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‘The Good Wife’ Acting Noms: Most Likely?

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Cat MQ
  • DS0816
    Sep 15th, 2011

    In each of its previous four seasons, CBS’ The Good Wife has won a single acting Emmy.

    The past winners:

    • 2009-10 season: Archie Panjabi (supporting actress)
    • 2010-11 season: Julianna Margulies (lead actress)
    • 2011-12 season: Martha Plimpton (guest actress)
    • 2012-13 season: Carrie Preston (guest actress)

    At the Aug. 16, 2014 Creative Arts Emmys, The Good Wife did not win acting gold with a guest-acting race. So, there are three series regulars awaiting the results with the live Aug. 25 broadcast. If any of them win (for the 2013-14 season), which one do you think it would be?

    Cat MQ
    Jul 9th, 2011

    Oh I really hope its Josh Charles. It would be so great to see him win an Emmy for a great charater that fans of the show will miss. His episode submission is perfect. I know people are thinking Aaron Paul or Peter Dinklage will win, but they already got Emmys at home and this is the last chance to give Josh his. Fingers crossed!!
    I would be realy happy for Christine Baranski to win also. What are the chances 2 Good Wife actors win?!?!? Actually, its been such a great year for the show that Julianna Margulies has a great shot too. 
    Has there ever been a case where 3 actors from a Drama series won when the show itself wasn’t even nominated? 

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    Oct 5th, 2011

    I think it’s Josh Charles. Besides the fact he is fantastic in his episode, no one jumps out for me in the category. People are saying Paul, but does the academy really want to honor him a thrid time. I think people may be thinking Cranston, Paul and Gunn to win, and I think that is a slightly wishful. Julianna is my choice for Lead Actress, but I think there is so much heat in that category that it is not lock for anyone to win.

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    Jun 22nd, 2013

    After Wright screwed up Danes and Marguiles are pretty much the front runners for actress so I’m going with her (even though I’m not predicting any TGW wins).

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    Oct 27th, 2011

    This turned into a long winded overview of Drama acting. Apologies, I
    clearly I have verbal diarrhea here after a months absence.

    Charles is to supporting actor what Robin Wright is to lead actress.
    The most buzzed performance of the category with two past winners (one a
    double winner) and buzz nurtured by nominations at GG and CC, where we
    may not have considered them for such nominations previously. Both have a
    standout episode in their past season where they rock the boat and
    defied perceptions of their character. Charles did himself the favour of
    submitting said episode ‘Hitting The Fan’, Wright did herself no
    favours (as Morgan Henard agrees) in her tape ‘Chapter 26’. Charles has
    the arc and the voters are clearly aware of him, nominating him after a 2
    year absence, Aaron Paul is undeniably excellent but the episode
    ‘Confessions’ feels like ‘End Times’ take 2. Dinklage’s tape has a
    speech which is aparently slightly weaker than his emmy winning speech.
    The point I’m getting at is Charles is bringing something new to the
    table, additionally compared to the other 2 he’s been doing interviews
    etc. It could be said he lacks screen time, but he’s in supporting so he
    can be as supporting as he wants (SEE: Cannavale, Hale). He’s also
    spoken of through out the episode and honestly, I don’t see how Charles
    is unlikable in this tape in his actions, he’s more sympathetic than
    Alicia. For that reason I have Charles winning.

    Margulies’ chances for this season were always good whether she
    submitted ‘A Few Words’, ‘The Last Call’ or ‘A Material World’, so I’m
    glad she stayed in that ball park. Her ranking at number 1 makes a lot
    of sense, because:
    – Dockery’s tape is very long and she’s apparently a bitch in her episode. Dead last

    Wright shot herself in the foot with her episode. Her 10 minutes are
    good, but there’s no speech and, ironically, Wright’s choice of tape to
    Spacey’s tape is not disimilar to Claire Underwood’s ambitions playing
    seconds to Frank’s – clearly not showing them as equal leads!

    Danes sits in 4th. Great actress with great acting in the tape. But talk
    about souring audiences. If this was Homeland’s first season, Danes
    would be the only one nominated and barely scrape it in based upon
    quality. Add to that the writing in the episode may also rub people the
    wrong way, Brody being hung and are here being pregnant with his child.
    – Washington is 3rd. Of the non winners she feels like the
    only one overdue. Add to that she has some really good scenes and has a
    lot of screentime. But again some people don’t like her acting style (I
    personally don’t get that) and the writing, all to do with B16, may have
    her ranked low
    – Caplan is 2nd. Completely different from everyone
    else in her category. Likeable and independent, she punches a guy and
    she persaudes Bill! The fact that she was plucked out for a nomination
    surprised me (pleasantly!!!) given that the HFPA didn’t go for her. She
    can spoil, but then there will be some who, at first sight of her name
    on the ballot, like myself, will think ‘Wow she managed to get a
    nomination, that’s the reward’
    – Margulies is like the insurance
    number 1 position because she has the empathy and the impact. Add to
    that who is honestly going to rank her lower than 3rd? Her show still
    feels underdog and they may want to honour her in the guilt of its snub
    (I won’t even go there). She’s in every scene practically and I don’t
    see how the writing will offend anyone. An actress has won from this
    show every year too. Janney also proved last night that reserved perfomances for Emmy favourites can win.
    Its a tight category where anyone could still win, but Margulies makes the most sense.

    Baranski’s chances are slim because Anna Gunn submitted the ‘Hitting
    the Fan’ of Breaking Bad. ‘Ozymandias’ is a powerhouse. I can’t see
    exactly how Gunn loses. How will anyone rank her lower than 2nd? But
    then Gunn has won before, and this category goes veteran most times. For
    those who follow the patterns, every 3 years they’ve gone with a
    ‘hipper’ choice, De Matteo, Heigl, Panjabi, Gunn. Technically this year
    is a vet year. If it’s going vet then it’s going to Baranski, but don’t
    hold your breathe.

    The ‘Hitting The Fan’ and ‘Ozymadias’ type
    episodes are the ‘re-set button’ episodes for me where the show changes
    drastically in the actions of a few characters actions, and so they’re
    the ones where certain performances can standout, with only Charles,
    Gunn and Cranston being able to submit such types. I think all 3 will
    find success in doing so. Margulies stands a high chance at prevailing
    now too.

    Side note: Baker never stood a chance. Sorry Colin Sweeney, don’t kill me.

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    Kyle Bailey
    Nov 15th, 2013

    I really hope and think it will be Charles. Margulies as well. Baranski maybe next year 

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    Sep 15th, 2011

    Well, it turns out The Good Wife won a fifth consecutive acting prize (for Season #05): Julianna Margulies!

    I’m glad I posted this thread. Many a GoldDerbyites appreciate observing any particular awards patterns.

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