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The Voice more important than the Grammys??!!??

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  • William Poehls
    Nov 30th, 2012

    I get that The Voice and Survivor are moderately popular shows and they are competitions. Survivor arguably stopped being relevant, or meaningful in a ratings or awards sense, well over ten years ago. But the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of commentary and analysis about these shows on this website, seemingly beginning in the last year or so, is becoming almost unbearable. I have been a gold derby reader forever and I support this site 100%, so it pains me that the entire premise of the site is being undermined by coverage of lackluster reality television. Yesterday one of the big four EGOT nominations took place with the Grammys. There were three (3!) articles posted….a list of nominations, how nominations are determined by Grammys, and top user and expert predictors. There was ZERO commentary about the shocking nominations this year. Not even the traditional gold derby “good, bad, and ugly” article. No analysis of the shocking and historical number of hip hop and black artists nominated in the general field. I was forced to search for other websites for this commentary when I truly come to goldderby for that purpose. Meanwhile there were eleven (11!?!) articles posted about the reality television show the Voice yesterday and additional articles about Survivor. I’m sorry but since when did coverage about lackluster TV competitions become more important than the WHOLE POINT of goldderby from the start, which was to highlight the industry’s major prizes? Up until yesterday I was a daily visitor to this site. I was willing to ignore and scroll past the alarming takeover of Reality TV articles. But when the Grammys nominations were relegated to passing mention at best in favor of more than four times the number of commentary for the Voice, that’s when I must call the Site out for its disappointing divergence from what made it popular and worth visiting in the first place. I am so disheartened. Get it together, or I will be gone for good, and I’m assuming goldderby doesn’t want to become a Voice and Survivor (and Dancing With the Stars) blog and certainly won’t maintain its audience as such.

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