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Marcus Snowde..
  • Icky
    Jun 28th, 2012

    1. Luck- Most of the press this one season wonder received focused either on its
    amazingly cinematic race horsing sequences and the death of horses that those
    sequences caused. The entirety of the show was quite a bit more than that
    however. It was serene, surreal, ambitious stuff that was ultimately divisive.
    I say it’s the Mulholland Drive of TV. It might take a decade for people to
    realize how great it was, but it’ll get there. 

     2. Mad Men- I knew
    this show would find the light after an aimless, graceless fourth season.
    There were still many things to nitpick about- inconsistency, too much
    focus on Megan, some story arcs not being fleshed out well enough, a not
    entirely satisfying finale- yet, overall, this was the strongest, most
    substantial season this show has produced since its first two years.

    3. Cougar Town- It
    gets such a high ranking mainly due to its consistency and a lack of Community
    episodes this year. But its ability to mix a goofy tone with genuine
    human conflict and emotion is admirable. Easily the most underrated thing
    on the small screen.

    4. Nurse Jackie-
    The fourth season of this series reminded me of the third season of its
    late Showtime sibling The United States of Tara. Both shows eventually
    gave up on trying to be sitcoms and instantly got better by embracing
    their ennui. I fear like with TUSOT it might be too little, too late for people
    who gave up on it after a middling couple of seasons. Their loss.

    5. Breaking Bad-
    This mini season will likely be remembered as not much more than a
    prologue to the inevitable craziness of its final episodes. Not much character
    or plot development was offered, but there were enough well-executed thrills
    to make it worthwhile entry point.

    6. Fringe- The
    near exceptional second half of season four aired in the first half of
    the year, and it towers over what we’ve seen from the final season. There are
    many varying opinions about the decision to put aside the alternate
    universe and press the reset button, but there’s enough emotional resonance
    to make the fifth season at least a solid closing act.

    7. Louie- It
    simply needs to branch out of its formula and maybe even become more
    conventional, because its third season sorta felt like season two redux,
    minus some of that season’s ambition and consistency. It still remained a unique, un-missable
    weekly experience. Its failures are more intriguing than most show’s

    8. Homeland-
    Sometimes the best thing on TV and sometimes a frustrating experience with
    needless twists, ill-fitting action sequences, poorly handled subplots,
    and overwrought melodrama. The great initial arc kept this season from
    being a complete throwaway.

    9. Wilfred- After
    its uneven debut season it found a nice nook between quirky and dreary.
    The execution was so committed that I sometimes forgot that the title
    character was a guy in a dog costume. 

    10. 30 Rock- Long
    running comedies rarely end on satisfying notes, especially after a couple
    of rinky-dink seasons. However, this live action cartoon of a sitcom has
    found some new life in its concluding season, once again becoming
    broadcast TV’s best sitcom.  

     Southland, Archer, Sherlock, Scandal, Downton
    Abbey (season three), Happy Endings, Misfits, New Girl, Raising Hope, Parenthood,
    Justified, Downton Abbey, Dexter, The Ricky Gervais Show, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, Community, Person
    of Interest

     Drama episodes:

    1. “Two Imposters”, Boardwalk Empire
    2. “Q&A”, Homeland
    3. “The Other Woman”, Mad Men
    4. “Worlds Apart”, Fringe
    5. “At the Codfish Ball”, Mad Men
    6. “Episode Four”, Luck
    7. “New Car Smell”, Homeland
    8. “Episode Nine”, Luck
    9. “Madrigal”, Breaking Bad
    10. “Welcome to Westfield”, Fringe/”I Am Anne
    Frank”, American Horror Story

     Comedy episodes:
    1. “Virtual Systems Analysis”, Community
    2. “The Comeback Kid”, Parks and Recreation
    3. “Mazel Tov, Dummies”, 30 Rock
    4. “New Year’s Eve”, Louie
    5. “Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend”, Raising Hope
    6. “Stride of Pride”, 30 Rock
    7. “Hannah’s Diary”, Girls
    8. “Telling Jokes/Set Up”, Louie
    9. “Menzies”, New Girl
    10. “A One Story Town”, Cougar Town
    11. “The Butterfly Effect”, Happy Ending/”Campaign
    Ad”, Parks and Recreation


    Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1)
    Nov 18th, 2012

    1. Breaking Bad
    2. Louie
    3. Girls
    4. 30 Rock
    5. Mad Men
    6. Homeland
    7. Downton Abbey
    8. Parks and Recreation
    9. Boardwalk Empire 
    10. Luck

    This is list is NOT in order. 

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    Sep 27th, 2011

    1. Breaking Bad
    2. Luck
    3. Mad Men
    4. Game of Thrones
    5. Justified
    6. Homeland
    7. Louie
    8. Sherlock
    9. Nurse Jackie
    10. Wilfred

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    Kevin Jacobsen
    Nov 11th, 2010

    1. Breaking Bad
    No other show gave me as much excitement over anticipating the next episode.  Anna Gunn had her best season ever, and Jonathan Banks made himself the lead contender for Supporting Actor at next year’s Emmys.  Cranston and Paul remain the best pair on television.  If this eight-episode mini-season is the calm before the storm, Breaking Bad might end up being one of my favorite shows ever.

    2. Louie
    Each episode is an unpredictable vignette, a glimpse into the mind of one very complex comedian. I commend FX for letting Louis C.K. essentially do whatever he wants each week. Not everything works perfectly but when it does it’s incredible. The Late Show arc is one for the ages.

    3. Mad Men
    The best soap opera on television remains a pillar for all television writers.  In its fifth season, the characters faced the realities of a world passing them by as they clung desperately to remain relevant, through hasty marriages, changing agencies, and acid trips.  Still an immaculately produced show.
    4. Girls
    This show really came out of nowhere for me and gave me a fresh perspective on the way women are portrayed on television. I had never heard of Lena Dunham before but I heard that Judd Apatow was producing a dark comedy for HBO and became intrigued. It undoubtedly has flaws but those flaws somehow work for the show. Dunham really is a revelation.

    5. Homeland
    Often touted as a beefed-up, cable version of 24, this show quickly became must-see TV in its stellar first season and continued into its second. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis have an incredible chemistry that’s hard to resist, and though the plotlines have become slightly far-fetched, Homeland really took the reigns of Breaking Bad after its season finale and hasn’t let up since.

    6. Community
    Seems to be forgotton in many end-of-the-year lists, but Community is such a pleasure to watch, each and every bizarre episode. It took the characters to darker and darker places while still delivering on laughs every week.  I cannot wait for February.
    7. New Girl
    From the first few episodes of the first season I never expected this show to reach any top 10 list, but New Girl has really blossomed into a great little show. Sometimes gut-splitting, sometimes touching, its cast already feels lived in and fully realized.

    8. 30 Rock
    It’s a shame that this show is ending because even in its seventh season it remains one of the funniest shows on television. With each passing episode there is a real sense of finality, but a show like this deserves to have a proper ending. Tina Fey should be proud, 30 Rock will always be her crowning achievement.

    9. Parks and Recreation
    Fantastic comedy ensemble that doesn’t always reach “A” levels of quality but is very consistent.  I can’t name one bad episode of the show this year. Amy Poehler is a comedy goddess.

    10. American Horror Story: Asylum  
    Oh this show. The writing is undeniably over-the-top and the editing is scatter-brained beyond belief, but it somehow keeps me watching every week. In the first few episodes, it felt all style over substance but Jessica Lange’s performance and an increased focus on psychological horror have turned this into a truly fascinating and original show. Nothing quite like this on TV.

    Honorable Mentions: Downton Abbey, South Park, Survivor: Philippines, Veep

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    Sep 16th, 2011

    Pleasantly surprised at the amount of Luck support so far, it definitely deserves it.

    Here’s mine :

    1) Mad Men
    2) Luck
    3) Community
    4) New Girl
    5) Breaking Bad
    6) Boardwalk Empire
    7) Cougar Town
    8) Parks and Recreation
    9) Homeland
    10) Ben and Kate 

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    Jul 7th, 2012

    My commentary will not be happening:

    1.  Louie
    2.  Breaking Bad
    3.  Community
    4.  New Girl
    5.  Justified
    6.  Homeland
    7.  Suits
    8.  Fringe
    9.  Mad Men
    10.  Parenthood

    I haven’t liked much.  Happy endings would be here if season 3 wasn’t so awful this season.

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    Nov 14th, 2010

    Here we go…

    10. Dexter (season 7)
    Standout episodes: “Are You…?,” “Buck the System,” “Swim Deep”

    9. Homeland (season 2)
    Standout episodes: “The Smile,” “New Car Smell,” “Q&A”

    8. Parks and Recreation (season 4/season 5)
    Standout episodes: “The Debate,” “Win, Lose or Draw,” “Halloween Surprise”

    7. Archer (season 3)
    Standout episodes: “Bloody Ferlin,” “Skin Game,” “Space Race Pt. I”

    6. Wilfred (season 2)
    Standout episodes: “Guilt,” “Truth,” “Secrets”

    5. Justified (season 3)
    Standout episodes: “The Gunfighter,” “Guy Walks Into a Bar,” “Slaughterhouse”

    4. Game of Thrones (season 2) 
    Standout episodes: “The North Remembers,” “The Old Gods and the New,” “Blackwater”

    3. Louie (season 3)
    Standout episodes: “Late Show Pt. I,” “Late Show Pt. II,” “New Year’s Eve”

    2. Breaking Bad (season 5.1)
    Standout episodes: “Fifty-One,” “Dead Freight” “Say My Name”

    1. Community (season 3)
    Standout episodes: “Pillows and Blankets,” “Basic Lupine Urology,” “Digital Estate Planning” 

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    Jun 4th, 2011

    Sorry, I’m not gonna elaborate on them, but…

    1. “Adventure Time”
    2. “Luck”
    3. “Louie”
    4. “Breaking Bad”
    5. “Sherlock”
    6. “Fringe”
    7. “Don’t Trust The B_ In Apartment 23”
    8. “Homeland”
    9. “Happy Endings” (would’ve been higher if the third season was stronger) 
    10. “Mad Men”

    Best Episodes:

    1. “Late Show” – Louie
    2. “Say My Name” – Breaking Bad
    3. “The Reichenbach Fall” – Sherlock
    4. “Worlds Apart” – Fringe
    5. “I Remember You” – Adventure Time
    6. “Q&A” – Homeland
    7. “New Year’s Eve” – Louie
    8. “Episode 4” – Luck
    9. “St. Valentine’s Day Maxssacre” – Happy Endings
    10. “Love And Monsters…” – Don’t Trust The B_ In Apartment 23

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    Jun 28th, 2012

    My commentary will not be happening

    Why I oughttta…

    No one is obligated to elaborate. It’s just me doing anal. 

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    Oct 11th, 2010

    [quote=”probably”]My commentary will not be happening

    Why I oughttta… No one is obligated to elaborate. It’s just me doing anal.[/quote]“Doing” anal?

    "I don't even believe in god, but I'm going to thank her tonight."

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    Aug 10th, 2012

    10. 30 Rock, Season 6/7
    The show made a pretty triumphant comeback to regular hilarity and good character work by embracing what works about each character and rejecting what doesn’t, particularly evident in Liz and Kenneth.

    9. Louie: Season 3
    Inconsistent compared to the excellent Season 2, but still complete with laughs and introspective clever episodes, highlighted by the excellent “Late Show” trilogy that is one of the top two TV episodes of the year.

    8. Game of Thrones: Season 2
    A questionable adaptation of the book, and a story not nearly as compellingly told as Season 1, the show still has a magic like nothing else on TV and is capable of awe-inspiring greatness in many moments, like the entirety of “Blackwater”.

    7. Homeland: Season 2
    Jury’s out until the finale, but I’m giving the show the benefit of the doubt for a very strong start in spite of some shaky plot aspects later in the season.  Regardless of plot, character development was always handled phenomenally and the actors sell even most of the ridiculous stuff, plus it’s incredibly compelling and addicting as a story.

    6. Girls: Season 1
    Possibly the most relatable show depicting my generation that I’ve ever seen, the characters were written very realistically and I am excited to see where it goes next.

    5. Boardwalk Empire: Season 3
    Certainly a flawed season, but in a way easy to ignore when there’s so much to like.  Buscemi probably had his best year, while the likes of Jack Huston, Michael Shannon, Michael K. Williams, Gretchen Mol, and Bobby Cannavale all had their moments stealing the show in an epic self-contained battle with a hell of a final three episodes.

    4. Justified: Season 3
    Not quite on Season 2’s peak, but the structure of the interactions between the ensemble and the addition of Mykelti Williamson and Neal McDonough (in perhaps the supporting TV performance of the year) made for thrilling, addicting, and often very impressive television every week.

    3. Parks and Recreation: Season 3/4
    The ensemble is now flawless, the optimism of the show is completely unmatched, and a remotely weak or disappointing episode has become an impossibility.  No show makes me smile more.

    2. Breaking Bad: Season 5A
    Perhaps the series’ weakest stretch, but that’s no insult given its consistent quality as better than 98% of television.  It was mosty setup for a final stretch that promises to be volatile, but nonetheless the tension was typically incredible and the pieces are in place for an ending on par with The Wire and The Shield if that’s even possible.

    1. Mad Men: Season 5
    What else?  It delivered a great season on par with the last, exploring the most fascinating years of the 60s yet and giving every single character a worthwhile storyline culminating in some of the series’ finest episodes.  The themes were more on display than ever, but in a fascinating and enjoyable way.

    EDIT: Holy shit, Sherlock was in 2012.  That’s #4 then. 

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    Terence Alfonso Ang
    Mar 19th, 2012

    My top ten shows of the year:

    Breaking Bad
    The Good Wife
    The Newsroom
    Homeland (so far)
    Game of Thrones
    Person of Interest 

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    Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1)
    Nov 18th, 2012

    Homeland isn’t having their best season, and Breaking Bad just had their BEST season ever. I’m hoping that BB wins Best Drama at the GGs this year, especially since Mad Men (a show I love) isn’t nominated.

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    Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1)
    Nov 18th, 2012

    Best Episodes of 2012:

    1. Louie, “The Late Show” trilogy
    2. Breaking Bad, “Fifty-One”
    3. Homeland, “Q & A”
    4. Luck, “Episode Four”
    5. Louie, “Miami”
    6. Boardwalk Empire, “Two Imposters”
    7. Girls, “The Return”
    8. Mad Men, “The Other Woman”
    9. Luck, “Episode Nine”
    10. Mad Men, “Far Away Places” 

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    Alijah Purdy
    May 22nd, 2011

    Top 10 Drama Series:
    9.Grey’s Anatomy
    7.Criminal Minds
    6.Political Animals
    4.Harry’s Law
    3.The Good Wife
    2.Last Resort
    1.The Closer

    Top 10 Comedy Series:
    10.Go On
    9.The New Normal
    8.Hot in Cleveland
    7.New Girl
    6.Raising Hope
    5.Family Guy
    2.Modern Family
    1.Desperate Housewives

    Top 10 Series:
    9.Harry’s Law
    6.Last Resort
    5.Political Animals
    4.The Good Wife
    3.Modern Family
    2.The Closer
    1.Desperate Housewives

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