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Let’s talk about records

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Chris Beachum
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    Zooey the Dreamer
    Jan 12th, 2012

    Maybe the subject isn’t worth a new topic, but anyway, I love beating the odds, making history or whatever you wanna call it.

    And this year the Emmys made history in a lot of ways.

    Bryan Cranston became only the second actor to win four Emmys in the lead actor in a drama series category.
    Breaking Bad is the first show since The Sopranos seven years ago to win in its final season.
    Breaking Bad is the first dramatic show since The Sopranos in 2003 (11 years ago!) to win three acting Emmys, but you have to go back to 2002 and The West Wing for the show to be a top Emmy winner as well.

    Aaron Paul became the first supporting actor in a drama to win three Emmys. 
    Mad Men solidifies its not-so-good record with losing in acting categories. By the way, has a drama series previous winner gone for three years with being nominated and failing to win a single Emmy?! 
    I doubt this has ever happened in the lead actress in a drama series category (it rarely happens; Kelsey Grammer won that way in 2004), but Julianna Margulies achieved the rare fate for lead actresses to win an Emmy the year after being snubbed for a nomination. 

    Modern Family tied Frasier with five consecutive Emmy wins.
    Allison Janney entered a very elite club (winning her sixth Emmy).
    Allison Janney entered another elite club (last achieved by Stockard Channing) – winning two competitive acting Emmys in the same year.
    Gail Mancusco enters the club of multiple directing for a comedy series winners and she’s only the fifth comedy director (and the first female) to win back-to-back directing for a comedy series Emmys.
    Modern Family ties MASH as the comedy series with most directing wins ever – with 4 each. Both shows won four in a row.
    Not since Helen Hunt has a lead actress in a comedy won three in a row. JLD did it.
    Jim Parsons – no matter how I feel about his ridiculous victories – wins a fourth and ties Kelsey Grammer.

    Jessica Lange joins Helen Mirren as the recipient of two Emmys for the same show, even though Mirren won for portraying the same character.
    The last time it happened was in 2005, but Sherlock won the year’s most awards by a mini/movie and still lost the top race.

    And overall – when was the last time we had 4 repeat winners in comedy (3 for the same roles), two repeat winners in mini/movie (one for the same role, the other for a guest performance) and four repeat winners in drama (each a previous winner for the same role).


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    Chris Beachum
    May 22nd, 2011

    Someone has already started a thread about records and stats.

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