2021 Oscars Music Shortlists: Films With Multiple Mentions

Of all the categories at the Academy Awards, the two music-related ones are often the most interesting. Who could forget the 2012 Best Original Song lineup that only included two songs? Or when the songwriters of “Alone Yet Not Alone” had their nomination revoked in 2014 for overly aggressive politicking? And of course there are the many changes that the Best Original Score category has gone through in 86 years, including the era when comedic and dramatic scores were recognized separately. 

Since 2019, members of the academy’s music branch have produced shortlists ahead of their nominations voting. This year, 136 scores and 105 songs that met eligibility requirements were winnowed down until 15 remained on each list. Check out our gallery of the five films that were honored with inclusions on both Oscars music shortlists and therefore could go on to compete for both prizes.