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Interested to Gauge opinions on how points work

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  • AlexNZ
    Dec 12th, 2013

    This may have been a topic that I have missed recently already but I haven’t seen it so am interested to see what people think about the way points currently work around here.

    I think my biggest issue is that the most strategic thing to do is not to have your picks match your actual predictions most of the season but to instead fill your list with films that have really favourable odds, not caring if they are actually going to happen or not, then if they become more likely later on you can hold on to them and if they don’t you can release them at the end. I get that this is how stocks tend to work but that doesn’t really make sense when you don’t have to pay for your risky choices (wouldn’t it be great in the stock market you could grab some really good odds then if it doesn’t look like it will make you money you could just swap it for something less risky later on, no damage done). To me, even early on people should be incentivised to predict what they actually think will happen at this point in the race, whether that choice is risky or safe and I sometimes see some weird things occurring in odds (particularly in top 24 users) because of this. So to me, the easiest way to deal with this is if your final score reflects odds at the time that the competition closed regardless of when you choose your picks – that would mean that throughout the competition people can put forth their actual predictions without being penalised for it. There may also be a good middle ground that I can’t think of.

    I would predict that I am almost alone on this and am not thinking there is any chance that it is going to change but was just wondering whether there are people out there who feel the same way as there is nothing I hate more then going to look at someone’s predictions and seeing for picture they have 10 1/100 odd films all season until the end when they are replaced with real picks (apart from a couple).

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