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Time to brag: what predictions are you most proud of?

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Riley Chow
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    Riley Chow
    Oct 11th, 2010

    I can scarcely name two people that I would rather lose to than Sagand and AayaanUpadhyaya and I like that we had such overlap in our predictions. It is always nice to see familiar faces on the leader board, but you two have distinguished yourselves in my eyes over the years as original thinkers, so I am always eager to read your posts. I admit that I tend to find AayaanUpadhyaya’s predictions a bit too progressive, but hey, I got beat here by overestimating how much the academy would lean into its bad tendencies.

    As for the ones that I missed, the deciding factor in limited series (which carried limited directing with it) for me was actually the campaigner. Netflix campaigns so much more than HBO, so in this dead heat, I thought that it would make the difference. That it did not actually makes Claire Foy’s win even better in hindsight. It also informs somewhat how I missed Jodie Comer because I thought that the campaign played a significant role in Foy’s win. Comer’s win does not support that. What they have in common is that they deserved it.

    I made two mistakes in each limited supporting race and one was the same in both: I put stock in SAG. Ben Whishaw was not nominated at the expense of less-buzzed performances, even though they nominated Hugh Grant and Patricia Clarkson showed that they had no problem double-nominating a limited series, even for a smaller role like hers. So this showed me that Whishaw was a bit weak and that Clarkson had some strength. I suppose that the second mistake that I made in supporting actor could be lumped in with overestimating When They See Us. Thandie Newton came out of the precursors as the clear favourite two years ago (SAG nomination over her leading co-star, Critics’ Choice win, Globe nomination in catch-all supporting category), but the Emmys just liked The Handmaid’s Tale better, so they awarded a worse performance at Newton’s expense. Sharp Objects struck me as a show that was doomed to be shut out at the Emmys, like how Maniac was doomed not even to get a nomination. So Clarkson did not sit right with me, but I felt that Arquette’s show would be even more of a hindrance. Never mind that it was not a series nominee; I just thought that the subject matter was too icky, like The Tale. I did not consider the Chernobyl supporting performances competitive. I suppose that another lesson that I learned from the Emmys this year is that applause means nothing because the warmth in the room for Clarkson when she won the Globe did influence me. The applause for Ben Whishaw was pitiful and Marsha Stephanie Blake had among the loudest cheers.

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