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Why didn’t Jon Hamm never win a SAG?

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  • Rooney Moore
    Aug 2nd, 2014

    We all know why he didn’t win an Emmy until this year: The tape system.
    But the enthusiasm and pasion for this character and this show from the industry were incredible. And just after the first time they gave them the privilege to acknowledge who they want to win instead of who should win, he just won.

    But SAG is known to go for what’s buzzy, what’s cool at the moment on the industry and Mad Men was the Best Drama winner for 4 consecutive years at Emmys and Hamm was undoubtedly the face and main focus of the show.
    If Hamm was popular enough to make other celebrities campaign for him and get a standing ovation when he wins the award how didn’t he prevail in the biggest popularity contest on earth aka SAG?

    Let’s see.
    Didn’t they like the show?
    No. They were pretty generous towards to it, more generous than DGA. They gave its ensemble the big award twice. And this was the only case which the ensemble won twice and none of the individuals didn’t win any. They nominated Hamm five times and Moss twice.

    Was the competition too stiff?
    Hmm. Let’s see. 2 awards for Hugh Laurie. 2 awards for Steve Buscemi. 2 awards for Bryan Cranston. 0 for Jon Hamm.
    I’d say not. 
    Male Actor-Drama has been considerably weak over the five-six years, at some point they even had to nominate someone completely out of the field like Patrick J.Adams LOL.
    They had 7 different opportinutes to award him and a chance to fix the mistake Emmys have been doing and get away with critics bashings, but they preferred not to. 

    Hmm. Given SAG voters being the biggest sheeps on earth, maybe they were waiting for Emmys to give it something before they do, so they wouldn’t look stupid?
    No. Actually SAG is known for always awarding the non-Emmy winning performances most of the time. In the last decade other than Cranston and Gandolfini all the other winners in this category have never won an Emmy. 

    These are the only possible scenarious that comes to my mind?
    What’ya all think? They are also posters in here who thinks he will finally win a SAG this year which I find it hard to believe. Sell me your opinion!

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