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    • Marvel's Spider-Man

      One of my friends has it and as soon as he texted he was starting to play, that was the last link of


      So. I played this game and to be honest, it did not impress me. I was not particularly impressed by the mission where you have to run around with some kind of vacuum cleaner for a pond and suck everything in there. I didn't understand the meaning of

      Started by: RichardAniston

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    • The Game Awards 2020 Predictions

      The nominations are supposed to be a week from now on November 18th so I'll throw up my predictions


      In my opinion,  The Last of Us: Part II deservedly won first place. It has an interesting story, excellent graphics and it can be replayed repeatedly. And I often come after work, fall into my recliner and play it. There are also a few games that h

      Started by: Miss Americana

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    • The Game Awards 2019 Predictions

      So now the generic OP Is out, time for some predictions GAME OF THE YEAR - Death Stranding is defi


      It's been an amazing year with a lot of good games created, but I would like to see another good game on this list that has helped me rethink a lot in this life and helped me have a great time. This game is directly related to the fact that I often c

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      Started by: Cordelia

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