale and Hamm are either barely in their episodes and/or don’t do much.  None of them should have been nominated.

    Arnett is enjoyable in a fun episode that pits him against
    Baldwin’s character.  It’s very similar
    to the Fox episode in that it’s a series of mini battles between two men.  Arnett excels at adding a little more humor
    to his scenes than Fox, but there isn’t anything extradinary or lol about his

    Fox is in about eight scenes, each one increasingly more
    intense based upon his conflict with Larry.  
    While the situation is funny, Fox doesn’t necessarily do anything to
    enhance the comedy.  His level of
    emotions range from annoyance to anger. 
    His most emotional scene is when he reacts to Larry while giving a
    speech for his foundation.

    Fallon is the best of the bunch.  He sings, dances and shows off a number of very funny and strong personalities. 

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    Jul 25th, 2012

    After watching the episodes, here is my ranking of Best Comedy
    Guest Actress:

    1.  Maya Rudolph – Saturday Night Live (“Host: Maya Rudolph”)
    2.  Elizabeth Banks – 30 Rock (“The Return of Avery Jessup”)
    3.  Dot-Marie Jones – Glee (“Choke”)
    4.  Melissa McCarthy – Saturday Night Live (“Host: Melissa
    5. Margaret Cho – 30 Rock (“The Return of Avery Jessup”)
    6.  Kathy Bates – Two and a Half Men (“Why We Gave Up Women”)

    Bates didn’t do anything for me.  It seemed like she was just doing the
    same thing she does on “Harry’s Law” but in a scene with very few laughs.  The whole thing actually annoyed me.

    Cho is great in her very small role as a male Korean leader Kim Jong-II. 
    If this was a skit on SNL, this would equal some of Rudolph’s performances, but
    it’s just so short and she doesn’t get to do a lot.  Also, there isn’t
    much difficulty in this character.  I’ve heard her use this voice for
    other characters and if you subtract the makeup and costume is it still as

    I was surprised that McCarthy wasn’t given more to do on SNL.   All
    her characters were either someone like herself or something like the character
    in “Bridesmaides”.  I think the writers let her down here. 
    Her best skit is the Ranch taste testing one, but the best joke of her
    devouring the bottle of dressing didn’t rely much on her performance
    abilities.  Also, compared to Rudolph, she’s isn’t as strong in her

    Jones is wonderful in this episode but she is mainly just crying a lot. 
    The level of difficulty in these crying scenes is high, but the
    characterization and range of emotions seemed based upon that one emotion and
    not much else.  We don’t see the fear, the embarrassment or all the other
    possible emotions she could have brought into this performance.  When she
    isn’t crying, I didn’t see much else beyond that.   She also
    completely misses out on the opportunity to have a wonderful moment when her
    character walks out on the girl’s “Chicago” performance.  I
    wished she would have shown me her character having a transitional moment, but
    she chose to play it very low key. 

    Elizabeth Banks was excellent and especially shined in her final scene when she
    reveals to Jack that she was tricking him.  She delivers her lines so
    creativity with excellent comic timing.  Her character is very strong but
    somehow isn’t quite the equal to Baldwin and you can imagine so many other
    actresses even the ones on “30 Rock” just making this material pop more.

    Maya stood out several leagues above the rest of the competition.  She
    really shows off her range and versatility like very few guests ever do on SNL
    and by the end of the episode I wanted to see more from her.  She shows us
    a handful of really strong and very distinctive characters including a Bronx
    girl, Beyonce (my favorite), Maya Angelou, Michelle O’Bama and several
    others.  In almost every scene she is the star and the standout
    performance. Also, she somehow makes the very weakly written opening monologue
    somehow entertaining. 


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    Jun 6th, 2011

    Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series Analysis
    This is a good lineup. Kathy Bates reciting that dreck was weird to watch and it was more of her being herself than doing a character. Margaret Cho’s performance was another gimmick one that got noticed. It was more of her being a sight gag that made her funny. Elizabeth Banks is an actress I absolutely adore, but I could never stand her on “30 Rock”. It is such a “trying too hard” performance that shouldn’t be the case with someone of her skill. Though she was decent in her episode. Dot-Marie Jones has really found something special with her role on “Glee”. Though I stopped watching the show mid season, I did get a kick out of the Sue one-liners and Nathan Leakes as “Black Sue”. But it is Dot’s beautiful work as a victim of domestic violence that really caught me off guard and moved me. She would win in any other year, but the SNL women are in this category so . . . Maya Rudolph was one of the main reasons I became hooked on SNL during the Fey era. And I am so happy that she found success and that success lead to some award recognition. But I think no one will stop the McCarthy train. Her fearless work here shows a talent that is being wasted on that “Mike & Molly” business and more importantly that she is a star on the rise.

    1. Melissa McCarthy – Saturday Night Live
    2. Maya Rudolph – Saturday Night Live
    3. Dot-Marie Jones – Glee
    4. Elizabeth Banks – 30 Rock
    5. Margaret Cho – 30 Rock
    6. Kathy Bates – Two and a Half Men 

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    Nov 4th, 2010

    Wow so far it’s three predictions for McCarthy and three predictions for Rudolph here.

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    Jul 11th, 2011

    My Predictions:


    6. JON HAMM, “30 Rock” = I don’t think for one moment that this nomination isn’t a result of rampant name-checking. He’s been great on the show before, and voters probably checked his name thinking he had a season as impressive as he’s had in the past. This nomination rivals Ellen Burstyn’s for shortest I’ve ever seen! I’m not familiar with this category, but there’s just no way that this is going to fly with voters.

    5. BOBBY CANNAVALE, “Nurse Jackie” = His is a performance that would benefit from the old way of doing things… where they condensed a nominated guest actor’s performance into one tape. He’s one of my very favorite actors, he’s won this award before (in 2005, for ‘Will & Grace’), but in his nominated episode there’s just no reason to vote for him.

    4. MICHAEL J. JOX, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” = You know what’s so ironic about this nomination? The same sort of sympathy towards Michael J. Fox (just for having Parkinson’s) that Larry rails against in this episode is the exact same sympathy that got him a nomination here for doing nothing. Remember, we are supposed to be talking about an actor’s ACTING not the ROLE. It’s a hilarious role, but Fox does very little with it, and the nomination is dissapointing and a win would just be ridiculous.

    3. GREG KINNEAR, “Modern Family” = It’s a sad state of affairs when a performance of this brevity and banality makes my top three. A wonderful actor on a wonderful show, but honestly is this category for real?

    2. WILL ARNETT, “30 Rock” = I think he is being seriously underestimated here. This is his third nomination for the show, but unlike Hamm his screentime shouldn’t be a problem. I think it’s all going to come down to whether or not there’s going to be SNL fatigue in this category. Fallon is the obvious winner; experienced comedian given outstanding material…but is it really fair for him to be competing here? God knows SNL stars have done well here in the past, but I think it’s very possible for that sort of fatigue to set in.

    1. JIMMY FALLON, “Saturday Night Live” = But having said that… I really have no reason to bet against Fallon. He just stands out from the crowd in such a big way.

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    Jul 11th, 2011

    My Prediction:


    6. MARGARET CHO, “30 Rock” = Same exact problem as Jon Hamm. A very funny short performance, but in my opinion just much too short. We’re talking like four lines! An Emmy for four lines? I think not! And this is coming from someone who would have given Ruby Dee the Oscar for American Gangster…

    5. ELIZABETH BANKS, “30 Rock” = Frankly, I’m just not a huge fan of her as an actress. She has more to do in the sense that she says more words, but there’s no comedy here…not even any drama…which for me makes her akin to Bobby Cannavale in Guest Actor. In the end, what’s the point?

    4. DOT-MARIE JONES, “Glee” = First of all, I wanted to say that I have never seen ‘Glee’ but I found this episode to be incredibly charming. So there’s that. This is a great submission tape for Jones, who seems like a nice actress, but again… did she get this nomination for the role or for her acting? Really all she does is look worried and tear up. Certainly not extraordinary acting. But the directing here makes her into an incredibly sympathetic character, so she might be able to pull a fast one if voters in this category are easily manipulated. ‘Shake it Out’ was just gorgeous, and Jones might benefit from that.

    3. KATHY BATES, “Two and a Half Men” = Those of you who have her ranked below Margaret Cho just hate her and the show she appears on. As someone who despises the show, I can’t see how anyone can consider this anything but a triumph. As you can tell by my comments, I’m not keen on nominees who only appear in 1 episode on a 30-minute network television show being nominated for an Emmy, but if ever someone in that situation deserved to win its Bates. Hilarious.

    2. MAYA RUDOLPH, “Saturday Night Live” = Same comment as Fallon. If voters have SNL fatigue, they’ll go with Bates, but I have no reason to think that will happen since it hasn’t happened in the past, so I’m putting the SNL girls as my top two. Rudolph is laugh out loud funny in many places, but she also has some pretty big misses. I’m thinking about the Michelle Obama sketch and the very last sketch. I’m one of her biggest fans, so if I’m not keen on giving her a vote I don’t think others will be.

    1. MELISSA McCARTHY, “Saturday Night Live” = It’s no secret that the Emmys love her. Hopefully they give her a win here instead of giving her a second for M&M. This is just a very solid episode; she’s funny, but more importantly she doesn’t miss. She also makes gold out of some pretty sub-par sketches…like the ranch focus-group. If only one of the three guest SNL stars win, I’m betting on her.

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    Is that really the best that Cannavale could have submitted?  Did he not get meatier material later in the season, maybe with his son?  Also, is Cannavale even a guest actor or is he taking advantage of the Emmy rules and belongs in supporting with Lucy Liu on Southland and John Lithgow on Dexter a couple of years back?

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