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Tara Varon
Bradley Weir
  • Entertain-me
    Oct 20th, 2013

    Best Drama Actor

    Will Win: Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul

    Could Win: Jon Hamm, Mad Men

    Possible Surprise/Should Win: Kevin Spacey, House of Cards

    Biggest Snub: Matthew Rhys,
    The Americans

    ·       I’m currently
    predicting Jon Hamm, but something tells me Emmy voters are going to snub the
    Mad Men cast yet again. Spacey is coming off GG/SAG victories for the
    character, so he has some momentum, but the show, while picking up nominations
    in 5 of the 6 acting catgories and a drama series nod, failed to score nods for
    writing and directing. The season wasn’t its best, so we shall see there. Fresh
    off a Critics Choice win, Bob is in the sequel series to popular Emmy favorite 
    Breaking Bad, so he may very
    well carry the torch on Emmy

    Best Drama Actress

    Will Win: Viola Davis, How to Get Away with Murder

    Could Win/Should Win: Taraji P. Henson, Empire

    Possible Surprise: Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black

    Biggest Snub: Julianna Margulies, The Good

    ·       Viola Davis already has
    4 SAG awards to her name, including one for this role, so it’s about time that
    other non-theater awards bodies take notice of her work and honor her. Her show
    picked up both of its predicted nods, besting Empire not necessarily in number of nominations, but in momentum. It’s
    also wonderful to see how popular Henson, fresh off a Critics Choice win, has
    come since announcing a static career growth in 2009 following an Oscar
    nomination for Benjamin Button. Her
    show may be nothing more than soapy pulp, but, her performance was seen by
    many, myself included, as a cultural phenomenon and she owned every minute of
    it. Whether the winner be Oscar-nominee Davis or fellow nominee Henson, they
    will be the first black winner in this category; that is, unless they fall for
    Maslany the way many fanboys have. She plays a lot of roles, but, to me, the
    show is downright unwatchable. I’m deeply bummed to see The Good Wife slump once again. Despite it not being the series’
    best season, it is easily the best drama on Broadcast 

    Best Drama Supp Actor

    Win: Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul

    Win/Should Win: Michael Kelly, House of Cards

    Surprise: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones

    Biggest Snub: Mandy Patinkin,

    ·       Jonathan Banks is one
    of those character actors who has been working for ever and has not yet gotten
    his due. The actor, who got his start with walk-on parts on such classic shows
    as The Waltons, received his first
    nomination a quarter of a century ago on the mob drama Wiseguy, earns his second nomination as tough guy Mike Ehrmantraut,
    this time for the slow burn Breaking Bad
    companion series. Fresh off a Critics Choice win, it would be rewarding to see
    him win here, especially for the episode he’s likely to submit. He’s paid his
    dues. Moving on, Michael Kelly plays one of those roles that has slowly built
    up steam until it bull-dozed right through you. It’s not easy to forget, and
    for that reason, it’d be nice to see him on center stage. A possible candidate
    for the trophy could also be past winner Peter Dinklage, whose series saw a
    spike in nominations this year, making it the most nominated program of the
    year. To conclude, I need not say how pissed I am to see Patinkin snubbed here.
    After all his character went through, it was prime candidate to win purely on
    fact that the evenst his
    character went through are so current and pointed. Oh well..there’s always next year.

    Best Drama Supp Actress

    Win: Christine Baranski, The Good Wife

    Win:  Uzo Aduba, Orange Is the New Black

    Win: Lena Headey, Game of Thrones

    Surprise: Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey

    Biggest Snub: Lorraine
    Toussaint, Orange Is the New Black

    ·       Continuing on the
    tradition that a female actor win for each season of The Good Wife, Christine Baranski is this year’s only option. Plus,
    she’s long overdue for a second trophy…the first of which was given to her
    exactly 20 years ago for the sitcom Cybill.
    With two nominations this year (despite the fact that both shows vastly
    underperformed), predicting Baranski isn’t too foolish. Of course, if you are
    voter and you are name-checking for the most currently popular candidate, you’d
    be smart to mark off Uzo Aduba’s name. The rising star was a walk-on player on
    CBS sleeper series Blue Bloods just a
    few weeks prior to joining the Orange cast.
    She’s also the third person to earn Emmy nods as both drama and comedy for the
    same character, following in the footsteps of Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore/Lou Grant) and Joan Cusack (Shameless), whom she beat out last year in the Guest Comedy Actress
    category. Quite frankly, she didn’t have nearly as much material to work with
    as Critics Choice favorite and Emmy snubee Lorraine Toussaint, but 
    heck…who cares? This is a popularity contest,
    after all.

    Best Drama Guest Actor

    Will Win: Beau Bridges,
    Masters of Sex

    Could Win: Alan Alda,
    The Blacklist

    Should Win: Pablo
    Schreiber, Orange Is the New Black

    Possible Surprise:
    Michael J. Fox, The Good Wife

    Biggest Snub: Courtney B. Vance, Scandal and Lars
    Mikkelsen, House of Cards

    ·       For a perennial nominee
    who has made a career of playing varations of his self, it is refreshing to see
    someone of Bridges’ stature challenge himself and play a character unlike
    anything we have seen before on television. It is gripping and subtle and just
    pure brilliant to watch Bridges’ Scully undergo shock therapy treatment to cure
    him of his homosexuality to almost no avail. I can’t see how anyone can beat
    him – this is his chance. Of course, I won’t be complaining if my personal
    favorite (and guilty pleasure) Pablo Schreiber wins here. While I was sad to
    see him leave Litchfield almost permanently, it was so nice to see him come out
    of nowhere for this nomination. Here’s hoping he can do it again next year for
    his season 3 cameo. Michael J. Fox, meanwhile can do just about anything and
    get a nomination. While certainly not overdue for an Emmy, this is his fourth
    time out for this role, so he’s prime for yet another trophy. Emmy voters love
    him, after all. If he can win for a series of overacted cameos on Rescue Me, he can certainly win for this
    fully developed character. I was most sad to see Courtney B. Vance not
    nominated here for what is, without a doubt, the best performance on any Shonda
    Rhimes show ever. As father to a murdered black teen, his performance is so
    gripping and so timely. Sorry to see the Emmys didn’t want to jump on that
    bandwagon. My runner-up is currently Alan Alda. While not exactly an Emmy
    darling, The Blacklist provided Alda
    a platform on which he could be great again. There is a real-time aspect to his
    final episode that is undeniable and so damn gripping that it’s hard to 
    that it won’t at least intrigue the voters who take the time to watch the
    episode. Plus, there’s the fact the show is a solid ratings-getter for the
    struggling broadcast television industry. This is their one chance to honor
    that fact and a 
    show that may not be taken seriously
    elsewhere at the Emmys, despite a pair of GG nods for its star. That never

    Drama Guest Actress

    Will Win: Allison
    Janney, Masters of Sex

    Could Win: Cicely
    Tyson, How to Get Away with Murder

    Should Win: Rachel
    Brosnahan, House of Cards

    Possible Surprise: Diana
    Rigg, Game of Thrones

    Biggest Snubs: Linda Lavin, The Good Wife ; Julianne
    Nicholson, Masters of Sex; Lois Smith, The Americans

    ·       Who can that Allison
    Janney is quite simply the Queen of Television? She surely holds the title
    alongside such greats as Lucille Ball and contemporary Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
    That said, she has another chance to win Emmy night, so why not let her
    performance, already having won an Emmy, alone in favor of the category’s
    engenue, Rachel Brosnahan. I must confess that I never quite liked her work on
    season 2, nor understood that whole storyline. When I saw her pop up in the
    Season 3 finale, I groaned and just about turned it off…that is, until I became
    spell-bound with the episode’s opening act. It got me hooked real good and I
    finally began to appreciate her role on the series much in the same way I did
    Kate Mara. Diana Rigg, whose never really had much to do on Game of Thrones (think a female Robert
    Morse ala Mad Men), but here she has
    a few biting scenes that could prove victorious for the legend of English stage
    and screen, who last won here in 1997 for a role in the remake of the Hitchcock
    classic, Rebecca. Speaking for my
    snubbed honorees, well, what can I say? They were all tremendous…especially
    veteran character actress Lois Smith, who had her debut 60 years ago opposite
    James Dean in East of Eden. Surely
    she deserved the nomination more 
    than perennial nominee Margo
    Martindale, who only made one brief cameo this entire season of The Americans.

    Tara Varon
    Jul 18th, 2015

    Best Drama Actor 

    Will Win: Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul

    Could Win: Kyle Chandler, Bloodline

    Possible Surprise/Should Win: Jon Hamm, Mad Men

    Biggest Snub: Matthew Rhys,
    The Americans

                        I am starting to realiza now The Americans and its leading stars are never going to be nominated, but hopefully I am wrong. I am dying to see Jon Hamm win something, and I want Mad Men to end their final year with a bang, perhaps taking the Best Drama with them. Kyle Chandler will be a huge ‘could win’ as he suprised us with a win for the last season of Friday Night Lights, but, eh, Odenkirk is the bet to win.

    Best Drama Actress

    Will Win/Should Win: Viola Davis, How to Get Away with Murder

    Could Win: Robin Wright, House of Cards

    Possible Surprise: Elizabeth Moss, Mad Men

    Biggest Snub: Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel & Kerry Washington, Scandal

                        Imagine my suprise when Tatiana Maslany was nominated and she was at 100/1 odds to be nominated: my eyes were out of its’ sockets. But I was more suprised as Vera Farmiga did not get a second nomination for the amazing third season of Bates Motel that just ended. I HOPE Viola Davis will take this all hands on deck, but I am also leaving the door open for a Mad Men sweep. HOPE! 

    Best Drama Supp Actor

    Will Win: Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul

    Could Win:  Michael Kelly, House of Cards

    Should Win: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones

    Possible Surprise: Jim Carter, Downton Abbey

    Biggest Snub: Mandy Patinkin, Homeland

                        Yes, like you, I was mad to see Patinkin go. But I was not mad when they nominated Jim Carter and Alan Cumming. There is something about those two that makes me love anything they’re in. But the SHOULD win factor is on Peter Dinklage for his short performance, pun intended. If Michael Kelly wins, good thing. But if Mendelsohn of Bloodline wins, I am sure the Emmy voters are finally not name checking anymore: what with the exclusion of Marguilles from the Lead Actress category.

    Best Drama Supp Actress

    Win: Lena Headey, Game of Thrones

    Win:  Uzo Aduba, Orange Is the New Black

    Win: Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey

    Surprise: Christine Barinski, The Good Wife or Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

    Biggest Snub: Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey

                        Finally, a year without Maggie Smith. But I must say that the Academy are no longer name checking, but anything the Dame plays is well done. So boo hoo Academy. My biggest suprise was the conteding Froggatt when I thought it was going to be Smith. Lena Headey will win because of the phrase: Get Naked, Win Academy (Kathy Bates, etc;). But, again, anything Mad Men is a suprise for me.

    Best Drama Guest Actor

    Will Win: Alan Alda, The Blacklist

    Could Win/Should Win: Beau Bridges, Masters of Sex

    Possible Surprise:
    Michael J. Fox, The Good Wife

    Biggest Snub: The actor that was in 7th.

                        Anyone wins but Bridges and Alda, I hate the Emmys; but that it what I say every year.

    Drama Guest Actress

    Will Win: Allison
    Janney, Masters of Sex

    Could Win/Should Win: Cicely
    Tyson, How to Get Away with Murder

    Possible Surprise: Khandi Alexander, Scandal

    Biggest Snubs: Every actress that submitted but got kicked out because of name checking.

                      I agree that Margo Martindale should not be nominated, but if that is what you’re not saying, then I meant to say it. Alexander is a big threat to both Janney and Tyson, and I want to see her win just like her TV husband did two years ago.

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    Sep 20th, 2012

    Drama Actor Drama Actress
    Will Win: Jon Hamm – Mad Men Will Win: Viola Davis – How To Get Away With Murder
    Could Win: Kevin Spacey – House of Cards Could Win: Taraji P Henson – Empire
    Should Win: Jon Hamm – Mad Men Should Win: Claire Danes – Homeland
    Biggest Snub: Dominic West – The Affair Biggest Snub: Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife

    Jon Hamm deserves this after missing out Viola has the performance, and has the buzz.
    countless times before, but it is a deserved But Empire is huge, even if voters didn’t go for it
    award, rather than an overdue award. Spacey anywhere else. Danes is just as good 
    could spoil due to his popularity. in Season 4 of Homeland as she is in Emmy
    winning 1 & 2. 

    Supporting Actor Supporting Actress
    Will Win: Jonathan Banks – Better Call Saul Will Win: Lena Headey – Game of Thrones
    Could Win: Ben Mendelsohn – Bloodline Could Win: Christina Hendricks – Mad Men
    Should Win: Michael Kelly – House of Cards Should Win: Uzo Aduba – Orange Is The New Black
    Biggest Snub: Mandy Patinkin – Homeland  Biggest Snub: Maggie Smith – Downton Abbey

    Mandy should have had this in the bag. Backing Uzo all the way. The Throne fandom are already
    Heartbreaking, impactful, outstanding engraving Headey’s name on the trophy, but I get
    performance in Season 4 from him should have distracted by the shoddy CGI in what should be an Emmy
    seen him seal this. Kelly has a great tape, but winning scene. Hendricks is fantastic in the final run of
    I hear Banks is exceptional in BCS.  Mad Men eps too, and if they want to give it one last
    huge hug, then Hendricks could spoil here. Uzo has the
    best tape though by far in Hugs Can Be Deceiving.

    Guest Actor Guest Actress
    Will Win: Beau Bridges – Masters of Sex Will Win: Cicely Tyson – How To Get Away With Murder
    Could Win: Michael J Fox – The Good Wife Could Win: Allison Janney – Masters of Sex
    Should Win: Pablo Schreiber – OITNB Should Win: Diana Rigg – Game of Thrones
    Biggest Snub: Corey Stoll – Homeland Biggest Snub: Julianne Nicholson – Masters of Sex

    Bridges was unlucky last year, but has one Tyson has probably got this one. Great character and
    hell of an emotional submission this year to relationship with Davis on screen. Janney is the Queen
    push him into the win. The Good Wife has of the Emmys it seems though, so another double win
    won an acting gong every year, and Fox for her? Rigg is brilliant as ever, and deserves to win 
    is the best punt this year. Pablo for me is for GoT at some point. But Nicholson was just
    the best of the contenders, but it’s such a sensational in Blackbird. Such a colossal shame she
    shame Stoll has been snubbed TWICE has never been nominated for Masters of Sex.
    now by Emmy voters for two award
    winning worthy roles. 

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    Bradley Weir
    Aug 16th, 2014

    Drama Lead Actor
    Will Win: Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards”
    Should Win: Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”
    Could Win: Bob Odenkirk, “Better Call Saul
    Biggest Snub: Clive Owen, “The Knick”

    As much as we are all rooting for Jon Hamm, the voters showed us with Steve Carell that they have no room for sentiment, which would leave Kevin Spacey favourite for the win. However don’t rule out Bob Odenkirk. Voters showed a lot of love for Better Call Saul and Odenkirk has the episodes to win this.

    Drama Lead Actress
    Will Win: Claire Danes, “Homeland”
    Should Win: Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men”
    Could Win: Viola Davis, “How to Get Away with Murder”
    Biggest Snub: Julianna Margulies, “The Good Wife”

    With last year’s winner out of the picture, Emmy favourite Claire Danes is my favourite to win, especially with Homeland’s return to best drama series. Despite not having a super strong season, Elisabeth Moss is the only nominee overdue a win, and I feel like she should finally get a trophy for Peggy Olson. Davis seems to be the favourite for everyone here and I can see it, however I’m still – for now – going with Danes. This is a four way race with Maslany involved as well.

    Drama Supporting Actor
    Will Win: Jonathan Banks, “Better Call Saul”
    Should Win: Ben Mendelsohn, “Bloodline”
    Could Win: Michael Kelly, “House of Cards”
    Biggest Snub: Mandy Patinkin, “Homeland”

    Banks has emmy nomination history with Mike Ehrmantraut and he has the episode to win with the terrific “Five-0”. However whilst he has one stand out episode, Mendelsohn produced the most consistent spectacular work on Bloodline, and seeing him on the stage to collect an Emmy would be very just. Kelly won rave reviews for season 3 of House of Cards and a win for him wouldn’t be undeserved.

    Drama Supporting Actress
    Will Win: Lena Headey, “Game of Thrones”
    Should Win: Christina Hendricks, “Mad Men”
    Could Win: Joanne Froggatt, “Downton Abbey”
    Biggest Snub: Maggie Smith, “Downton Abbey”

    With the sheer amount of love Thrones recieved by the voters, including 3 acting nominations, you’d imagine they will win one. Neither Dinklage nor Clarke deserve to win (or even be nominated), which leaves Headey as the likely candidate for an acting win. However like Moss and Hamm, Hendricks is so overdue a win for Mad Men, I hope she finally gets one. Don’t rule out Joanne Froggatt, who has become a quite a favourite with voters and certainly the underdog here that has enough to pull off an upset.

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    Jul 27th, 2014

    Will Win: Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
    Could Win/Should Win: Jon Hamm, Mad Men 
    Biggest Snub: Clive Owen, The Knick

    Jon Hamm really deserves to win an Emmy as Don Draper, but he’ll probably have to make due with a Comedy Guest Actor or Drama Series Emmy. Kevin Spacey was good this season, he’s respected, and he’s already collected the Golden Globe and the SAG award. He can also be considered overdue as this is his 7th nomination (I think) without a win. And really, how did Liev Schreiber get in but no Clive Owen?

    Will Win/Should Win: Viola Davis, How to Get Away with Murder
    Could Win: Robin Wright, House of Cards
    Biggest Snub: Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel and Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

    Viola can’t seem to win any other award other than a SAG, so I’m hoping she can finally be recognized for her amazing work. She was amazing this season and with the lackluster performance of Empire on nomination day, I don’t think Taraji is as big of a threat as she was before. Robin Wright is probably the closest threat since she had such a good episode with Chapter 32, and she could’ve won last year if she had chosen the right tape. Wish Farmiga had made it in this year and still shocked that Julianna has now been snubbed twice after winning.

    Supporting Actor
    Will Win: Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul
    Could Win: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
    Should Win: Ben Mendelsohn, Bloodline
    Biggest Snub: John Slattery, Mad Men and Mandy Patinkin, Homeland 

    Banks has now been nominated for 3 different shows and has yet to win an Emmy. Seems like it’s his time, and he was great in Five-O. Dinklage is a previous winner and the Television Academy really loved Game of Thrones this year so he could upset. However, I thought Mendelsohn was the standout of this category. He was absolutely phenomenal in Bloodline and was basically the only reason why I kept watching. I also wouldn’t be upset with a Michael Kelly win for House of Cards. Wish Slattery could’ve ridden the wave of Mad Men farewell love to nomination though.

    Supporting Actress
    Will Win: Christina Hendricks, Mad Men
    Could Win: Lena Headey, Game of Thrones
    Should Win: Uzo Aduba, Orange is the New Black
    Biggest Snub: Lorraine Toussaint, Orange is the New Black

    I think this is finally Christina Hendricks’s year, and I think she has the best chance out of the 3 Mad Men nominees. I would have been much more confident in Headey’s chances if Clarke hadn’t been nominated, because now there’s a possibility of votes being split. I personally loved Aduba this year, and I mostly want her to win to make up for the snub of Toussaint, who gave the best OITNB performance last season.

    Guest Actor
    Will Win: Michael J. Fox, The Good Wife
    Could Win: Beau Bridges, Masters of Sex
    Should Win: Pablo Schreiber, Orange is the New Black
    Biggest Snub: Lars Mikkelsen, House of Cards

    This is a category that I’ll probably change before the actual awards. Fox is The Good Wife’s best chance of winning an acting award this year, and I don’t think that streak will be broken. Fox is also loved by the TV Academy. Bridges was killer this season but there wasn’t as much love for Masters of Sex as there was last year. Schreiber was the standout in this category for me, but I’m still upset that Lars Mikkelsen didn’t get the HoC nod instead of Reg E. Cathey.

    Guest Actress
    Will Win: Cicely Tyson, How to Get Away with Murder
    Could Win: Allison Janney, Masters of Sex
    Should Win: Rachel Brosnahan, House of Cards
    Biggest Snub: Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men

    Cicely will probably win as she is an old respected actress who surprisingly lost last year. Allison is the queen of the Emmys right now though and won for this last year, so Tyson could be upset again. Brosnahan had the best performance and I would love to see her win. Super disappointed that Shipka didn’t make it in though, even though I wasn’t really expecting her to.

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    Aug 10th, 2012

    Will win: Jon Hamm
    Could win: Bob Odenkirk
    Should win: Bob Odenkirk
    Biggest snub: Matthew Rhys, The Americans 

    Not buying Spacey traction. The rest are dead in the water.

    Will win: Viola Davis
    Could win: Taraji P. Henson, Tatiana Maslany
    Should win: Elisabeth Moss
    Biggest snub: Abigail Spencer, Rectify 

    This race is just even enough for surprises to happen, even with a clear frontrunner. I think it’s the only major category where all six of them are probably in the conversation, depending on how you look at it. Or at least nobody feels dead-last.

    Will win: Jonathan Banks
    Could win: Ben Mendelsohn
    Should win: Jonathan Banks
    Biggest snub: Walton Goggins, Justified

    It could really be either Banks or Mendelsohn, whereas almost everyone else is basically impossible.

    Will win: Lena Headey
    Could win: Christina Hendricks, Uzo Aduba
    Should win: Christina Hendricks
    Biggest snub: Carrie Coon, The Leftovers 

    We can rule out Clarke and Froggatt, but after that it’s kinda tight.

    Will win: Beau Bridges
    Could win: F. Murray Abraham
    Should win: Beau Bridges
    Biggest snub: Mel Rodriguez, Better Call Saul

    It just makes sense.

    Will win: Allison Janney
    Could win: Cecily Tyson
    Should win: Allison Janney
    Biggest snub: Alison Brie, Mad Men

    Three-horse race with Khandi Alexander. Margo Martindale is in last because a victory from her here would never happen. 


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