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    • What Makes Glee So Special?

      As an unabashed Gleek, I can tell you that I really enjoy many aspects of the show: many of the char


      Glee-D: The Movie...in 3D.  Yet another way for Glee to take advantage of its fanbase (and their parents)...as if the songs sold on iTunes and the tour wasn't enough. Glee-D seems inevitable, to be honest...trademark that stat!   In fairn

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      Started by:

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    • Poll: What Will Win Best Drama Series

      I think The Good Wife will pull off the upset.  Recently, the argument that a network series ha

      Pedro José Ovalles

      I'm watching right now Mad Men season 4 in HBO latinamerica, and to me it has been really good. I also watched Boardwalk Empire last year, but I got bored about the sixth episode. I also watched the entire season two of The Good Wife. Based on what

      Started by: Tom O'Neil

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    • What actors could get in on name alone?
      Ronnie Boadu

      Shohreh Aghdashloo for L&O: SVU. While she wasn't as awful as the episode was, it still wasn't a


      Two more that occurred to me: Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Flashback Liz in 30 Rock's Live Show and Elton John for hosting SNL.  Elton's episode of SNL was less than stellar, and JLD's appearances in that 30 Rock were delightful but really brief.&nbsp

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      Started by: Daniel Montgomery

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    • Could Amy Ryan pull off an Emmy first?
      Morgan Henard

      I can't answer your question, but I will say I fully embrace it happening. Supporting Actress in a C


      Amy Ryan should have won the Guest Actress Comedy Emmy already for her Holly role. But since she moved to Supporting, she will have no chance of getting in. As for Drama, we have that one slot that seems to be between Amy Ryan and Debra Winger (or bo

      Started by: Daniel Montgomery

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    • New Rule: Bill Maher must finally win an Emmy!
      Daniel Montgomery

      Unfortunately, even if "The Daily Show" loses it'll probably go to "The Colbert Report." And if neit


      I'd love to see this happen.   Bill Maher, always makes me laugh. He's caustic, to the point, and quick. But, I dont see an Emmy in the cards for him this year. He's too controversial, imo. Anyone but Jon Stewart for the win.

      Started by: Rob Licuria

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    • Jane Lynch to Host!

      I think it is a good choice if FOX wanted to choose from their own talent, but I'm dubious if she's

      Richard LeBeau

      I think this is a solid choice.  Her character may have been assassinated by bad writing this season on "Glee," but Lynch is a gifted comedienne. 

      Started by: dup_136_eastwest

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