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Super Early 2022 Predictions: Emmy Comedy Categories (Part 2)

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    Jul 15th, 2017

    I thought The Chair was really really good and I thought both Oh and Taylor were excellent (I really hope they manage to grab nominations at least somewhere) but there is one qualm I had with the show that really stopped it from reaching a “10/10 first season show” status with me. **SPOILERS FOR THE CHAIR BELOW ** I am so pissed with Duplass’ character’s sub-plot taking up too much room in the show. I disagree with the argument Oh was under-utilised (I think considering the position of her character on the show that her having a “more senior” role whilst the show explored multiple individual character arcs exploring the goings on of the university fit the story world and tone quite well) and I thought she had excellent “Emmy clip” worthy scenes in each episode (those scenes with her and her character’s daughter were so captivating!) However it almost felt like by the end of the show it felt like a romantic comedy where she gives up everything for a straight white man? I don’t mind a little will they won’t they but it almost felt like Duplass’ character had more of a meaty arc than Oh’s and whilst the show had great satirical takes on the goings on of a university’s English department, it felt a bit disappointing that a lot of time was wasted on the former when we could have had an intrinsic character study of the first female Asian-American chair of an English department (I do think there was an exploration of those things, especially in the first half of the show but there was a lot of potential wasted by spending too much time on Duplass’ character’s “redemption arc”). **END OF SPOILERS **

    **Spoilers continued**

    I’m still processing my thoughts on this show, overall I liked it.

    I will say by about episode 4 I was thinking that a decade ago Duplass probably would’ve been the main character of this show without any discussion of how problematic he is. And I thought that they were going to be subversive and really show this, but then it becomes a rom-com again which was slightly underwhelming.

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    Oct 17th, 2011

    “The Chair” did pretty much nothing for me, but it does look like it is somewhat of a hit on Netflix so if it manages to maintain some sort of buzz, it seems likely that the minimum for that show is a nomination for Sandra Oh. Assuming this category goes back to six nominees, you’ve got:

    — Two actresses whose shows are confirmed to be airing their final season (Tracee Ellis Ross and Issa Rae)
    — Former winner confirmed to be returning after a year of ineligibility (Rachel Brosnahan)
    — Former nominee basically confirmed to be returning after a few years of ineligibility (Natasha Lyonne)

    Things get a little murkier here…

    — Two legends/former nominees with their show potentially being eligible for final season (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin — four episodes already released, how many more are necessary to be eligible?)
    — This year’s winner and runner-up maybe (but most likely NOT) making eligibility next season (Jean Smart and Kaley Cuoco)
    — Three former nominees potentially making eligibility next season (Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini and Pamela Adlon)

    And for the potential newcomers…

    — Former Emmy nominee/favorite/overdue actress starring in a lowkey August Netflix release (Sandra Oh)
    — Lead actress contender on a second season show poised for Emmy breakthrough based on first season haul (Elle Fanning)
    — Lead actress contender on a third season show poised for Emmy breakthrough based on second season haul (Natasia Demetriou)
    — Lead actress contender on a first season show that seems to be the likeliest strongest freshman contender on the comedy side at this early stage (Selena Gomez)
    — At least a handful of other actresses we don’t know are coming just yet

    Right now, I’m inclined to think Brosnahan, Fanning, Lyonne, Rae and Ross are in, leaving potentially one spot open and clearly plenty of options. All of this is to say, do I think Oh is in the best position right now to make this lineup? Not necessarily. And if she isn’t happening, the show isn’t happening anywhere else, IMO.

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    Jan 1st, 1970
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