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Roles That Have Gotten More Than One Actor an Emmy Nomination

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    Dan Backslide
    Apr 24th, 2016

    Was just thinking of this and I’m curious to hear about any I don’t yet know of. What are roles that have yielded more than one actor an Emmy nomination? The performances don’t have to be from the same project. And spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen season 1 of Westworld.

    The ones that came into my head are:

    Queen Elizabeth II: Both Claire Foy and Olivia Colman for The Crown. Foy won.

    Princess Margaret: Both Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter for The Crown.

    Roy Cohn: Al Pacino for Angels in America and James Woods for Citizen Cohn. Pacino won. Also, some interesting trivia, not only do both projects show Cohn having visions of Ethel Rosenberg, but they were both scored by Thomas Newman.

    The Man in Black/William: Both Ed Harris (old) and Jimmi Simpson (young) for Westworld.

    Judy Garland: Both Judy Davis (old) and Tammy Blanchard (young) for Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadow. Both won.

    Willy Loman: Dustin Hoffman reprising his Broadway role in a TV Movie of Death of a Salesman and Brian Dennehy in a filmed version of his Broadway production of Death of a Salesman. Hoffman won the Emmy, but his stage work wasn’t nominated for a Tony, which Dennehy won for his.

    Hillary Clinton: Hope Davis for The Special Relationship and Kate McKinnon for Saturday Night Live. McKinnon won. Unlike the other examples, McKinnon was doing many other roles in addition to Hillary, but it’s her most famous part on the show, and both of her wins were for seasons when she repeatedly played the role.

    Will Reeves: Both Louis Gossett Jr (old) and Jovan Adepo (young) for Watchmen.

    Winston Churchill: John Lithgow for The Crown and Brendan Gleeson for Into the Storm. Both won.

    I’m sure there’s other examples I’m missing, so if anyone knows any make sure to comment them. I find this concept interesting.

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    Jun 5th, 2011

    Some of my favorites:

    Jean Harris: Ellen Burstyn in 1981 for The People vs. Jean Harris and Annette Bening in 2006 for Mrs. Harris (the project in which Ellen Burstyn appeared for 14 seconds and led to the creation of the “Ellen Burstyn rule” of needing to appear in at least 5% of a project’s run time to be eligible).

    Eleanor Roosevelt: Jane Alexander in 1976 for Eleanor and Franklin and 1977 for Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years, Eileen Heckart in 1979 for Backstairs at the White House and 1980 for F.D.R.: The Last Year, Jean Stapleton in 1982 for Eleanor, First Lady of the World, and Cynthia Nixon in 2005 for Warm Springs.

    Sara Roosevelt: Rosemary Murphy in 1976 for Eleanor and Franklin and 1977 for Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years and…Jane Alexander in 2005 for Warm Springs.

    Franklin Roosevelt: Edward Herrmann in 1976 for Eleanor and Franklin and 1977 for Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years, Jason Robards in 1980 for F.D.R.: The Last Year, Ralph Bellamy in 1983 for The Winds of War, Kenneth Branagh in 2005 for Warm Springs, and Len Cariou in 2009 for Into the Storm.

    John Kennedy: William Devane in 1975 for The Missiles of October and Greg Kinnear in 2011 for The Kennedys.

    Lyndon Johnson: Randy Quaid in 1987 for LBJ: The Early Years, Michael Gambon in 2002 in Path to War, and Bryan Cranston in 2016 for All The Way.

    Abraham Lincoln: Jason Robards in 1964 for Abe Lincoln in Illinois (Hallmark Hall of Fame) and Hal Holbrook in 1976 for Sandburg’s Lincoln.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: Julie Harris in 1977 for The Last of Mrs. Lincoln and Mary Tyler Moore in 1988 for Gore Vidal’s Lincoln.

    John Adams: George Grizzard in 1976 for The Adams Chronicles and Paul Giamatti in 2008 for John Adams.

    Abigail Adams: Kathryn Walker in 1976 for The Adams Chronicles and Laura Linney in 2008 for John Adams.

    Ernest Hemingway: Stacy Keach in 1988 for Hemingway and Clive Owen in 2012 for Hemingway & Gellhorn.

    Thurgood Marshall: Sidney Poitier in 1991 for Separate but Equal and Laurence Fishburne in 2011 for Thurgood.

    Amelia Earhart: Susan Clark in 1977 for Amelia Earhart and Diane Keaton in 1995 for Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight.

    Anne Frank: Lisa Jacobs in 1988 for The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank and Hannah Taylor-Gordon in 2001 for Anne Frank: The Whole Story.

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    Brayden Fitzsimmons
    May 3rd, 2015

    Charlie Harper: Charlie Sheen (alive) and Kathy Bates (ghost) on Two and a Half Men

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